My AdSense Earnings Report for 5 Years: 2.2Million INR

We all know that Google AdSense is one of the best recurring monetization networks for any blog or website. I started blogging in 2008 and implemented AdSense on ShoutMeLoud in 2009. If you have read my earlier article on how I make money with ShoutMeLoud, you know that I have never focused on AdSense as my main source of online income. I have earned more with affiliate marketing and services that I offer, and AdSense represents only a small part of my online income.

AdSense Earning Report

It’s 2013 now, and I wanted to share my AdSense earnings report for the last five years. I believe this will be helpful to many bloggers, to help them to figure out if they can rely on AdSense for their online income or not.

Before I share my AdSense earnings report, do remember:

  • This report includes all the blogs in my network.

4-Year Adsense earnings:

If you are new to AdSense, you can refer to this AdSense guide, and learn how to create an AdSense account. My AdSense journey started in January, 2009, and I received my first payment in the first week of May, 2009. It was $179.77, and honestly I can’t begin to express the joy I had when I was holding my first AdSense check!

Adsense earnings

Here is my AdSense income for the years from 2009-2012:

  • 2009 – $1860.05
  • 2010 –  $7235.44
  • 2011 – $10771.13
  • 2012 – $6884.83

Update: AdSense income report to October 2014: (approximately 2.2 Million INR)

From 2009-October 2014 I have earned $36,233 from AdSense on all of my blogs.  As all of you in India know, Google sends us the AdSense check in INR, and the conversion rate varies every month. Here I’m taking $1=46 INR as an average conversion rate, so that total AdSense earnings for five years in INR is approximately 22 Lakh INR.

Adsense Income Earning

You can click on the above image to see the full view. If you will notice in the product column: “Hosted AdSense for Content” earned $571.27. This is not much, but again this comes from the AdSense YouTube partnership. I also earn from AdSense ads running on YouTube videos on my YouTube channel.


Adsense earning

To be honest, my one-year affiliate income report for an individual network is much better than my four-year combined earnings from AdSense, but as I always say: AdSense gives us peace of mind. When you are earning online, recurring income is the first thing that one should target. Once you are within your income comfort zone, you can try to implement new methods of earning money from your blog.

When it comes to contextual advertising, there are many AdSense alternatives out there. But the quality of the ads and the timeliness of payments you get with Google AdSense, you will not find anywhere else.

Also see: A Blogger’s 5 Year Affiliate Earnings forInspiration: $80,410

Can you rely on AdSense income as a full-time job/sole income?

The reason I’m sharing my 5 years of AdSense earnings with you is to give you an idea of how much a blogger can earn from AdSense. As I told you, my AdSense earnings are only 20% of my total income, and I know many bloggers who are making more than 3-4 lakh (between $4700-$6300 U.S.) with AdSense on tech blogs.

If I consider the salary of an average software engineer in India, I find AdSense earnings to be more tempting than a salary.  The only downside of relying only on AdSense for income is that if your account gets banned at any point in time, you will be hunting for the best suitable alternative, which is a job.

If you are someone who is planning to start a blog and earn from AdSense, my advice to you would be: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you are planning to make blogging a career, it is a good idea to have multiple sources of income. You can have multiple blogs, or you can use different monetization methods like Intext Ads (Infolinks), CPM ads, Affiliate marketing (Webhosting affiliate, Viglink), and many more.

Must read: After 1826 Days of Blogging, All I Can Say is: “Blogging is Incredible!”

So that sums up my five-year AdSense journey. I will continue to share whatever I learn in my blogging journey.

I would be interested to know how much on average you earn from AdSense in a year.

Would you recommend to anyone considering blogging as a full-time career that he should rely on AdSense earnings only?

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Article By
Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a professional blogger. He loves to read & write about Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Make money online & technology. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives more than half a million PV in a month, and is an award winning blog.

