How to Check if a Website is Banned from Using AdSense

Check AdSense Penalty For A Domain

AdSense is one of the most popular advertising and monetization technique used by bloggers world-wide. The best thing about AdSense are: Quality ads, timely payout and a well-known brand name. A normal user may or may not differentiate between a normal 3rd part ad Vs. Google AdSense ads, but for a blogger it’s easy to figure out what advertisement platform is being used by some one.

Despite all the good reviews about AdSense, you will hear lots of complaints about AdSense like:

And stuff like this, which is still ok from my point of view, ad AdSense team works day and night to offer quality service. Recently one of my tech site ( AdSense serving was disabled due to ad placement (Which I’m unsure why it happened), I decided to keep AdSense away from that site, and try different ad networks like, Kontera, Bidvertiser and so on. Right now, I’m giving a shot to and will share my detailed review soon. You can see the company profile and other details here. Also, if you are interested to know why Google team bans somebody AdSense account, here is a detailed guide for the same.

From a blogger perspective (When we buy or sell a website), you should be checking many things and one of them is the status of AdSense serving for the site you planning to buy. This will ensure that you might not end up buying websites, where you can’t use AdSense ads. Here I’m sharing few AdSense penalty checker website, which you can use for any website to check if AdSense ad serving is allowed or disabled for that domain.

List of Websites to check AdSense penalty for a domain:

Google Banned Check:

AdSense Banned Checker

This is the first site in the list, and it solves two purpose. It will let you check any domain for AdSense ban and also if the domain is banned from Google search. This is very handy when you are buying a used domain or buying an existing website. All you need to do is add the domain name in the box, and click on submit. It will show you the report as shown in the above picture. When you are using this tool, make sure to try www and non www variant of the domain name you are checking. <Link>

Google AdSense sandbox:

Adsense Account Checker

This is a multi-purpose tool by Indian pro-blogger Amit Agarwal. This tool is mainly designed to check contextual and geo targeted ads, and at the same time it can be used to check for AdSense penalty for any given domain. Simply go to this link, add the domain name you want to check for, select the region and click on peview ads. If you see all the ad spots are blank, that means AdSense account is banned for particular domain.

Is Banned:

This is another simplest AdSense tool to check Ad serving status for a domain. Go to the site, add the domain name and click on submit to check the status of the AdSense account for particular domain. Simple and easy.

I have listed only 3 websites above, but for the purpose of checking AdSense is banned or not, these will be handy. Specially if you are into Website flipping,  it’s a good idea to check the status of AdSense ad serving for particular domain. For me, this is not the first time I had issues with AdSense serving, and I already mentioned about it here. As I mentioned in one of my earlier article, AdSense is not the end of the blog monetization. There are many better ways to monetize your blog, if you don’t have an approved account or your account just got disabled.

Do you know of any other useful website to check AdSense banned status? Also, what advertizing network you prefer after Google AdSense?

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. mike says

    I had a quick question. Let us suppose a blog is disapproved by adsense .. let us call it Can use the adsense code of another domain in’s blog? of course, all revenue will go to and has to share it in good faith.

    Secondly, has to enter as approved site in its adsense account as well? If is not careful, he may end up loosing his adsense account by allowing to use his adsense account. What is your advise? I had a long argument in one of the “anti-google” discussion with room full of adsense banned folks!!! Thanks for your advice.

  2. says

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanx for all information you give through your blogs. I really appreciate your efforts.

    I got a mail from google that my adsense account has been disabled 4 days back. I appealed 2 times with all possible cause of the same including my accidental click on ads after which I took precautionary measure like using Ad overlays and all and also transparently mentioned that as some of my friends and relatives knew about my new site so they might have done it but nothing done intentional. But got rejection.

    Today I came across your blog and seen these tools to check wheather my site is banned by adsense or not. A relief thanx to you that its not yet. Now, what can i do to use adsense again??? can I create a new google account and then go for adsense or I should wait for some time. What all suggestion you have about this scenario as i dont want to take risk this time.

    One more thing I have a youtube channel too which was linked with this disabled google adsense account now youtube channel is should that your account has been disabled and a red icon there how to fix that as youtube channel status is in “good standing” as as my site status. Only thing is wrong is that my google adsense account got blocked.

    Need your suggestions and support on same. Thanx in advance

  3. Mukul Bansal says

    I tried applying for adsense but got a rejection letter… I think now it is high time I should apply for other ad networks in order to make money form my blog … Thank you soo much Harsh

  4. says

    Dear Harsh,

    What I do is, I will go to Google Adsense website and go to settings and then to status to check if my site has violated Google adsense policy.
    Then I will know if my site is banned from using google adsense.


  5. mztch says

    My site is not “allowed to display AdSense Ads and is likely BANNED from Google AdSense”. If I sell this site to someone else, will they be able to display Adsense ads?

  6. kapil says

    firstly i would like say this is help full article for me

    i want to know how will i get know about domain penalty i mean to say i am going to buy high Pr domain but but and bloggers suggest do not buy High page rank domain it can be penalized so what may i do in this case is he saying right so how can i check penalized domain with high pr

  7. Manpreet says

    sir i have a new website about 5 months old but i not even applied to adsense then also my adsense is showing banned. sir what to do know.
    is there is any solution get rid off it.

  8. tarun says

    thanx harsh for this wonderful post as always this post will definitely help me. But i have always a little confusion about adsense that what is the right time to apply for google adsense?
    Can you please tell me what is the right time to apply for google adsense?

  9. says

    well said,actually the websites mentioned above eespecially “Google banned check” will not only show your status about adsense,but also inform you whether your blog is penalized or not and hence give you a chance to enhance your blog position.
    Thanks i m safe

  10. irfanali says

    I knew about Adsense box from Amit Agarwal,but didn’t knew about rest of the two.They are really helpful websites in checking status of Adsense.

    Thanks for the info,cheers.

  11. Shan says


    Thanks for this post, I went through bannedcheck [dot] com. And i checked my site, from the result i got that “Congratulations, technologydaddy [dot] com is Not Banned from Google AdSense!”

    But when i tried/register for adsense for my blog. First day only it stays, second day it gets disabled. what is the problem, will you please share me.