Setupad Review – Should You Ditch AdSense For This Monetization Platform?

Setupad - Make More Money Than AdSense
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Setupad review

Setupad is a monetization platform for content creators to help increase their ad revenue by displaying programmatic ads.

Setupad uses header bidding technology to connect the publisher’s ad inventory with more than 15 supply-side platforms, including Google. 


  • Easy to use
  • More profit than AdSense
  • An AdSense alternative
  • Header bidding technology
  • Great reporting tool for publishers


  • Requires 75,000 page views a month
  • How good is Setupad?
  • Should you be using it instead of AdSense?
  • Are you even eligible for using Setupad?

Well, these are the questions I would answer in this detailed review of Setupad.

Setupad Review
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In the past, I have mentioned Setupad a few times and a lot of ShoutMeLoud readers have used this ad network and given raving reviews. I believe this is a good time for those who have more than 75K users a month to try something like Setupad to make more revenue from the same traffic. Even though Setupad is a premium monetization platform that entertains users with 100k+ users/month, but if your web property has potential, you can always apply even with less traffic.

Apply for Setupad (It is free)

In case if you have less traffic and you are not qualified for Setupad, you can use one of these low-traffic ad networks for newbies.

Now, let’s understand everything about Setupad with this review…

What is Setupad & why is it better than AdSense?

Setupad is a monetization platform for content creators to help increase their ad revenue by displaying programmatic ads.

Setupad uses header bidding technology to connect the publisher’s ad inventory with more than 15 supply-side platforms, including Google. 

Let us give you an example of how you, as a publisher, can benefit from header bidding.


If you use Google AdSense for website monetization, there is only one buyer–Google. However, if you choose a monetization platform, like Setupad, there are more buyers, including Google Ad Exchange (one of the highest-paying premium ad exchanges for buying ad inventory). 

Since competition between buyers increases, there are higher prices or CPMs. This means that Google is “forced” to pay more while competing with others, eventually increasing your ad revenue to the maximum.

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What are the benefits if you join Seutpad?

  • Powerful Reporting System

The main goal of this reporting system is to show Setupad clients how and from where their ad revenue is generated.  Most importantly, the Setupad team provides valuable tips for publishers to increase their yield continuously.

Reporting includes:

  • Basic monetization metrics like eCPM, total ad revenue, ad requests, and impressions.
  • Performance metrics like refreshed ad revenue, rCPM, ad viewability rate, and more.
  • Audience metrics. To access these metrics, publishers need to add their Google Analytics. This will help publishers better understand how valuable their users’ loyalty and engagement is.
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  • Yield Formula Calculator

This calculator helps publishers to calculate their sites’ potential ad revenue. Currently, the yield formula is an additional feature in the reporting system, but it will be available for everyone in the future. 

To calculate potential website’s revenue, you need to know the number of:

  • total users;
  • sessions per user;
  • pages per session;
  • ads per page, and eCPM.

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  • Google Chrome Extension

The main feature of this extension is to report unwanted ads and show real-time data–winning bid SSP, eCPM, impressions, requests, and more.

Check out the video to see how it works.

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  • Personal Account Manager

This might sound obvious; however, many companies don’t have a dedicated account manager for each publisher. Usually, there is a common support platform or chatbot to ask questions or solve technical issues, like slow loading speed. The Setupad team provides an individual approach, superior customer service, and a powerful monetization solution for each publisher.

  • Payments

The first payment is made ​​after 60 days, and the minimum threshold is €100. Publishers can receive the payment through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Publisher Requirements

If your monthly traffic exceeds 100K users, Setupad will be the best choice! However, they do accept websites with lower traffic if they see the potential.

Finally, all you need to do is to sign-up and, if your site meets Setupad requirements, an account manager will contact you shortly.

As we move ahead, I will keep looking for more opportunities to make money from blogging. Setupad seems like a good ad network for high-traffic blogs and something that you should try. If you feeling more adventurous, you can try Ezoic too (read Ezoic review), but one at a time, to see which one is generating more revenue.

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3 thoughts on “Setupad Review – Should You Ditch AdSense For This Monetization Platform?”

  1. Are they can be convinced to offer NET0 payment method?

    BTW, I just applied to this Setupad network. However, I am bit skeptical about this. After seeing article about Setupad from Shoutmeloud in the SERP, i am relaxed.

  2. Hi Harsh!

    Thanks for sharing this valuable blog post. Actually, ad monetization is one of the main concerns bloggers are interested in. Including me. But the odds are not every blogger is eligible to join premium ad monetization platforms. That’s why it’s very challenging to be accepted by high quality ads-paying platforms like Setupad or Mediavine.

    Best regards

  3. Hello Harsh,
    Thanks for reviewing the setupad. It is great to know there are a lot of monetization platforms for bloggers like us. In short, we don’t rely of single platform Adsense, we can use Medivine, setupad, etc. Anyway, I’ll definitely try this.

    Thanks again for introducing ..

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