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  1. says

    Nice to read that it is possible to earn some money from google adsense!
    In Sweden, where i am from, i often read abou how difficult it is nowadays to make good money on a blog, but people like yoy shows that it is possible.

    But what does google say about sharing information about income, is it ok?

    Will keep reading your blog.

  2. Aditya says

    Really good information it quite rare nobody shares their AdSense information in public. But your info is really helpful to better understand AdSense program.

  3. Kabir says

    Thanks Harsh for sharing your earnings reports. I just wanted to share another perspective on your question “Can you rely on Adsense income for full-time job”. My journey has been quite opposite to yours and I am left a bit demotivated in the last few years to be honest.

    I started my Adsense and blogging journey perhaps 2-3 years before you did (as per your first Adsense check date). My journey was also a bit similar to yours where I entered websites and blogging just to spend some constuctive time online eespecially in those days of Orkut and Yahoo chat. I just built a couple of sites in a free web host and then gradually learned about Adsense and online income etc. I applied in Adsense and got approved. Then I gradually started a couple of bigger sites in paid hosting and my online income journey took off from there.

    My Adsense income was similar to yours (as per your stats). However, I did a few mistakes at that time. I was in Delhi when I started blogging but I returned back to my hometown in a much smaller city once I was earning a stable Adsense income. I had planned to start a company back in my hometown to continue my network of sites. But soon I realized that internet in smaller towns was extremely unreliable and BSNL is the only “hope” here with virtually no decent competition.

    Soon, I had to drop the idea of opening a company. I continued alone and kept on expanding my websites gradually. However, the two biggest mistake I did (as I realize today) is that – 1) I depended completely on Adsense and never entered into affiliate marketing etc. 2) I tried to follow everything Google said.

    It was not as if I did not know anything about SEO or IM at that time. I experimented with a couple of brand new sites and took them to no.1 ranking in Google within a few months for extremely difficult keywords just to test if it works out. But as Google kept on saying that do not build unnatural links, I just let them go and did not maintain them as I thought Google might mind it eespecially as they were linked to my Adsense account. I thought that I would perhaps earn $1000+ every month and so, let me not kill the golden goose. I also did not touch affiliate networks as Google was targeting affiliate websites and did not like it.

    But those were big mistakes that I made. I never created any unnatural backlinks to my main sites except a handful of directory and EZA links at the start and thought that Google penalties will probably never touch me. But that was a massive mistake. The down-slide started since about 2011-2012 when some of my genuine high quality sites started to get shattered in the rankings with the first updates. From the top 1-2 ranks of Google for relevant terms, they were not to be found for first few pages of Google. I gathered all backlinks and there were hardly 20-30 unnatural backlinks from around 50,000 backlinks I found. So, I disavowed them. But I received the reply that there was no manual penalty on my sites and it was just due to algorithmic changes perhaps.

    There was still some decent traffic due to the loyal visitors and quality of the website content. But the traffic to those sites reduced by around 60% as there was hardly any organic traffic. Even for unique stuff only present in my website, I was ranking on say 6-7 page of Google if lucky while those sharing my stuffs were ranking at the top of Google for the same terms. My adsense earnings dropped around 30-40% with those ranking drops. Then I then thought that from now onwards I perhaps should concentrate on pleasing Google more and not try any risks at all and not experiment anything.

    From then onwards, I maintained even more quality and built websites with 100% natural backlinks and let completely “organic backlinks” flow into the website. I did not even comment or let anyone know or do basic directory or article submissions. I just let the reputation build automatically as I was just too afraid of experimenting anything on new sites. I was gradually more worried about Adsense and Google than my websites. But that did not work out well. That no backlink strategy is a recipe for disaster for new sites. Previous I used to get at least 3-4 successful sites in a year when I built about 10 sites. But with the “no single backlink” strategy, I could hardly get 1 out of 10 sites well established. So, I was overall in net loss in terms of established sites and losing on my earnings. Some of my sites were seasonal sites and gradually dried up too with time. Overall, my net no. of established sites was going down every year and I was just trying more and more to please Google and Adsense. I had grown quite afraid and discouraged to try out anything new or experiment just in case Google might mind it.

