9 Proven Ways To Make Real Money Online In 2024 (Fresh & Creative)


There are different ways to make real money online. In the past years, we have tried most of these money making methods. While some are seasonal, a few of them are evergreen, being able to constantly put money in our wallets at all times.

One of the basic things you need to generate income on the Internet is traffic. The more targeted readers you get on your site or blog, the more any monetizing attempt can increase your earnings.

9 Ways To Make Real Money In 2024 and Beyond!

Let’s now look at some methods to make real money online. Take note that while you may want to try out all these methods, it’s recommended to focus on one or two and gain the required expertise before embracing the next method.

1. Open an online store.

Platforms like Shopify make it easy for you and me – people without any retail experience – to open an online store and sell physical or digital products.

Open an online store
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If you’ve already got a blog with decent traffic and loyal readers, you might want to use EDD plugin if using WordPress.

Or, if you’re starting from scratch trying to make extra money online, maybe running an online store through Shopify would be better!

Either one can be profitable, and neither requires a big upfront commitment.

Just start one up and make some money!

For further reading:

2. Use your website like a job application.

Freelancing is hardly a new thing, but I see so many freelancers spending most of their time trying to find work instead of actually working!

Who is that good for?

A system I stumbled into (that’s been very effective) is using my website like an application.

I write publicly – for sites like ShoutMeLoud – and share how to reach me in my bio or in the article.

People read these articles, and then go to my website.

My website shows a lot of my work, and what I can offer others. If they want that for their own brands, they reach out to me.

It adds value all around, and this way I don’t have to search for work!

The system can work for any freelancer, whether you’re a photographer, designer, developer, writer, or something else.

First, create a website.

Then share your work on sites bigger than your own to prove your value. You should read this step by step guide on starting your freelance writing career.

From there, just make it easy for people to contact you, and you might never have to worry about finding work again!

For the detailed understanding of making money from freelance writing, read following hand-picked articles:

3. Live stream for cash.

If you’re already active online – especially if you’ve ever live-streamed or shared videos of yourself – Peeks might be a great option for you.

Subscribe on YouTube

It’s the world’s first “social commerce” platform, which means all your friends and followers are there, but instead of “liking” your videos, they give you money.

You can live stream advice, expertise, events, entertainment, and more, and people will pay you for it!

Some people use it to get tips for sharing their advice or expertise. Some people use it to sell products. And some are even using it to crowdfund for social causes!

As with your blog, Facebook page, or anything else, you’ll want to encourage current friends and followers to keep up with you on Peeks.

It actually reports better engagement rates than Instagram and Snapchat, so it shouldn’t be hard to build your audience!

For further reading:

4. Review apps and websites.

Brands want to make sure their products create great user experiences, and they need real people like you and me to help them.

Use a platform like UserTesting and get paid to share your thoughts as you navigate websites and other digital products.

Review apps and websites
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After you’ve done a few, you can also add “Product Tester” to your resume, which will help you get work outside the platform, too!

I tend to view UserTesting as the product testing version of Fiverr. You start out doing things fairly cheaply, and over time (if you want), you can start directly working with brands for a lot of money.

So if you like getting your hands on new things, give product testing a try!

5. Consult online daters.

Online dating is an interesting industry.

It’s a mix of those trying to find lifelong companionship and those trying to find… something more short-term. Either way, there’s a huge market for writing effective profiles.

Let’s say you were able to start a great relationship online and you want to help others do the same. So much is riding on that short profile!

And people are often willing to pay you to make sure that short profile represents them well.

Perhaps you get clients by guest blogging about the do’s and don’t’s of online dating, or by sharing your own online dating success story. And really, $100 – or whatever you might charge – is a small price to pay for something that could potentially make the rest of your life better!

6 – Become an Online Coach:

Become an online coach
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If you are an expert in your industry, one of the ways to add to your income stream is to set up a coaching program online. Technological growth has made it impressively easy to create membership sites where you can offer your coaching programs and be paid.

There is a huge dose of contradictory information in every industry out on the web, and many people want experts to help point them to the right path. Whether you are a Fashion expert, fitness expert, pet expert, finance expert, relationship expert, etc., in today’s information age,  you can do well establishing yourself as a go-to person in your industry.

