Top 4 Social Media Sites For Online Marketers & Bloggers


If you run a small business, are an online marketer or a blogger who works online, it’s a requisite to market yourself and your product. If you are not visible on social media websites, you are doing online marketing wrong.

Like television and print media in days gone by, it’s the social media sites which are your best bet to let people know about your work and what you do.

In recent years, a lot of new social media sites have come into existence, and with the limited time, you have to be particular about what social media sites you should use. Every social media service has something different to offer for online marketers, and the colossal audience base for each of these websites is a massive bonus for online advertising.

Social Media Sites Online Marketers
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Every time I log into my Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, it has advertising messages from various companies. I find some of them interesting while some are of no value. It is, therefore, always be kept in mind, that creating a relevant audience is very important. Online marketers must take care of certain things for making an impact through their social networking channel.

Things to do on social media networks

Here are some basic tricks for online marketers who wish to make it count on social media networks:

  • Create and organize a distinct brand name for your company or business. Most of the social media sites I have listed understand the importance of branding, and they offer tools like pages and communities to market your brand.
  • Search for the audience which will be of help to increase your marketing efforts instead of merely adding people to your network.
  • Manage your campaigns with attractive images and engaging contents. Do remember, social media is all about being social and connecting to your existing user base and finding new prospects.
  • Seek feedback from your audience to keep improving.

List of social media sites for online marketers

If you look for social media sites, there are many. But you must pick the ones which have proven themselves in the online marketing sphere. Here is my list of 5 social networking sites, which you should focus on.

1. Facebook

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Without a doubt, Facebook is the number one social networking website in the world. As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion monthly active users. A considerable percentage of people above 40 years of age are also joining Facebook every day, and these are the people with buying capacity. This figure inspired many businesses to create personalized campaigns targeted for their customers. Now, why is Facebook an excellent platform for your brand promotion? Because:

  • One Facebook page carries your business’s complete profile. This step is very crucial, as this will be the first thing that your connections will see. Therefore, take your time to write an ‘About Us’ for your business page.
  • Promote your business logo in the page thumbnail. This thumbnail will create the identity of your business. Also, take advantage of the cover image to leave an impact on your audience. Here are tips to make your Facebook page popular.
  • While creating this page, you will have an option to enter your contact and company information. Doing so entitles your customers to information at their fingertips. You also have the liberty to choose the business category your business belongs to.
  • On this page, you can add more page administrators, which will allow other users to manage your contents and posts, even when you are busy.

2. LinkedIn

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With a network of 500 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking website. This networking service helps you create a professional profile and manage your connections on your own, within your professional capacity. LinkedIn is also capable of generating a brand identity for your product. Let’s see what it has to offer.

  • You can create a group for your brand and promote it within your connections.
  • It has an option to personalize your brand’s group in your way.
  • Get new connection suggestions out of your existing connections and build your network within your professional networking preference.
  • You can use the search feature to find new prospective clients for your business.
  • LinkedIn will enable you to add related and useful connections to your professional networking.

3. Twitter

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Twitter is a network of over 336 million users. The 140-character limit per tweet brings out the best of you in terms of creativity. On an average, Twitter receives 500 million tweets every day. Most celebrities, personalities, businesses, networks, and events are active on Twitter. What added benefit you will get, you may ask.

  • With Twitter, you can claim the unique URL of your profile. Example: @ShoutMeLoud
  • This is an account where you can personalize profile image, header image, and background fitting to your business.
  • You can attach your business website, which can be a readymade access link to your website.
  • Open access to Twitter 101, a guideline of hashtags (#), @ messages and replies and best of Twitter network practices to follow.
  • Twitter API widget to place on your business website.

Check out this guide to create a Twitter profile and follow these awesome tips to get more Twitter followers.

4. Pinterest

pinterest for online marketers
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Pinterest is the best social bookmarking service with 250 million users as of September 2018.  This is a board-style image-pinning networking service, where you can list your business or company for online marketing.

  • You can create a business profile on this network.
  • Pinterest allows you to create a profile with a personalized username for your business.
  • You can connect other social networking profiles with the Pinterest account to display your activity on them. I usually link my Facebook with Pinterest, and whenever I Pin a new image, it automatically shares it on my Facebook account. You can check my Pinterest profile here.

I don’t find Pinterest to be suitable for all kinds of online marketing, but with the growing user base, you need to tap this social networking site for your online marketing needs. Here at ShoutMeLoud, guest authors have shared two amazing posts to get most out of Pinterest.

Industry experts are also hopeful of the growth of MySpace, but that’s more centric to independent music producers and more targeted at the music industry. I also wanted to add YouTube here, but that’s not truly a social media site. That said, you should have a strong presence on YouTube too. Along with this, don’t miss out the sites like Vine, Instagram which also have great potential.

As a blogger, I highly recommend you to have your brand presence on all the above-mentioned social sites and have a strong footprint on Facebook and Google Plus at least.

