How To Start Selling Website on Flippa: A Beginner’s Guide To Success


If you have been working online for long and into Website flipping, Flippa is one name that you must have heard of. Flippa is a Website and domain flipping website. In simple word, you can Sell website and buy a website from Flippa.

Infact, flipping website have become a lucrative business, where you create a nice or brand site for a couple of months and then you sale it at a high price.

Though, in this post I will not cover how to create profitable sites on Flippa as you can read about it here, In this tutorial we will be looking into how we can sell website using Flippa.

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Selling your Blog is one detailed task for which you need a marketplace where Buyers and Sellers meet.

Flippa is one such Website providing an active marketplace for both Buyers and Sellers. Many Bloggers who either quit blogging due to personal or professional reasons usually use Flippa to sell their site.

There have been various success stories about people making great income by flipping (Selling) their site via Flippa.

But for that, you have to present your Blog to buyers in the right way by which they can get a brief Idea about your blog and its other Statistics

Beginners guide to selling Website on Flippa:

Sell your Website
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1.  Sign up with a valid Email Account and the one which you check regularly as most of the communication is done via Emails.

2. Fill in the correct information in your Profile and upload a Genuine profile picture as it makes a Good impression on the Buyer and makes him believes that he is dealing with a genuine seller.

3. Do verify yourself as it adds credibility and more value to your account.

4. After listing your website or domain for sale its time for the description, people tend to write a long description, but that’s not what it should be like. The description should be short and simple which does not bore the Buyer and gives the buyer a brief idea of your Blog or Website or domain.

  • Description should consist the following 5 headlines
  • Website introduction
  • Seller introduction
  • Features of your Blog/Website/Domain
  • What the Buyer Will get
  • What will be your and Buyers role after a Successful auction process is completed

5. Provide at least 3 to 5 Traffic reports covering different aspects such as Pageviews, Unique Visitors, Traffic Sources, Map Overlay Details, etc. By this, you will be able to create and gain confidence with the Buyer. Don’t flood traffic reports as it will rather confuse the Buyer.

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6. Provide Genuine Revenue figures as it can influence buyers decision and if you provide with fake or inflated Figures, it can create problems in the Sale Process afterward if Buyer Discovers the same.

7. Now the most Important part is to Set Flippa bidding options.

  • Set the Reserve price after evaluating it properly.
  • Set it to the price of which you can afford to sell your online property
  • -Set a Correct and reasonable Buy it now price (BIN)

From my experience, it should be at least three times of the reserve price as to encourage the Bidding process. Keep the starting Bid price as low you can to encourage more users to Bid.

8. After your listing Goes live interested buyers will bid on your listing. You will be very excited at this time, but wait does not accept bids without researching about the user who has submitted it.

From my experience let some bids accumulate and then approve them one by one as it will create some excitement around and can bring you in the most active Listings.

9. Do reply to Comments and Private messages, the more you interact with interested buyers, the more price you will get.

10. After the Auction is successfully finished, do research about the user who has won the Bid and his history of the transaction. So that you can take proper measure before you initiate Blog/Website/Domain transfer and receive payments.

Though these are basic tips which will help you to sell website or blog and make some handsome money via flipping. I hope all these tips help you to list and Sell your online property on Flippa with Great success.

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24 thoughts on “How To Start Selling Website on Flippa: A Beginner’s Guide To Success”

  1. Gaurav Panwar

    Hi prashant
    Thanks a lot for this informative post, I have a question for you, as I log in to flippa then they asked me for some fee to list my website on their website,
    1st question is,
    Do i have to pay again and again if i want to sell another website on flippa or this is only one time fee,
    2nd question is,
    I have a health niche website and this website getting organic traffic from google, Bing and other search engines, so what is the price do i have to take for this website, and this website also have adsense approve account
    3rd question
    How much it will take to sell a website like 10 days or 15 day?

    Again thanks for the precious time.

  2. Yaseen

    One the auction is completed, through which payment methods can we receive the payment from Flippa ?

  3. Rabin

    Yes, flippa is quite a good platform for selling the website. I have sold several website on flippa. The only thing I feel is the auction listing fee is high and also success fee 15% quite high.

    But, still if we do in a right way we have make money.


  4. Amit


    I have placed my blog for sale on flippa and they took $5 from me.
    Can you please tell me why this fees?
    Will it be refunded to me?

    How can I set up my selling price because its showing $1 only


  5. Brian Hanson

    I like Flippa quite a bit, but I have had some problems when the buyer has never used Flippa before. Sometimes new buyers have trouble with paying, accepting a domain transfer and filling out the sales completion instructions.

