How To Take Complete Backup Of Your Twitter Account

Twitter is no doubt a useful social networking website and helps you to drive huge traffic but few times there are fail whales or problem with losing of Tweets, Followers etc. And none of us want to lose our tweets and followers thus it is better to take backup of your tweets, followers etc beforehand.

Take Backup Of Twitter Account
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Here are few free tools which will help you to take backup of your Twitter data:

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How To Backup Your Twitter Account:

Recently Twitter added export tweet feature which made most of 3rd party tool useless, and many of them like Backupmytweets and few other shut down. So, I’m updating this post in January 2014 and sharing the official method to export and backup your Twitter account.

This is one of the dead-simple method and all you need to do is, login to your Twitter account via a web-browser and go to your settings page. Here is the direct link to access your setting page. Scroll to the bottom and you will see an option to request your archive. Click on that, and twitter will send you a link via eMail which will have backup of all your tweets starting from your first day tweet.

Twitter Archive
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It will take some time before you will get the back-up link, so relax and grab your coffee.

Do you prefer to archive your Tweets? If yes then which tool you use to take backup of your Twitter account?

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Take Backup Of Twitter Account
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13 thoughts on “How To Take Complete Backup Of Your Twitter Account”

    1. Backupify is one of the reliable service when it comes to take backup of your social networking and Google accounts.

  1. Well, providing quality updates is perhaps the best way of making sure your followers don’t disappear – but on the technical side of things it’s nice to know there are tools to help out.

  2. Really awesome tool. Previously twitter bann my account due to massive update in a day. I think using these tools will let me to same my work.

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