One of the problems folks face today is being able to create professional membership sites without hurting their savings.

For most coaching programs, videos are a must. That’s why you need a video distribution platform that’s cost-effective, having all the features you need for both free and paid coaching programs.

You can use online services such as Thinkific, Kajabi, or Teachable to launch your online course. For WordPress, you should look at membership software & plugins to launch your course.

One of them is Learndash which is a popular solution for launching your video-based membership site.

Other tools you will need are professional cameras, video editing software, etc. You may also want to try out some popularly used video software like CamtasiaCamStudio, and Screencast-O-Matic .


7 – Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing
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Affiliate Marketing is by far the best way for anyone to make money online. It doesn’t require you to create any products or dealing with delivery or customer service.

The product owner does all the hard work (before and after sales), and all you do is drive traffic to it and earn commissions from sales. In most cases, the author goes as far as providing the promotions materials (banners, PPC Keywords, Articles, etc.) for affiliates to simply copy and paste.

Though this seems to be a quick way to make a penny, it’s rather very tricky and requires some skills. Some traditional ways of doing affiliate marketing have lost their momentum. Doing Article Marketing or posting banners on your site (for instance) may not generate required results.

Harsh has published an awesome post on how to promote affiliate products on your blog.

He also has an A-Z guide for beginners on Affiliate Marketing.

8 – Release a digital product:

One of the ways I started making money online was by creating a platform for bloggers. Before I sold out that platform in 2012, it had generated over $14k (within a year) in profit.

Since then, I have created several other digital products and most of my earnings online have come from the sales generated by my products.
Most people think they have to be experts in the industry to author a product.

That’s not correct!

All you need is a profitable idea.

The next step will be to hire writers or coders on platforms like Outsourcely,  UPwork, Freelancers, etc.

Put your brain to work! Come up with a money making an idea. You can be an author of the next hot ebook or software that generates income while you are on holidays.

9 – Try Direct Advertising:

Remember I mentioned above that you need targeted traffic to be able to make money online.

If your blog or websites get some reasonable traffic, one of the ways to monetize and generate income is to sell ad space.

Some of your readers will find it valuable to buy space on your blog if you prove to them that you have the required exposure.

Harsh, for example, has created this Advertise page where he gives relevant information about his community and exposure. This attracts many of his readers who have products or services to sell to his audience.

Note however that how much you charge depends on a number of factors, including your traffic, user engagement, etc.

Once you have decided to sell out space on your blog, you may want to try out banner ad WordPress plugins to personally manage ad space on your blog.

If you want to make real money online anytime from now, I recommend you consider one or more of these methods.

Once you have the required traffic and implement any of these rightly, you are certainly going to generate more income. Here are valuable hand-picked guides to help you master the art of making money from your blog:

If you find this article useful, kindly share it on social media as you drop your comment below for some engagement.

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Enstine Muk is Pro Blogger , Serial Entrepreneur and Certified Cryptocurrency Expert. Interact with him on his blog where he blogs on Making Money Blogging, SEO and related topics.

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  1. Jaswinder Kaur

    Hi Enstine really really impressive and very informative Article!

    From all these methods given in this article to Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing is my choice and I love it.

    Since I started on the Internet to Make Money, always this is my prefered way to Make Money, which I started from MaxBounty, Squidoo, Blogger Blog and now my own Blog-Ease Bedding from last One and half year.

    I am making good Amount of Money with Affiliate Marketing each month.


  2. Ahmer Faraz

    Hi Enstine

    Thanks for great post. It is indeed helpful. Provides ways to learn making money online.

    I think Online coaching and selling digital products is very good to earn online.


  3. Brown

    I think I need really need to study how this CPA thing works. over the years I have neglected it but I think that’s the surest way of making money. BTW nice post with loads of information. keep it up brother.

  4. Santanu

    That’s a very useful information. I think the best way to make money in 2017 is by becoming an online tutor. If you know any latest technology then its the best time to start providing online training and make money.

  5. Brenda Smith

    Indeed a great post about making money online.

    Nowadays people are getting very much creative and wants to make some extra money from home.