    But the sad part is that the next Google updates were even more unpredictable. I lost even many of my “no backlink” sites which got established in years. And there was sort of no explanation to many of the Google updates. I had got hundreds of domains in my portfolio and had a lot of EMD ones too. The EMD updates also by and large killed them. The formula of just work hard and backlinks and rankings would come automatically was not working for new websites either. Gradually, my Adsense earning dropped from over $1,000 per month to hardly $200 by the end of last year.

    I nearly came down to net loss recently as I have a lot of stuff from dedicated servers and multiple hosting accounts and more than 70 domains still in my portfolio (domain renewals also add up). When I finally sat down and thought properly about the last few years and my journey online, I realized that perhaps the biggest mistake I did was to put all my eggs in one basket i.e. in Google Adsense. Now, I am sort of broke and hardly making any profit online. But if I had built a network of affiliate sites and had tried to build big websites “by hook or by crook” then I would have probably had a good stream of income still without facing such a situation where I need to start from scratch again in terms of online income.

    So, my suggestion to fellow Indian webmasters is that do not put all your eggs in one basket. At the end of day, search engines are just random algo working on robotic interpretaion of content and you do not know when you might have a bad streak. Even if you follow the guidelines to the dot, you cannot guarantee that your websites will not be hit. I have seen thousands of genuine websites including mine being hit by Google updates in the last few years even after following the SEO guidelines exactly. Luck is also not something you can guarantee. For example, I had several high traffic Indian websites around 5-6 years ago. But Indian traffic was extremely low paying at that time. There was at times less than 1 cent CPC for Indian clicks. So, I had left all my websites. But soon afterwards, ecommerce came to India and the CPCs kept becoming better and better. In those days, there were hardly a handful of Indian websites and so, making established sites in Indian traffic was not that hard. So, I was either foolish or unlucky in that aspect too.

    The one good thing that I did in the last few years was that I invested my online income into offline business. So, I have a decent source of offline income to backup now. The ROI in offline investment is not as good as online. But it is more stable and reliable than online income. There are risks in offline businesses too but you can be sure that there would be no random algo changes one day to abruptly devastate your earnings. That offline earning is a sort of peace of mind even when I am nearly in net losses now. The only thing that I am left now except this offline income is loads of software and script licenses (I normally purchase lifetime and developer licenses which is a relief for me as I cannot pay recurring fees now) and a large portfolio of domains.

    So, I am also taking some encouragement from bloggers like you who share their earnings reports. I have been reducing my server and hosting expenses by learning sever management myself to handle my dedicated server without both cPanel or server management companies. I am also reducing my overall hosting accounts and consolidating all my websites into a few hosting accounts. I have reduced my overall hosting expenditure by nearly half by taking these steps. In addition, I am nowadays letting domains expire gradually if not that important. I have also sold a couple of my relatively bigger but low earning sites for a few thousand dollars of investment funds for starting from scratch again.

    I have built around 4-5 well designed and well planned sites in the last one month or so. I want to make them massive authority websites and would launch them all soon. I plan to update articles at least 3-4 times in each of those sites everyday with at least 1 very high quality article every second day to give Google what it needs i.e. “fresh content”. I will not build much backlinks this time too. But if it still does not work, I will just need to show the middle finger and go with proper backlinking soon. I just won’t wait for the apple to fall from the tree forever irrespective of what Google says.

    The more important thing that I plan to do this time is to build a parallel network of affiliate sites and sites with the so called unnatural backlinks. With time I have realized that the polite guys would always be bullied be in real life or by search engines. I am ready to “change hats” at times if needed now. If I build 30-40 “okayish” websites a year and attain success in around 20 of them “by hook or by crook”, it is still better than building 10 “rule abiding” sites a year with the chance of hardly 1 of them or maybe none of them becoming well established. So, I am going to go for all sorts of parallel networks and sites this time round. At the end of the day, I have nothing to lose and I am hardly worried about Adsense anymore. So, I just need to go for the kill.

