Syed Balkhi – Scaling Up Your WordPress Business (Mindset & Strategies)

On this podcast episode, I have Syed Balkhi in to discuss the necessary strategies to scale up your WordPress business.

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Syed Balkhi is a hugely successful and award-winning entrepreneur running several 8-figure online businesses. He is the founder of WPBeginners, List25, OptinMonster  and many others.

He started his entrepreneurial journey at 9 with a small snack shop in his neighborhood and has since become one of the most notable online entrepreneurs.

 What are you going to learn in this podcast?

  • How Syed started WPBeginners.
  • How to find a partner for your business.
  • How to come up with new product ideas (real-life experiences).
  • Should you purchase an existing company or build something from scratch?
  • Should you stop working on your blog after launching your product?
  • Important tips on managing and growing partnerships.

And a lot of other great insights that you can only hear on this ShoutMeLoud podcast.

Show Notes

1:22 – Syed remembers how he started WPBeginner as an answer to all the questions his existing clients had.

3:05 – Syed received 80,000 unique visitors from Digg when he first started blogging.

3.24 – Syed talks about launching his products like OptinMonster while running his blog.

4:42 – “Your blog is your media.”

5:49 – Benefits of running your affiliate program on an affiliate marketplace rather than having your own affiliate program.

7:17 – Syed’s ideas behind purchasing a company rather than starting one from scratch.

12:57 – What should be the exit strategy in a partnership firm?

13:24 – Syed’s message to all the bloggers who are starting out and who want to scale up fast.

Key Takeaway

Know your audience completely. Always solve a problem for your readers. Don’t just create a product because others are doing it.

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  1. Akhil

    This is really nice podcast. I have learned a lot from wpbiginer. this is one of the best place to search for WordPress tutorials.

  2. Asik

    Syed Balkhi is one of the top WordPress Expert. This is a good interview with some practical tips. I enjoyed it.

  3. Santanu

    This is really an awesome piece to read here. Syed is a champ in WordPress. Whatever is the issue with WordPress, Wpbeginner has the answer. Thanks for this share.

  4. Suresh Dubey

    I have recently started my tech blog ( WPBeginner and SML, both are the greatest blogs and their articles and strategies helped me in launching my first blog. 🙂

  5. Jaswinder Kaur

    Whenever I want some solution for my two blogs(Ease Bedding Dot Com) and the other one Top Best Spot Dot Com, I just come to Shout Me Loud Dot Com.

    Most of the times I found solution, if not, then only I go to other blogs and one of them is WpBeginners, which I like.

    Thanks for the Interview with Syed Balkhi, which is very motivational for other bloggers.

  6. Sukanta Das

    This is a mind-blowing interview. I am motivated so much. thanks

  7. Amol

    Awesome.. Best of luck harsh… Very good insights into partnerships and building\launching the products.

  8. Anjum Chopra

    Thanks for sharing Mind set and strategies by syd bakshi…this is really motivating for new bloggers

  9. Raaz

    Thank you Harsh,
    Great Motivation, we have also started our website thinking something big let’s see where destiny takes us finally.

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    Thank you for sharing it. First time apprehend about the podcast. Very fine video. effective podcast and assembly for brand spanking new bloggers

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