How Many Twitter Followers Do You Really Need To Be Successful?


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People who are into online marketing and/or branding have probably discovered by now that Twitter is the place to be.

If you are new to Twitter, you may be a little confused. Firstly, what are followers? How do I get them? How do I get more?

But if you know about Twitter, you know how useful it is for business and marketing.

And there’s one question that you’re probably asking:

  • How many followers do I really need to be successful on Twitter?




Note: My views are different from most, so get ready for some controversial opinions.

There seems to be a rat race going on to get more and more followers. Yeah, it’s important to increase your followers, but it’s not always necessary. You don’t need to get carried away.

Now, I’ll admit that it sounds great to be able to say that you have tons of followers. That makes you seem popular, right? It’s like you’re throwing a party and everyone’s going.

But is this really what Twitter is about?

twitter follower
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Twitter Follower

There are definitely some very popular users that have millions of followers.

But as an individual who is marketing a brand or a service, a more realistic number to shoot for is 10,000. That’s a pretty good number.


Having 10,000 followers who are not interested in your product or brand is NOT BETTER than having 1,000 followers who are very interested in your product or brand.

Now, if you have 10,000 loyal and engaged followers, then that’s great! But by building up a followers list of unengaged and inactive users, your brand’s reputation will suffer.

I’m not against having more followers. You should be trying to get more followers. But you need to be getting more targeted followers.

If a user finds your Twitter feed highly relevant to them, they will interact with your brand. This kind of user is infinitely more valuable than a large cache of inactive users.

Look at it from a social point of view:

  • Isn’t it better to go to a party with a small group of people who want to be there rather than a large group of people who don’t want to be there?

So how do we get targeted followers?

Twitter Followers
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I recommend you start following people who are interesting to you. Join in the conversation, and let them know who you and your brand are. Start tweeting out relevant things, and people will start retweeting you.

The best way is to let an audience find you. This will build your trust and authority. Once you win the trust of your followers, start telling them about your website, your products, and your brand.

One important thing to have when building a Twitter list is patience. Starting with a small number of people is by far the best way of building your audience. Over time, as trust and authority grows, you will naturally attract people.

Start following people who are interesting to you, retweet their stuff, tweet your own interesting stuff, and maintain a good relationship with your followers.

And remember: It’s way more important to have a small number of active followers than a large number of inactive followers.

How many followers do you think are necessary to be successful on Twitter? How many followers do you have now? Let me know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “How Many Twitter Followers Do You Really Need To Be Successful?”

  1. Rahul @ MazaKaro

    i’m actually learning n about this exactly and i have discovered it is an interesting point to be aware of !! i thank you for talking about it case i guess this will be a perfect idea to get followers cause audience is half of the success !! :))) 🙂

  2. DailyTechPost

    Hi Kamal,
    Wonderful article…I think having more Twitter follower is very important, but having relevant followers is perhaps the most important 🙂

  3. Letitia Smith

    I agree – there does seem to be a bit of a Twitter race on at the moment, and I cant say that I am convinced of the value, particularly as a lot of the followers appear to be spam bots etc. The important thing is to have a group of highly relevant followers that you can really engage with – too many followers and you cant always do that.

    If they really feel engaged they will then pass your message onto their own small group of followers and so on…

  4. Imran@TechiesBlog

    Hi Kamal,

    We can have thousands of follower if they are not from the same niche then it is just waste of having those follower, but it is good to show number on pages

    Thanks for Sharing

  5. Jaydip Parikh

    Nice insight KAMAL. BTW this depends on individual how He/She thinks. I really like your article. Thumbs UP

  6. Nihar

    Nice post Kamal.

    You are right having followers who actually go through our tweets and respond to tweets are the actual followers.

  7. Bilal Ahmad

    Twitter is a very profitable social media but the thing is to interact with users and build a healthy network. Then your followers will pay attention to your tweets, otherwise they will skip it.

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