How to Use JetPack Auto Publicize Feature For Social Media Automation

JetPack Auto Publicize Feature

Personally I’m not a big fan of Social media automation but when you are managing multiple Websites, automating social media sharing is your best friend. We have already covered few of the Social media automation technique for Bloggers earlier and if you have missed it, you can read about it from below posts. Today, I will be talking about Jetpack new feature call “Publicize” which will auto share your blog content on multiple Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Jetpack PublicizeBefore, I get started with this tutorial, here are some of the past posts on automation:

Now, we have Jetpack plugin, which is one of the essential and multi purpose plugin powered by Automattic (WordPress parent company). They are constantly adding new features like mobile theme options, Sharedaddy and many more. In the latest release (Jetpack 2.0) they have added many new features.

Connecting your Social media profile using Jetpack WordPress plugin:

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to use auto sharing feature of Jetpack. Once you have enabled and activated the plugin, Go to jetpack settings from WordPress dashboard and look for Publicize option. Click on configure and follow this guide to get started with auto sharing of blog posts. Here is an official documentation for your reference.

Connecting your Social media account:

Once you click on configure, it will take you to sharing settings page, where you get an option to connect your Social media profile. I will be showing you for Twitter and Facebook, and similarly you can do for other Social networks like LinkedIn, Tumblr and Yahoo connections!

Jetpack Social media automation

Facebook Automation:

Facebook auto Publishing Blog post

Click on Add new Facebook connection and it will take you to Facebook permission page, where you give access to Jetpack to use your Facebook account. You can auto publish blog posts to your profile wall or select a page where you wish to auto publish blog post.  You can enable this connection for all the users or just for yourself. Once you selected the page where you want to auto publish blog post, and click on ok. You can also add multiple page which is another useful feature by this plugin.

Auto Publishing on Twitter

Similarly click on Add a new connection infront of Twitter logo and authenticate Jetpack ( access to your Twitter account and similarly, you can allow access to all the users for this Twitter account. If you connecting with official blog Twitter account, it’s a good idea or you can keep this connection only for your Twitter account to avoid any kind of spam Tweet going from your account.

Similarly you will be doing the same for your other Social accounts, and it will not take more than a moment.

Some important information about Jetpack Plugin Auto Sharing:

Here are few important information which you should know, if you are enabling this feature.

  • This works only for Publishing new posts and will not work for old blog posts or Pages or when you save something as draft.
  • Right now, URL shortener is used but in next version you can use your custom URL using
Edit auto share option

Though you have added all the connections, but at times if you wish to deselect certain Social accounts or don’t want to auto share your blog post, you can click Edit publicize under new post section and you can deselect the account. You also have an option to add Custom message which will go with your updates. I recommend you to use this feature to increase the CTR of your socially shared blog post.

To be honest, this is one of the first few things which you should do after setting up WordPress. Specially for Bloggers, who have multiple blogs this new feature to auto-share is going to be very useful, as you don’t need to rely on 3rd party services for auto sharing your blog posts on Social networks.

Do let me know if you find this new feature in Jetpack to be useful or  not? And also let me know what other 3rd party services you are using for auto publishing your blog on Social networking sites?

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  1. Kaushik says

    very useful information share harsh,… but one question…. about Jetpack Comment box ..
    how to remove another login link ,… like wordpress,facebook,twitter….
    i mark your comment box .. you have remove this option on your comment box …
    so plz guide .. how to remove this…

  2. says

    Hello Harsh Sir,
    Truly speaking, I was not aware about this plugin and its features. From last few months I was working on my 2-3 blogs. But after every new post of every blog I was opening different different pages of social sites for sharing my articles. I was wasting my time. Now with the help of this useful article I can write more articles for my blogs. Harsh sir, you are very great. I like it. Superb and awesome moments of my blogs starts from this useful article.
    Thanks from the heart “Harsh Sir”.

  3. Art says

    Hi, Harsh,

    As you reported, the publicize settings are greyed out for old posts.

    Do you know if there is a way to publish old posts, perhaps by changing the status to draft and then republishing it?

    Can you think of any downside to doing something like this?

    Thanks, Art

  4. Arsie says

    Nice recommendation Harsh. I have not yet actually activated this on my blog because I still need to troubleshoot my memory allocation issue. But I really wanted to use that.