Lacking Confidence in Writing Articles? Overcome it Now

Many people say that writing articles are an easy task, and anyone can write articles. I do agree that anyone can write articles, but not everyone can write quality articles and that’s the reason few bloggers get more traffic and regular readers and few don’t.

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The main reason for the difference in quality articles in the way in presenting the articles and your articles must have a substance that can show your confidence about the knowledge you are sharing. Of course, no writer is perfect but while presenting article in front of your reader, you must be confident enough that your article is worth sharing.

If you lack confidence while writing article, here are quick working tips to get your confidence back:

Know what you are writing:

Writing do need proper planning; you just can’t start writing for fun. To get confidence in what you are writing make sure you find a nice topic for your article, get knowledge about that topic, make outline of points which you want to share, proof read the article and read it loud. This will help you to correct mistakes and build confidence that what you are sharing is good and useful for your readers.

Handle negative comments:

We all get negative comments may be about the typo mistakes, article lacking in quality or presentation or because of any other reason. When I started blogging, I used to lose confidence with such negative comments. But with time, I understood that making mistakes is part of every job, and more important is to learn from those mistakes, this will help you to become a better writer.

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Let it go:

Got a negative comment, what next? If you think that the negative comment from readers is genuine, then do try to improve on it but make sure that you don’t take it personally. Whenever I do mistake, I correct it and keep in mind that it I should not repeat it again. Anyways you can’t please everyone with your writing, someone will like it and someone won’t and this is the fact of blogging.

No one is expert:

If you are losing confident because you think that you are not an expert, then you need to rethink about it. When it comes to writing, even experts do mistake and as a human being we all do mistake. Thus always aim to be a better writer rather than aiming to be an expert writer.

Start with a bang:

Even after getting negative comments, doing mistakes the best way to overcome the lack of confidence in writing is to start afresh. It is important that you believe in yourself and get ready to try writing an article again. The only thing you can do to become a better and confident writer is to write, write and write. Don’t let yourself down and start writing an article with lots of positive energy.

Writing is all about believing in yourself that you can provide quality content to your readers, and the above tips are works very well for me when it comes to gaining confidence while writing articles.

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23 thoughts on “Lacking Confidence in Writing Articles? Overcome it Now”

  1. Abdul Jabbar

    I am just at the beginning stage of the articles writing. I didn’t post any article right now. I am doing research on it. I felt happy to read such an inspiring article at the start. This article is full of motivation. We always need to be focused toward our goals. We should study others articles too.
    So inspiring. Stay committed & stay focused.
    I would be grateful to those who will share something that can help me be a professional and productive article writer.

  2. Pranay Patel

    I’m totally impressed with the way you described all the points which affects a lot while doing blogging. Thanks for enlisted them here.

  3. Reinier

    Hi Whiztechy,
    Your article motivated me more…
    I started writing articles myself as well and I want to write more. I don’t really think about the feed backs, positive or negative it might be, I just write topics that I think will help the visitors I will be having on my blog.

  4. Jeorge Peter

    You’re totally right in there, in case you got the chance to write then write! There you will improve the skills as you come along with couple of written articles.

  5. Robinsh

    I think this article will always be in my list of reading the motivational quotes again and again for getting something productive for my blog readers and ofcourse will forward the same for my followers who thinks loosing their confident in anything related to writing.

  6. Wasim Ismail

    Negative comments and Bouquets are part of blogging, you
    cant please everyone, and not everyone will give you negative
    comments. When you do get comments negative or positive, look at
    the bright side of it and take it as a learning experience, and at
    times even a reality check. Its like you going to go out in a rain
    your going to get wet, same thing applies to the online world, you
    go online, you will get Good comments and Bad. But you just need to
    keep going. Nice post

  7. Raj

    Great post! every article of yours gives me a sense of enthusiasm for writing more and also quality writing.

  8. Mani Viswanathan

    You rightly said in the first point itself. Write only posts which u believe in & the one’s u urself understand on the first read itself.

  9. Saket Jajodia

    Didn’t lost mush confident till now and hope not to loose in future also…
    And congo Whiztechy for your three 1 (111) Articles… 🙂

  10. Vivek Parmar

    most beginners lack in confidence and not able to give their 100% after a little bit time they will come with good articles and offers quality content to their visitors

  11. fjordz

    I’m not a perfect blogger too but I believe, with constant criticisms, you’ll improve in one way or another. It all depends as to how you handle criticisms. That’s the best way to overcome your lack of confidence, when you admit to yourself that you’ve done a mistake and you’re willing to improve your piece.

    Nice post here! 🙂

  12. Kiesha @ We Blog Better

    Hi Whiz Techy,
    It’s so important to convey your confidence when writing, it’s easy to tell when someone is shaky about what they’re writing – their word choice usually tells it all. The best way to gain more confidence is to simply practice writing as often as possible, it will get better over time with more experience. Also, a little research goes a long way, the more you know about your topic, the easier it will be to write. Adding humor is also a great way to keep readers engaged and less concerned about errors.

    As far as negative comments go, sometimes it will hurt your feelings, but it’s best to just suck it up and either make the suggested improvements or accept the fact someone will always have something negative to say. I have found inspiration in negative comments, they’ve inspired other blog posts that allowed me to get more feedback from other readers – so you can always choose to turn a negative comment into a positive blog post.

    1. Whiztechy

      Thanks for awesome feedback Kiesha, I do believe that you can tell by reading article that writer is confident about what he is sharing or not?
      Unless writer himself is not confident about this articles, how he can make readers confident?
      And negative comments are the biggest reason for lack of confidence, eespecially for newbies thus its better to handle negative comments in positive way.

  13. Vuong

    Indeed, I am a quite good writer in my tongue but on the blog trip with a foreign language, it is completely different. I also recognize that there are many bloggers here are not fluent in writing English but they already get lots success.

    Many thanks to you, Whiztechy. Your article in short might be: Writing, writing and keep writing. :-). Other things will be resolved one by one.

    1. Whiztechy

      Right Vuong, Even with me its same. English is my second language and even I do mistakes but i keep on trying to improve where I am lacking and only way i do that is keep on writing.

    2. seenu

      your words are inspiring.
      When I’m in progress to write an article for blog, I feel whether I’m using correct word in the sentence. After finish of writing, when I read whole article what I wrote, I feel I’m good.

  14. Jojo Mathews

    Just another great post…

    Off topic: Do you collect images for post from the site list you posted some days before or there is any other way ???

  15. Basant

    You’ve addressed the core issues as why people don’t get readers though they write continuously & write more. Quality is the key here. With time everyone grows & develop skills, so be patient.

    1. Whiztechy

      Totally Agree Basant, time and practice teaches everyone to become better writer. Patience is most important when it comes to blogging.

  16. Thiru@webapprater

    Wonderful blog here, Of course – No one is expert in writing until we correct our mistakes. we need to write more and more to be a perfect and professional writer.Practices makes the man perfect. Is’nt it?

    1. Whiztechy

      Right Thiru, Practice always groom you as an writer. If anyone want to become a good writer he/she should make a habit to write daily.

      1. RinatisDinoro@SmartAboutThings

        To write daily and not only

        You also need to read. Writing without reading is like exercising without practice

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