AdSense Address Verification With AdSense Pin Or Alternate Methods


Are you struggling with the delivery of AdSense Pin? Unable to verify your AdSense account & receive your first $100 from AdSense? You are not alone, as AdSense users from many countries are facing the similar situation due to mailing issues.

If you are unsure of what I’m talking about, here it goes: AdSense sends you a Pin once you have earned your first $10 in your AdSense account. This AdSense pin is unique for every AdSense account & they send it via courier to the Address that you have mentioned while creating an AdSense account. Usually, AdSense sends your PIN by standard mail after few days of reaching the verification threshold.

PIN verification is mandatory for Address Verification of your AdSense account.  Here is the address verification threshold for various countries:

AdSense Address verification threshold
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AdSense Address verification threshold

You’ll have four months from the date your first PIN is generated to enter it in your account. If you haven’t entered it after four months, AdSense will stop showing ads on your pages. Important things to know:

  • You have to wait for a week after your account balance reached verification threshold for a PIN to be generated and mailed to you.
  • PINs often take up to 4 weeks to reach you by mail, though it may take longer depending on your location.
  • If you’ve not received your PIN after four weeks, you’ll need to request a new one. To find the date when you will be able to request a new PIN, log in to your account and view the Account Settings page under the Home tab.

How to request a new AdSense pin:

  • Login to your AdSense account
  • Click on Gear icon at the top right & select settings.
  • In the left sidebar click on account information

Google AdSense account information
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  • Click the Verify Address link
  • Request for new AdSense pin at the bottom of the page

Do remember: All the sent pins are duplicate of the first pin sent out to you. So even if you have received the first pin after requesting a new one, you can use it to verify your address.

Usually, due to location (Especially if you are residing in the remote part of your country), you may not receive AdSense pin even after reapplying for AdSense pin.  I have heard reports of many such incidents myself, and that is when I started looking for alternative methods of AdSense address verification.

According to AdSense Help, there are at max 3 attempts a user gets to receive AdSense verification PIN. If you’ve requested your maximum of 3 PINs and haven’t received any of them within four weeks of your last PIN request, Then you have the option to verify your account by uploading a Government approved ID card.

In the case of Indian users, you can use your Aadhar Card or passport. Do remember, the ID card that you would be using needs to have your address mentioned which should be the same as what you have mentioned when applying for AdSense account.

In the case of other countries, you can upload scanned copies of your government-approved documents. You can also use Bank statement, Telephone bill for the same. If you have a passport, use it to get pass AdSense pin woes.

Verify AdSense Account Address using Aadhar Card or International Passport

As I mentioned above, you can verify using any document & a couple of days back one of ShoutMeLoud reader verified his account with Aadhar card.

Aadhaar is a 12 digit individual identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India on behalf of the Government of India. This number will serve as a proof of identity and address, anywhere in India. Here is how the Aadhar card looks like:

Aadhar card india
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If you still don’t have it then I suggest you get it made as it an excellent initiative by the Indian Government to centralize identification procedures, follow the guidelines here to get one for yourself.

Aadhar card can be used for verification at banks, hotels, embassies and now Google AdSense!  If you have an international passport, you can use that instead to verify AdSense pin.

Simple steps to verify AdSense account using Aadhar Card or other allowed document

Before beginning, have a scanned copy of your Aadhar Card ready. Make sure that the quality of the scanned image is top-notch.

You can use free mobile apps like Scannable to do the same with ease. Save this scanned file in the form of a PDF document!

Verify Adsense Account From Aadhaar Card By
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Image Credits: Prince Chaudri,

Now, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your AdSense account. Log into the dashboard.
  2. Go to the section of ID verification
  3. Fill out the form, giving all the authentic details.
  4. Keep your publisher ID handy as you will need to fill that in.
  5. You will find an option below to verify your account through documentation instead of the PIN
  6. Click on the upload document and then upload the PDF file.
  7. Click the submit button

After this, you need only wait for the AdSense team to reply. It can take up to 30 minutes. Your account will be verified, and then you will have complete access to your earnings & once you have reached the payment threshold, you will be paid.

I understand that waiting for the AdSense pin is a painful period as when you see your first few dollars in the account, you start believing in the online money & you can’t wait to have it.

All I can say here is be patient & in a few months your account will be verified either by AdSense pin or alternate methods that I have shared above.

Feel free to share your experience with AdSense address verification.

Do share this guide with newbie bloggers & AdSense users to let them know about the whole process. Do check out our Make money online category to learn more tips on earning from your blog.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

84 thoughts on “AdSense Address Verification With AdSense Pin Or Alternate Methods”

  1. chintan

    hi harsh
    I have submitted pin Nuber received from AdSense. But how I came to know my address is verified by adsense

  2. Xiao Guo'an

    Should I wait for 30 days after the 3rd PIN is generated to submit for manual verification or should I submit my government issued ID right after the 3rd PIN is generated? Can you give me any advice? Thanks!

  3. Numan

    Hi, I am from Bangladesh
    I requested 3 time for Adsense verification letter. But I din’t get verification letter. Than I try to verify useing National Identity card (NID). After submitting my NID, I was received I email from google Adsense,

    here I copied this email ”

    Thanks for sending your proof of identity. I am happy to let you know that this fulfills the address verification requirement for AdSense!