    I also want to inform many fellow webmasters who are starting off that DO NOT take every word as it is said and NEVER put your eggs in one basket. Or you will face situation like mine. I have seen many of the top earners in Adsense both in India and worldwide and who profess and share the gyaan of whitehat and following rules and how good Google is. But they are also frequently seen in the blackhat sites where they keep on building and purchasing unnatural backlinks in hordes. So, always act wisely.

    Do not leave your job eespecially if you are in a good position. Online earning is as much a reliable and stable proposition as the idea of bringing back all black money from Swiss banks. One more thing that I have realized in this year is that the value of money has hugely decreased here in India. The “real” value of $1,000 is nearly half or even less compared to say 8 years ago. And I would not be surprised if it is less than average salary by Indian IT daytime standards in another 8 years. And if you still want to enter into the website business then do not stop experimenting irrespective of whatever anyone including Google says. If you just follow Google to the dot, you will be left being a Chaturlingham while the Ranchordas(es) of the internet world will run away with glory and success.

    Thanks Harsh again for the motivation. I am ready to start my fightback soon and regain my online success. Was extremely demotivated for the last few months and hence, had to rant it out somewhere. I checked both your Adsense earnings post and affiliate earnings post and it just confirmed what I was doing wrong. The basket needs to to filled up by different sources of income from now on and not just Adsense.

  4. Sam says

    I don’t know what will happen in my fate. However I like your affiliate and adsense related articles. It inspires us who are new in the section. Harsh Agrawal, could you please tell me how many blog you have? Can I apply two or site for adsense?

  5. says

    hello sir,
    i have read your article and its really great as one shouldn’t rely only on a single blog as his/her earning source as there is no guarantee that we will get a particular amount each month from our and downs are the part of life so we should have multiple source of income…thanks for sharing such a valuable information..

  6. Keshav says

    I’ve been using adsense since 4 years now. First 3 years I earned $100. Last year I made $28,547. But to be true, if you have a job, you don’t need to worry about getting banned from Adsense. It is a nightmare getting a mail at midnight saying, your account has been suspended. Please click here to read our terms and policies.

    Page views 16,514,373
    Clicks 412,759
    Page CTR 2.50%
    Estimated earnings €24,332.50

  7. Gudda says

    Hello Harsh I have an education blog on hosted blogspot platform….. I have got adsense approved on my blog in January 2014 and my earnings till date i.e. 23 december 2014 is $509 My blog is related to education domain.. I really have had a very hard time driving organic traffic to my blog…..From January 2014 I have received 2,93,530 unique visitors on my blog with Pageviews 592,902 …… It is very hard earning in education sector through blogs…..Technology blogs drive a lot of foreign traffic which makes cpc high but guys like me do not have enough technical knowledge to run a tech blog…..I just hope I would be able to increase my adsense income in future……Organic traffic is the hardest thing for me right now……

  8. Koushik Das says

    Hi Harsh ,

    Good to see your earning and your Articles really inspires and motivates a blogger , as a blogger I say earning is not only the thing in blogging. it also makes us learn creative things

    Koushik Das

  9. Santanu says

    Congrats Harsh.

    I am following you from last 5 year and you have no idea how much I learned from you. As you have compared the earning of a software Engineer let me share my feeling as a software engineer. I am earning a six figure salary monthly, but I know that the satisfaction you are getting at your work is thousand times more than what we people are doing. At such an age you have raised yourself like anything. I always liked you for your honesty, the way you are sharing your income details with everyone regularly is really motivating for many people including me.

    I really wish you good luck for your coming days and hope you will turn around the face of Indian Bloggers. Without any doubt I can say that you are the Legend of Indian Blogger in making.