Remember, a huge number of online marketers are tapping the social sites mentioned above for their success and profit, and you simply need to develop a strategy that works best for your product and your brand.

Do you think I missed any important social media site for online marketing here? If yes, do share it with me in the comments. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on your favorite social media site.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

17 thoughts on “Top 4 Social Media Sites For Online Marketers & Bloggers”

  1. Riyaz

    Hi Harsh,

    First of all I would like to thank you for useful posts in Shoutmeloud, it really helps bloggers like me. I have a website that is and it is all about coupons and codes.

    My question : Is it possible to rank it through the social networking sites and Social bookmarking. Is social promotion affact search engine ranking? I will be thankful for your reply

  2. Mi Muba

    Thanks Harsh for sharing it. I think after Google’s boo on various other sources of getting back links like guest posting, article submission and press release submission; now social media and social bookmarking sites are the only major source to promote our contents.

  3. shivaraj

    Hi Harsh, I am totally new to pinterest. Thanks for update.

  4. Monalisa

    Engaging in Social Media really has some positive impact on your traffic. I have been actively involved in marketing via social media and have seen potential growth in my website traffic. You have already mentioned the most popular websites in your article, but I would also suggest using the website Slideshare. It is a great website to share your stuff, like presentations, documents, videos etc and brings in a lot of traffic as well.

  5. Kumar Gauraw

    Hi Harsh,
    I have been active on Facebook even before I had a website. I used to do marketing/prospecting for my other businesses back then. And therefore, my largest traffic came from Facebook for a very long time when I started my blog.

    I was on Twitter since its inception (almost) and I had been on and off on it until I understood its value which was not until I started my website and built some traffic through Facebook indeed. But then, I am glad I finally got it!

    And then, I know we can’t afford to ignore Google+ anyway for obvious reasons 🙂

    Thanks for this excellent article. Have a great weekend!


  6. Deepak Singh

    Hi Friends,
    Social Media is the future of Blogging!! If anyone want to be successful in Blogging niche in long run then they will have to be active on these social networking websites. Around 45% of my blog traffic is from Facebook & Twitter. So Facebook & Twitter are my favorite social networking website from this list.

    Pinterest & Google+ are great social media network eespecially for bloggers but ATM I don’t have much followers on both of them. Harsh Bro I would be glad if you can share some tricks by which I can drive more traffic from Pinterest & G+.

    Thanks In Advance & Have A Awesome Week!!
    Deepak Singh

  7. Victorino Abrugar

    Great list. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are among the most popular. It also depends on the kind of business we are marketing, such as whether it’s local or global. Moreover, if YouTube is considered a social media, I would put it as one of the top 3.

  8. Afzal Zaheer

    Hi Harsh,
    Your article speak volumes about the importance of marketing 0r I should say “branding yourself” After all, this is an age of Social Media and if we have to popularise ourselves, then we can’t overlook its importance. Thanks for sharing 5 such sites.

  9. Pankaj Kumar

    Read it well Harsh,

    Though All are important.

    Facebook is the most popular.

    Twitter is for Brandconcious Luxury.

    Lindekin is most professional

    Pinterest is the best as it teaches us how

    Thanks for Info.

    Pankaj Kumar

  10. Bhavuk Khandelwal

    Hey Harsh, Nice post really informative, what do you think about StumbleUpon? Is it good for generating regular traffic? Share your views about digg and delicious also, i have read in many blogs that they provide back links as well as huge traffic, how true is this info?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      StumbleUpon is good and it works with certain kind of websites (Images, Videos or quick scannable post).. I have seen huge bounce rate here at ShoutMeLoud for StumbleUpon traffic, as most of the posts here are extensive text posts…

      Digg and delicious used to be a popular source in the past, but now they are not that effective.. Delicious still carries some weightage but it’s not worth that time like it used to be… More over, all these sites you mentioned are social-bookmarking sites…. If social-bookmarking is what you are focusing on, here are some more sites which works great:

      Reddit: Great site for viral traffic For online marketers and bloggers Niche Social-bookmarking site for WordPress niche

      I heard good stuff about Bizsugar too for getting niche targeted traffic (Small businesses and online marketing niche)..

      1. Bhavuk Khandelwal

        Thanks for your Valuable reply.

        1. Balazs Hende

          I’ve tried StumbleUpon but my bounce rate went up by more than 20% because I don’t have much organic traffic to compensate it. I would not suggest to use it for classic blog sites with solid organic traffic.

      2. Anil Agarwal

        Hi Harsh

        To my surprize, traffic on my blog has a bounce rate of 39.68% only. It’s based on last one year data.

        Recently I’ve started getting traffic from and websites as well. I’m thinking of start promoting my blog posts on and Triberr

  11. Balazs Hende

    My personal favorite is Google+. I don’t have significant traffic from the other sites.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      You should also focus on Facebook, as it’s working out great for me.. The only key is to create an engaging Facebook page…

      1. Balazs Hende

        Thanks Harsh! I’ll modify my FB page. To tell the truth I don’t like it either 🙂

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