Here Is How Your Company Blog Can Make Money Without AdSense

Are you a web design company or a business with a blog? Do you want to make money from your blog without affecting your business’s sales?

If you are using, or are planning on using AdSense, I recommend that you don’t. One of the major problems with AdSense on a business website is it may show an ad from one of your competitors, and you will lose out on a valuable lead for a few measly cents. I have talked about this in detail before.

Instead, you need to find a way that you can make money without negatively affecting your business.

How To Make Money From Your Business Blog & Not Lose A Lead:

So now that AdSense and other contextual ad networks like are out of the equation, what can we do?

(Note: Contextual ad = Advertisement shown based on page content)

The ideas that I have shared below will help you build relations and connect with authorities in your industry. As a result, you will make money.

White Label (or Private Label) Reseller

white label reseller
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Suppose you have a web hosting company.

Your customer who is buying hosting from you might require services to design & create their website. They may need a social media/digital marketing company to market & promote their website as well as an SEO company for SEO related services.

In short, anything that will help them build & grow their website will potentially be of value to them.

You can partner with the other “good guys” in your industry who offer such services to become that company’s white label reseller. This way, that company will get more clients, and you will be selling more services under your brand name (i.e. making money).

For example:

A web design or social-media company can start a reseller hosting business (costing less than $40) by selling domains and hosting to their customers. This way, the customer stays in the brand’s ecosystem, and this company can become the customer’s 360* solution.

  • Fact: All big multi-national companies use this technique to become a global company. World-class companies like IBM/Accenture/Convergys/etc. sub-lease their projects to other firms.

To get started with this, you need to talk to the marketing and/or business development people of the companies you want to become a white label reseller for. If you are a well-established name in the industry, I suggest talking to the CEO or founder directly.

Tip: Some companies will not have a private label program yet, but if you explain how it can help both of you, there is always a first time for anything. You can also create a private page or .pdf document explaining your offering & use it to pitch to companies.

  • How do you let the customer know about these add-on services?

To start with, have a page set up on your website providing these services, and all leads via the contact form will go to a collaborated email address.

Alternatively, since all leads are being generated on your platform, it’s safe to keep them under your brand banner. You can create an email address like [email protected] or [email protected] (learn how to create such email addresses for free) & share the login details with the other company.

For the first timer, it will take a few months to build the perfect workflow, but once trust is built with the company, you will have a good arrangement to speed up & automate this process.

Most progressive companies won’t deny your offer. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

At times, however, traditional companies won’t get into such deals until they are sure your blog can deliver enough sales. This is where your social & negotiation skills come into play.

  • Tip: Look for companies around you. See which companies have offered you quality services in the past, and see if their services fit into your business offering. Much of the time the best collaborations are with freelancers or small start-ups that you have worked with in the past.

But do remember, your goal here is to work and grow together.

Affiliate Marketing

White label reselling is good, but not necessarily the best way to go.

For example, one of my friends is a life-coach & a fashion blogger. White label reselling might not fit so well with her existing business model.

If this is your kind of situation, you can monetize your blog using affiliate marketing. This is more or less the same as running ads, but the difference is that you are in complete control of the ads.

And unlike white label reselling, instead of offering services, you direct users to another brand. On successful conversions, you earn money.


If you are a web design company who offers website design services, you can join a web hosting affiliate program & earn anywhere between $50-$200 per successful conversion simply by recommending something your client may need.

One important thing that you want to keep in mind: Your recommended companies should not be offering any of the services that you are also offering.

Tip: You can check out this extensive eBook on affiliate marketing for more information. This book covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing & making money from your blog.

For your business blog, you can create a “resources” page like this, and recommend some of the best affiliate products that are relevant to your customers.

To find the best product to promote, ask yourself this question: What product or service does my customer/client need immediately after my services?

Advertisement Page

Advertisement page
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No blogger can deny the importance of an advertisement page.

In the marketing industry, it’s called a Media-Kit.