    Please note, you may still see the payment hold notification in your account. Rest assured that your PIN has been verified, and the notification will disappear within 24 – 48 hours.

    Now that you’ve verified your address, please ensure you’ve completed these additional steps to getting paid:

    Choose a form of payment
    Check if your balance has reached the minimum payment threshold
    Review our payment timeline to learn when you will be paid

    here googe google says that ” I still see the payment hold notification in my account. After 24-48 hour it will be disappeared. But now 5 day gone.I still see the payment hold notification in my account. and 1 day I got another email from mail is copied ”

    Your payments are on hold
    Recently, you placed payments on hold to Google AdSense. To remove the hold, or make other changes to your payment settings, view your payment schedule.

    Now my payment is hold. plese tell me what I will Do. How can I get paid??

  4. Prakash

    hiii sir

    what is the requirement of adsense. I have heard that they need old domain and more than 50 blog post. is it right?
    thank you

  5. vishal kumar vishwakarma

    hi sir,

    I am not sure, but I might pressed cancel button instead of submitting the pin for address verification. Can you suggest me a way to verify that whether the pin is submitted successfully or not?

    Thank you

  6. Ahsan Habib

    I’m from Bangladesh but I use Adsense account in USA. How Can I verify PIN if my Adsense account in USA ?

  7. Ellin

    Hello, I want to ask that how to request the pin without the old pin because the pin code letter was sent back to goggle so I can’t know what my pin is. I hope you can reply as soon as possible thank.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey ellin,

      Follow these steps to request a new PIN:

      Sign in to your AdSense account. In the left navigation panel, click Settings. Click Account, then click Account information. Click the Verify address link. At the bottom of the page, click Request new PIN.

  8. Shani Deshwal

    Hello @DenHarsh,
    my pin was sent to me on 1st jan, 2016, and i live in Mawana, Hastinapur(distt-meerut), You may know these.
    but i didnot recieve them till now, so i made a request again for a oin on 4th may, 2016.

    and another question is Can i ask for a diffrent address for getting fast mail from google? if that address is not exact same in adhar card?

  9. Dragon

    I’m from Cambodia but I use Adsense account in USA. I have friend in USA so I address his address in Adsense. Can I use my Passport to verify PIN if my Adsense account in USA?

  10. opeyemi olaniyi

    i just requested for my adsense pin. How long will it take for it to get to my u.s virtual address??

    1. olaniyi opeyemi

      My address was entered wrongly and i an a Nigerian, how do i go about it

  11. Praveen Kumar

    hello.. unfortunately I forgot to give door no in my AdSense account.. so I can’t get my pin.. that is my temporary address.. so I don’t have any govt proof.. how to modify the address please help me..??

  12. Rukhsheen Fatima

    I have submitted my id card after requesting third pin on 17th March 2016. My account is not verified yet. I have not received any e mail from google regarding pin verification. It was mentioned that they will contact within 2-3 days. I am still waiting for their reply.
    What i need to do if they will not reply me.

  13. Naveen Dagar

    hey Harsh i have no id proof with my surname name and its possible to verify my adsense account with adhar card with out surname

  14. Tanuj sh

    Hi Harsh

    I applied for pin and did not receive after 50 days even .

    Can I change my address now .
    I mean am in village .so I think postal service is bad in village .

    But in city is good.

    Can I enter new address for pin. ?

    1. mohit

      Yes you can change your address

      1. Praveen Kumar

        how to change the address

        1. mohit

          Click the gear icon and select Payments. In the left sidebar, click Payee profile. In the “Payee profile” section, click Edit. Update your payment address in the “Address” fields.

          1. Shani Deshwal

            Can i request a new pin with a diffrent address like delhi city. bcz now i am in a small town and i thing so i didnot get my pin after too many days.

    2. mohit

      There is no need to change address. If you did’nt receive pin than you can approve your account by simply submitting your aadhar’s digital copy. It takes only few minutes to approve your account.

      1. Bishal

        But aadhar’s digital copy is assword protected…. how google will open it?

  15. sunil

    Hi harsh,someone is selling verified adsense account.Should i purchase that or not.If not then why ?

  16. Rohol

    I already request two time but still now didn’t get verification letter. My location is Bangladesh. Can I use my passport for verification. I have $350 dollar in my adsense account. I am so disappointed please help me.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Passport should work for the verification. Let us know how it goes for you.

  17. Deepak Shrivastav

    Hello, harsh sir
    You are so brilliant blogger I like you blog SML very much because I find here my many solutions.
    My AdSense pin was generated on 19 Jan but pin is not arrived ….now what to do ??

  18. Okafor Chukwuma

    i have requested the PIN just twice but i want to verify with ID card, how do i do that without waiting?

  19. Ammad Khan

    Hello Harsh! Good tips on adsense and I’ve been following your blog for a while. I wanted to know since I don’t have the current address mentioned on my ID card or bills, can I use my passport to verify adsense? (knowing the fact passports don’t have addresses). Waiting for your reply. Thanks bro

  20. G.vijay

    i had same problem pin verification i have used pin once but it not worked there is only two times remaining after 3 attempts verification if it not work waht i have to do is my account will be blocked tell me i have 896$ in my account

    1. shyam

      i think better to avoid entering the PIN wait for some time to verify by ID proof such as aadhar card etc.

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