  6. Scott

    Have you ever considered a situation when a buyer doesn’t pay you or starts getting cold feet on the purchase? It can happen. Here’s some more insight into the topic: It is a real threat. It is so easy to get out of buying a website and on the other end completing a sale. If the sale went too high or too low either party can back out. Sure they have to disavow their account forever, but from what I’m seeing on Flippa so many buyers and quite a few sellers are first time users either looking to buy a dream or cash in on the one they developed.

    Have some framework laid out before the listing is completed and make it quite apparent in your own language that the purchase of the site is a legally binding contract.

  7. Johnny

    Buying a website is a risky job and I learned this the hard way. My first experience was a big fail. So after some time spent on Flippa I found out about a site called Safe Site Buying which I heard that was created by super sellers from flippa and got a coupon code “ssb20” which was supposed to give me a huge 25% discount. This deal looked pretty good to me so I tried it. They provided me with a full report, 20 pages long and with their own subjective opinion. They were very helpful. When you want to spend more than $2-3000 on a website this service is a must if you ask me.

  8. Nilesh

    Heyy Prashant, very informative post. I like the concept of Flippa…. thanks for sharing your knowledge, it helped me listing my blog for auction.

  9. George kush

    Hi Prashant, My Google Ads Recently got ban, so now im planning to sell my website and it deserve 4000$ according to diff worth calculating website, but i am not earning any single penny from it.
    Is it easy to sell.
    Please tell me


      Hey GEORGE KUSH, If your google ads got bann..then you should not worry about making money.
      there are many ads provider.. bro use ads, it is very helpful.. sometime they will give you more money than google adsense.

  10. bCaiman

    Hello dear fellows,

    I want to ask something. What is the meaning ‘sell website but dont need to create website’.


  11. Mayank Gupta

    Hi Prashant

    Normally at what price can we sell a blog with 200000 odd pageviews monthly in finance niche?

  12. prateek

    Very useful article on topic of selling websites .Please mention in depth information on this topic in your next article . , are also another such website through which we can sell websites .

  13. Isha Singh

    Interesting guide, well i planned to sell my blog but changed my mind. your guide will be useful for my if again my mind changes!

  14. Adeline

    This post is a good place to start for anyone new to Flippa. Of course, being genuine and checking the genuineness of the buyer is extremely important. I’m looking to sell my site too, and I can say that finding the right BIN or reserve price is not quite so easy if you’re doing it for the first time. Anyway, see you at Flippa some time soon!

  15. Androidage

    Most of the people who working online including me they are not aware about how to flip a website safely, because web site flipping is not an easy process and it also not a hard way as well, if we follow these steps mentioned in this post.

    Though, most of the people good in these steps while flipping, they struck after this that what all the things need to check before buying or selling and how to transfer the site details through Escrow safe payment mode and what if we terminate before selling a sit etc.

    If you write one more post about “How to safely transfer the site through Escrow?” and what all the instructions we can follow, could help others to find more details.

  16. Mayank Gupta

    How much is the cost to be a part of auction?

    1. Prashant Rohilla

      19 $ for basic listing !

  17. Dess

    Very nice advice on flipping sites. I tried twice but failed to get a good price on my site and I refused to sell. Now I posted my site third time and will see what I will get. These two tips you mentioned about: posting picture and verifying, I did not do. I will do those changes and see what happens.
    The other flop with my site is the traffic. Google is giving me traffic for 15 days then zero for about 15-30 days and it starts all over again. It has been like this for about a year now. Once I remember I used an autoblogging service. If anyone can tell me this can be the cause, I will delete all posts from that service. Otherwise I am confused with my traffic.
    I hope I will get some buyer this time though. Thanks.

  18. Jai

    you have covered every detail for selling up the sites on Flippa, must recommended guide for the every website seller.. sharing it right away..

  19. rahul

    This is a too general post, I would rather like to read about how to transfer website from seller to buyer and what safety measures to take while transferring the website and while receiving payment.

    1. Prashant Rohilla

      Thanks rahul, i will be covering the points mentioned by you in my next post and also the services Which facilitate secure website transferring .

  20. Mohsin Ali

    Excellent review but if you give more details about selling website on Filippa in future it will be more appreciated by us.

    1. Prashant Rohilla

      Thanks Moshin , i will be writing more about Secure website transferring and other measures to be taken before you complete the Sale process.

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