Having an advertisement page opens the door for possible advertisers who may see value in advertising their product or service on your site. Eventually, it’s your call whether or not to entertain any possible advertisement offer.

In general: A direct advertisement can do wonders for your overall income.

Did you know ShoutMeLoud earns $20K every year from a single direct advertisement? (Check here.)

This wouldn’t have been possible without the advertisement page which is located here. It helps advertisers know the potentials of advertising on my blog, and gives other necessary details to help them make an informed decision.

If you don’t have an “Advertise Here” page on your blog, I suggest you make one right now. Here are the 15 best Media-Kit pages to help you find inspiration for your own.

There are many more ideas which you can use to monetize your business or company blog.

But you should always:

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I would recommend focusing on affiliate marketing as it’s the quickest way to earn a huge amount of money from a quality blog. And making an advertisement page will pay off in the long run. White-label reselling can happen and be profitable, but you need to identify a good company to work with.

Here are a few more ideas to earn from your blog:

What other ideas do you have for fellow business bloggers to monetize their blog? How are you doing it? Let us know in the comments section.

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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

26 thoughts on “Here Is How Your Company Blog Can Make Money Without AdSense”

  1. Rosy Anwood

    Hey Harsh,

    This article is really appreciable .The content you provided has an immense importance. I came to know what affiliate marketing is all about. The way you explained about making money from blogging and ad sense is also commendable.

    Rosy Anwood

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Rosy,

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. kirti key


    I am running a blog which have 5k-8k views/mo. From this month my traffic is exceeding to 15k views/mo. But my earning is still poor not earning a single $ . Can you suggest me what should I do to earn more

  3. Anisha KG

    Hello Sir,

    I have gone through almost of your blogs and have found it very interesting. A month ago i wanted to start a blog and earn out of it, a beginner. I started taking it seriously day by day. Still query remains.
    I really wanted to ask you that if we start creating blogs on wordpress, blogspot etc is there any means that we earn from them? Is buying a new hostname more desrirable than using these blog tools.
    Can u help?


    1. Thoshi

      Hi Anisha.

      Blogger & both provide means to have your custom domain mapped to your free blog. Regarding monetization, yes, you can do with both of them. But you will not have the complete flexibility of using all 3rd party services or monetization strategies.

      If you do not want to spend money on hosting and domain currently, you can stick to the free platforms and continue to grow your blog. Once you have a good amount of traffic or following, you can switch to paid hosting and self managed platform.

      If you are really interested in blogging, I’d suggest you to get your own hosting & domain. It’s easier and safer that way for scaling up when required. But it would require a little (very little) amount of technical knowledge. You can get through the technical challenges by watching some videos on YouTube regarding setup and such.

      Good luck.

  4. zaifhul

    Hii harsh

    I think the massive income of blogging was from advertising like Google adsense.
    Now, i realize that it was completely wrong. So, i really thank you for providing this kind of information to me.
    Really helpfull


  5. chetan nada

    hii harsh
    i have an blog or website if i go through this process that you mentioned above can i make more money compare to google adsense? please suggest

  6. Thoshi

    Hi Harsh.

    You hit the nail on this one. More often than not, many experienced affiliate marketers tell us that one shouldn’t have ad sense or rotating ads on their site if they have affiliate products on it. I have to say, I agree with them.

    The reason is simple and a bit obvious. There’s always a chance that your visitor could click on the ad and get side tracked from your website. This is a lot opportunity in getting them to try the affiliate product(s) you’ve listed on that site/page.

    Like you’ve been doing, Direct Ads are better than Adsense in conjunction with Affiliate Marketing. But then again, the placement of them have to be planned and strategically carried out. A right combination is, without a doubt, a good source of revenue.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for dropping by & for your meaningful comment. I like the idea of rotating ad banner & it would great if affiliate ads are relevant to the niche or context of the page. From my observation, I get more clicks & sale from the links within the articles. I removed my sidebar ads, and it had almost zero impact on my revenue. Though I run this test for one month which was not enough to get decent data. If you run any such test, do share your learning with me & others.