    The topic ” Make money from home ” is very much interesting and people get very much excited when they get to know about it. But people should understand, this isn’t that much easy as they are thinking.

    According to me, Making money through Blogging and affiliate marketing is the best ways among all others explained here.

    But to earn through blogging and affiliate marketing, You must need to work hard with lots of dedication.

    You must have to follow these important steps.

    1. You have to choose a profitable niche from which you can earn by promoting affiliate products.
    2. Build a blog on that niche and provide helpful content to others.
    3. Promote your content among potential readers
    4. Drive traffic to your site and make money through it.

    These are the basic steps you need to take to earn through blogging.

    BTW Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us. 😀

  6. natty

    I already built a website. It is about travel.Hope i could start earning and soon to promote affiliate products. Thankyou for sharing.

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    Hi Estine,
    Bloggers can monetize their blog in so many ways depending on what works best for the person. For me affiliate marketing has been a very good source of income and now that you mentioned the sale of digital product, thats one area that has got my fancy. I am seroiusly making plans on producing my own digital product and am hopeful that more income will be generated from that venture. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your ideas.


    Dear Enstine, I really like your post for making money online with 4 Ways. It great option to earn some extra income by setting at home. Thanks a lot for sharing your post …….

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    I really like the idea of online coaching at a professional level. Waiting for Harsh to launch ShoutMeLoud Pro coaching program about blogging. The world does need people like Harsh to revolutionize the blogging industry. Thanks for this post for 2017 & beyond.

  10. Istiak Rayhan

    Hi Enstine,

    Good to see you here!

    All the ways you’ve mentioned are solid, especially for bloggers. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for last two years and it’s working great for me.

    I am planning to add one more method to diversify my income. This post is really helpful for me. After reading this post, I got an idea of creating a digital product. As I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while. I am planning to create an ebook on Affiliate Marketing.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.

  11. umapathy

    Hi Enstine,
    Glad to see you on SML. Making money online is one of easiest way to make money if we proceed according to a plan. There are many methods to achieve that. Here you have pointed 4 methods which are really a working method. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest method which I am using right now to make money.

    Happy Holidays!


      Dear Umapathy, As I suggest point no. 3 is best for making Money. Release a digital product is good way

  12. Sameer Panda

    Thanks ENSTINE MUKI for the post. Every time I visit SML I learn something new. Today I learnt “3 – Release a digital product”.

    But I find some limited text on this topic, could you please update in detail next time when you find some time.


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    and helpful advice. Everybody can find a way for himself
    here to start and learn how to make a living online.
    Good to bookmark and go through the content, there is a lot
    to learn here.
    Thanks to both of you

    1. Enstine Muki

      Hi Erika,
      Thanks for coming over to read this post and drop a comment.
      There is a lot of powerful content here from Harsh and his authors and I hope this goes a long way to help readers make a living online 😉

      Do have a wonderful Christmas season as we look forward to better days ahead 😉

      1. frank

        hi Erika, i also follow and read your blog post on your website. nice post! please can i ask you something real quick if you wouldn’t mind.
        what platform for bloggers did you create and later sold in 2012? whats was it all about?

  14. Nitendra Shukla

    I have read your full article and found an amazing way to earn money via affiliate marketing. Yes i have read your guide to which was very interesting and i was able to make 10$ from it.

  15. Masud Parvage

    Hello Dear Enstine,

    I have no doubt about your knowledge. But I am afraid that you’ve mentioned affiliate marketing is a “simply copy and paste” job. But as far I know Harash started blogging in September of 2008 and he is a professional affiliate marketer and giving us the affiliate resource from his hard earned knowledge. it’s not a copy-paste work. It’s the passion and feelings of happiness.So it’s is no longer reliable to earn money without passion and the thirsty of knowledge.

  16. rohit

    Thanks for the Article well I believe I would go for Direct Advertising, adsense and buy sell No chance it looses credibility in many eyeballs specially ProBloggers, Making WSO, digital Products is a great way at least when you have huge traffic, becoming an Online coach needs time and knowledge and affiliate marketing is a labor job Unless If you are not Promoting for the Fortunes. and getting minimum $50 comm per sale . else one need patience like shoutmeloud.com, money starts coming soon. Hope No one hurts here 🙂

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