BufferApp Review : Why I love this Social Media Tool

Bufferapp is one such twitter app for bloggers and social media users, that will help them to keep their profile engage and also maintain the noise. Here I’m going to share Bufferapp review and then you can decide if you need to invest this app or not.

Buffer App Review

How many of you tweet all the interesting post you go through? I believe those who are power tweeters, must be tweeting 30/40 links in a day. Though if we tweet in regular interval it’s good but if we tweet all the links back to back, it might be considered as spam or probably your followers will tend to ignore it.

Why Bufferapp is useful for you:

Let me start with my own habit, when I start reading news, I use a feed reader and in that short span of hr, I read like 100+ posts and many of them I find interesting and want to share with my followers on Twitter or Facebook. But, this is not a wise idea to send out lots of tweets in a short span. Too many noise may irritate your genuine followers, and you might not like to lose a real follower. Buffer app, comes as a rescue for social savvy people like you and me. Using Bufferapp, you keep adding tweets into you stack and it will keep sending it out at scheduled time.  You can define time-slot for Tweets, and tweets will be sent in particular time slot from your buffer.

Specially when you are going through your feed reader, you tend to tweet all the interesting post, at least that’s what I do. Now here is an interesting Twitter tool call Bufferapp which is a low-cost online app for Twitter, which will let you add your Tweets in a buffer.  You can define time-slot for Tweets, and tweets will be sent in particular time slot from your buffer.

 Bufferapp review

How to add Tweets to your Buffer?

Bufferapp offers a couple of ways by which you can add tweet into your buffer. You can use their online website (Bufferapp) and add tweets into the buffer, or most easy way is by installing there browser extensions.


In my case I use Chrome browser and I have their chrome extension installed. So when ever I’m reading any interesting tutorial, I just click on Bufferapp icon and it will bring a pop up, where I can edit the tweet. Here is a screenshot which will clear all your doubts:


By default post meta title and permalink will be added and you can always edit and customize it according to your need. If you have added multiple-Twitter-profile, you can always select from which twitter profile, you would like to send this tweet.

Bufferapp Features:

Here I’m sharing some of the notable features of Bufferapp:

  • Supports multiple Twitter profile
  • Support multiple Facebook Pages
  • Support Google plus pages
  • Offer browser extensions (Chrome, Safari)
  • Integrated with SocialBro, Pocket and many other popular app.
  • Bufferapp Blog buttons are available.

They offer hell lot of integration options and you can check out all these @ Bufferapp Goodies page.


Setting the Interval for Tweets:


This is the most important part of Bufferapp. The idea of bufferapp is to tweet without creating much noise and irritating your followers. So you need to set up time interval carefully. If you tweet a lot, you can always select a time-interval of 3-4 hours. Don’t forget to refer to our previous article on Find the best time to tweet to make it more effective.

Here are some more interesting features which will interest you to try this app:

Multiple profile option:

You can use Bufferapp to add multiple twitter profile. This way you can make sure that none of your Twitter profile remains tweet free and fall in the category of inactive twitter account.

Team members:

You can assign account to another member, who can add, remove tweets from buffer. This feature is good for those bloggers who are running blog network or particularly for blogs with multiple members.

Bit.ly Integration:

You can add your Bit.ly account uname and password to keep a track of your links and no. of clicks. This is again a good feature to analyze your tweets.

Though Bufferapp is not a complete free twitter app but for individual blogger, you can try their free account which is good enough to take care of your need. You can see the feature of their free account on their pricing page.

Sign up for Bufferapp

Though I would like to see some more features in future like adding tweets from a feed, this will be really helpful for bloggers who post lots of posts in a day. This way they can tweet within limit in particular time set. Over I liked the idea of Bufferapp and I have been using it for last one month. Do let us know if this Bufferapp review, helped you to decide about it or not.

Do let us know what do you think of this idea of bufferapp? Do you think this app is really handy and useful for power twitter users to tweet without annoying their followers? You can follow my tweets on twitter @denharsh.

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Prabhudatta Sahoo says

    Hi Harsh, Thank you very much for all the information provided, by following this I have now added buffer pro in to my blog and now I am using it and it is working really well for the social media integration of any blog. However, as I understand that Buffer only allows couple of the social media accounts like twitter, facebook, google plus, linkedin and app.net but I was wondering if there is any available tool like buffer which would allow the same functionality as buffer for other social medias like pinterest, stumbleupon and all? Is there any tool like buffer for this purpose at all? Please help. Thanks again very much. Cheers!

  2. Jens P. Berget says

    I have been using Buffer for about a week now and I highly recommend it. I went pro almost immediately.

  3. Blake @ Props Blog says

    This is absolutely amazing; something that I have been looking for a while now. Hoot Suite was how I used to schedule tweets, but that was a long tedious process. Since I tend to read most of my RSS in one sitting, I often want to share 3-4 posts at a time.

    Great find!

    • Leo Widrich says

      Blake, that’s so great to hear you like Buffer. I hope you give it a go. Please let me know what you think about it @bufferapp on twitter. Have a great week man :).

  4. SathishKumar says

    Buffer App is an innovation to the way we tweet. I am using buffer app for the past one month and from my experience they are providing valuable tweets which helps us to tweet in a better way. Thanks for sharing your insights, Harsh.

    • says

      I agree with your Sathish. I like the overall concept of Bufferapp, where we can simply add tweets without thinking if we are tweeting a lot. This way we never miss out to tweet any interesting article and most important even with excessive tweeting, we have complete control of the time when our tweet will go. Thanks for your comment and dropping by.