How to Make Money from Your Blog Without Ads

how do blogs make money without ads
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Most of the bloggers limit themselves by using easy to use Ad networks like Google AdSense or Monetag on their blog to earn.

You might be one of those bloggers who doesn’t believe in placing ads on your blog and might want to explore other opportunities to earn from your blog.

Well undoubtedly placing the advertisement is the easiest way to get started with making money blogging but I don’t challenge your noble thought of not placing ads to give a great user experience.

Even though you need to generate some income to pay your hosting and domain bills or if not, it’s still good to make some money.

Isn’t it?

Here I’m sharing some of the working methods used by professional bloggers to earn income without placing ads, and you can pick one which suits your need.

I also recommend you to read this guide by Harsh Agrawal, where he shared how he is making money from his blog. This will give you some great insight and ideas for your blog.

How to monetize a blog without ads:

Let me give you some extra ideas, which you can implement on your blog apart from putting AdSense or any other ad network.

Sell an Book

write an eBook
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If you are an expert in any field, you can write your book on the topic in which you are an expert. Even you can sell your copyrights to other publishing agencies. Writing a book on a subject that will sell forever will guarantee its sale for a long time, and hence you will keep making money out of it.

You can sell your eBook on your blog or even on the Kindle publishing platform. This way, you will generate a recurring income for your blog.

One lost opportunity which you can use is by using the existing content of your blog to create an eBook. If you have created a series of posts and that can be converted into an eBook, you are almost there.  For example, check out ShoutMeLoud affiliate marketing eBook.

For further reading:

Native Advertising

There has been a big debate on if Native advertising is ethical or not, but the fact is major publications are making huge money with native advertising. In native advertising, you blend the marketing message for your advertiser in a way, which looks editorial and not an ad.

Upworthy is an excellent example of native advertising. Here is an interesting take by John Oliver on native advertising:

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I leave this decision to you for using Native advertisement or not!

Become a freelance expert writer

If you are blogging on a niche topic, you are more likely to earn a lot with freelance writing. If your writing is great and you think you can target a wider audience, drop an email to other big blogs in your niche and tell them you looking for a writing job. You will be surprised to know they are always on the lookout for good niche writers.

You can earn anything from $5-$1000 from single blog post writing. If this idea fits your need, you can have a landing page on your blog and have a catchy title like “Hire me” or may write it as a landing page for a potential recruiter. You can get writing jobs from any of the site listed here.

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Here are a few articles you should read to become the master of freelance writing:

Sponsored reviews

You can make money by reviewing any product or any service. There are a number of blogs publishing sponsored reviews. You can start reviewing any gadget like an iPhone or any other and start making money.

You should also read

Sell Your Product or Service

If you are an expert in your field, you can offer services or products to your blog readers. There are many bloggers offering services or products to readers.

A good example is Harsh, who offers personal blog coaching and earns $500/hour.  You can also start any service or product offer to your blog readers.

Prove Yourself as a Professional Blogger

If you have expertise in any topic, you can start blogging.  Start writing compelling articles on your favorite topic in which you are master. Once you develop your identity in your field, you can begin writing the paid posts for other blog networks. You can charge a handsome amount from the network publishers.

Start Premium Blog

If you are an expert in any field and having a large number of readers on your blog, start offering premium content to readers.

You can integrate membership option on your blog, and on a fixed monthly subscription charge, you can earn from it. Though, you have to come up with premium content that you can easily outsource or create yourself.

Start Consulting

Self-experience is the best thing, and depending upon your niche; you can start your consulting program. For example, if you are into the Finance niche, you can offer personal finance audit, coaching, and similar stuff.

If you are master in any topic, you can start consultation services on your blog. Many bloggers are already doing good with various services they are good with.

I am impressed with what Harsh is doing here because he is selling one of the best services BlogSpot to WordPress on his various blogs. If you checked his monthly income reports, you could see the earnings of his service, Blogger to WordPress.

Final Note: Making money without displaying ads

There are a number of other ways to monetize your blog instead of advertisements. Making money from a blog other than advertisement sources depends upon your efforts. This topic is only for general purposes and your awareness.

Will love to know your idea, what do you think what can be other ways to make money out of your blog without using advertisements?

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22 thoughts on “How to Make Money from Your Blog Without Ads”

  1. Rajesh

    Native advertising is best among all other methods mentioned in above list and thanks for sharing best options other than adsense.

  2. Muhamad Yaisr

    So true.The beginning is always difficult but if it starts then you will rule.

  3. Ibrahim

    Without advertisement earn from a website is so difficult but your post post is making it easy.Thanks for share the topics.Absolutely you are right.When a website becomes popular, then easy to earn without advertisement.I acquire your post knowledge and I learn how to earn from a website without advertisement.

  4. Muhammad Imran

    Hello Surender,
    Thank you for sharing these great ideas for making money without using any ad network. Reviews are one of the best ways for more revenue.

    Best Regards,


    Hi Surender,

    Yes, selling your own product is a good idea to make money online. Like as you said selling your e-book online. One can make good money by selling book like harsh Agarwal.

    And, rest of all methods are also good to make money without advertising.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this informative article with us.

    Happy blogging.

  6. vinayak

    hi thanks for sharing this knowledge with new blogger like me.
    i was thinking the same, of making an ebook of usefull articles from my website and selling it for some money. but would the readers buy it when the same information is for free.
    and what do you think the price of the ebook should be.

  7. Judah

    Excellent content. As an artist, I’m looking for ways to convert my daily posts into side income…just not sure how to do that yet. This article gave me a handful of good ideas!

  8. Sidduz

    Nice article, This is really awesome to know few more ways for the bloggers to earn other than Ads…

  9. Rahul

    I am thinking to be niche consultant. Because most of niche enter get decent success every time. But because of time constraint and job. I have no time.
    I am not able execute hundreds of niche, I did researched. I wanted to sell the ideas.

  10. Sushant @ Techooze

    You made out some nice points in your article. I was not that nuch aware of the concept of premium blogging.

  11. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    You have covered each and every aspect but I think u should also mention about affiliates in this article which will make this article complete..

  12. Chethan

    Cool article surender sharma…
    catchy title

  13. Loveish

    Great article Surender. You covered all the possible ways of making money from blog 🙂

    1. Surender Sharma

      Hi Loveish,
      Thanks for being a active reader of SML and the appreciation about the topic covered by me.

  14. SmashinGeeks

    Great Article to be inspired for start new blog. Nice Article

    1. Surender Sharma

      Thanks for your inspirational words.

  15. fareed

    beautiful article, this is a awsome thank u

    1. Surender Sharma

      Hi there,
      Thanks to read the topic carefully.Be tuned here because another topic is ready to publish here at SML.

  16. arun kamath

    While doing sponsored reviews we must be honest with our readers. Most bloggers don’t disclose that they have done a paid review. This is cheating.

    1. Surender Sharma

      You are absolutely correct about reviews posts but there is no need to disclose anything about blog post or review post.If yo reviewed any product or services genuinely then nobody will bother about the post whether it’s paid review post or not.

  17. Basant Singh

    I was not aware of ‘blog networks’ & ‘premium blogs’. You’ve covered everything. A must read for bloggers aspiring to be a pro.

    1. NpXp

      Premium blog concepts work well when you blog something which is very rare on the web or something which is not easily available.

      Works well for a recognized and old blog but not for a start up in many cases. Popularize your current blog, make it in-demand on the web and then start of the premium membership concept.

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