      1. Thoshi

        Sure thing. I am planning to do some testing in 2 weeks. Let’s see how it goes.

        In your case, I agree, once you’ve a successful and big enough site that drive enough affiliate sales, ads don’t have much place on the site, especially in the side bar.

        In fact, CopyBlogger talks about having a very clean sidebar. It’s not a place to put whatever widgets one feels like. Only the most important and converting stuff have their place in that space.

        But at the end of the day, it’s all dependent on how you manage the content with constant testing. Go with what sells most and you should be golden!

  7. Gurmeet Singh

    Indeed a very useful article! 🙂
    Thanku for sharing.

  8. Deepanker

    Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize the blog. But blogger should first understand the behaviour of its readers and find niche products to promote.

  9. Vashishtha Kapoor

    Hi Harsh!
    Thanks for sharing this amazing article.
    Everyone love to make money out of his small blog and make it large in a short span of time.
    Thanks for teaching us all the time we are disappointed,
    Have a nice day

  10. Theodore Nwangene

    A very thoughtful post Harsh,

    There are a thousand and one ways through which a blogger can make money from his blog, it all depends on the one that suits you and also your chosen niche.

    I agree with the point that its not advisable to have Google AdSense on your blog when you’re offering a service or marketing your products to avoid Google displaying your competitors ads which will be very bad because, this might eventually cost you you’re prospective clients.

    Affiliate marketing is still and always remain one of the best ways to make money in any niche once you know how to do it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Ankit

    I have 1 year old Auto blog can i apply for Affiliate marketing

  12. Bigwas

    The only side effect of adsense, I agree is that you can not control what advertisement will be posted in our blogs and websites. We, the new bloggers were led to believe that adsense is the only way to go if we like to earn a substantial amount of money.

    It is nice to learn from the learned and experienced bloggers and implement their advice.

  13. Renjith Kumar

    I do have a blog on tourism, can anyone help me with adsense? Runs on wordpress and integrated to our website.

  14. karan

    Hey Harsh,

    It’s totally make sense not to use Google Adsense from business point of view. Many small internet business are set on purchase low and sell high method. They take the project and give it to someone else for low amount. It’s highly profitable too once you know how to generate leads.

  15. solanki kajal

    Hello Harsh, excellent post for those who want to start Make Money From Blogging . I’ve just Download Mobile app for read your article on mobile at any time any where. Thanks for that man!

    Have a great day!

  16. Anurag Singh Chaudhary

    Hi Harsh,
    I was so confused regarding the media kit, your post cleared many of my questions, thanks for this knowledgeable post.

  17. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Harsh,

    I love the idea of being in control of ads being placed on my blog. Which is why I am not big on Adsense. I took Adsense off of my old blog a few years back because many ads were not aligned with what I was doing then. I only post content and ads which vibe fully with my brand.

    Smart advice!


  18. Rishabh Sonker

    Hi Harsh, this was a Very Useful Article. I have been thinking about starting a Web Hosting Company since long.
    Is ResellerClub a Good Option?
    I’m already having a Web Designing & SEO Company.

    1. alex

      yes it is a good idea but it is a world of competition you will have to advertise a lot and should have reduced price than other providers then you will be good at it . everyone move from one hosting to another because of the less traffic the servers can handle . so you should give more importance to that . i am not expert at this you can consider this if you think its good

  19. Duryab Aziz

    Hi Harsh, Thanks for sharing this nice article about making online money with business.
    I was waiting for the same article, that will help me to potentially monetize my blog.. And you’ve published it..

    Thanks again..
    Regards: Duryab Aziz

  20. Srikanta Kundu

    Exactly right.I personally support your point as I have already face the problem.When I am using any affiliate links to monitize my blog the I should never use any PPC advertisement otherwise I have to loose a big money for some cent.
    This is why I have removed Google Adsense from my blog.

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