    You helped me to dream about that day when I will also be able to quit my job and driven by my passion. Let’s see….:)

  10. sangeetha menon says


    Thanks and happy to see your income ..

    Helps to boost a blogger’s morale a lot though we talk about passion and fame as main satisfaction factors :)

    I never gave a shot to the adsense search and now I am trying it too.. My earnings are just building up and I definitely hope to see it building up along with my blog.

  11. says

    Hi5 Harsh as in 5 years its similar as my earnings $38k ;) . Although i never tried affiliate stuff, gonna start them this year :)

    Congratulations !!!

  12. Md Shafiuddin says

    I Made A Hosted Adsense Account and sent traffic using facebook pages,It’s still stuck at 52.16$

  13. says

    Hi Harsh,
    You are awesome and I wait eagerly for new blog post daily.
    Please write about adpushup, its reliability, working and configuration process. I still have doubts about its use. Thank You.

  14. says

    I don’t think this multiple technique works. I started to create blog in 2009 and since then I have created many blogs. I registered upto 60 domain names and created 3 to 4 blogs but none of them worked because I could not concentrate on one. I started concentrating on one of my blog and it paid me 123 USD but this blog was sent to google sand box because of my mistake that I copied and pasted many things. At last I deleted all blogs and gave up. I can’t do blogging. And I no longer want to be a blogger it’s not possible for me. But I will suggest people to concentrate on one thing and be unique original. Keep patience. That’s all folks

  15. says

    I hope my adsense earning will increase bit by bit. From what I see, adsense earning will increase along with traffic. So better to increase traffic first

  16. Atul Narang says

    Thanks for the information, Harsh, you are doing a great job. Best of luck. As you said, adsense makes about 20 % of your total income. I know that affiliate marketing is a major contributor in the incomes of bloggers. What I want to know is, if you are a blogger, you are an affiliate marketer on clickbank and stuff. If you create your own eproduct then, should you discontinue promoting other’s products because that consumes a lot of time too.

    What should be your strategy to promote your own eproduct?

  17. Adesanmi Adedotun says

    The earning is not bad,most eespecially your first payment threshold after 4 month plus. I started using AdSense from 28th Feb. 2014 and I have not gotten to the threshold level now. Hope the check will come right at my door step one of this day

  18. Saidur Rahman says

    Dear Harsh,
    your adsense earning report of four years is very much motivated. i really have got benefited from your articles and other peoples discussion. as a new blogger i am very much impressed of your different articles and information. i will come back again and again for gaining knowledge and knowing making money strategy.

  19. Rahul A says

    Hi Harsh,
    Money is one of the sources of motivation. Your this post undoubtedly proves it!
    Thanks for sharing! Your website is indeed awesome!

    By the way, I have a small blog running which has got Adsense approved on it.
    I am now looking forward to start a tech website but right now don’t have any idea where to start. Will you please give some suggestions(or if you have already built a newsletter series) regarding the same?

  20. says

    From the beginning Google Adsense has been my primary revenue source and i am pretty comfortable with it.Now i am looking forward to try CPA offers which are found to be way better if done properly.I also hope that you must have made a lot with niche sites too, haven’t you?

  21. says

    Hi, i’m from indonesia. in 3 days i have US$0,29, it’s bad right? can anyone give me some advice?
    sorry for my bad english

  22. says

    whenever i comes to your site Don’t know how your site engage me lot of time in your site Really I am impressed alot and i am also one of your subscriber i always got new new Techniques keep it up

  23. Chintan Jain says

    One of the best Post i have seen to motivate people who think Blogging as their Full time Career.

    People like you have always been an inspiration for most people to learn and grow themselves in online world.

    Great Job :) Keep Going :)

  24. Akshay Jain says

    Well, Adding up your all income (5 Years of Affiliate Income) + (4 Years of Adsense). You make avg. 1625 / Month. Which is a pretty much good sign that blogging is a good way to earn money till now :)

  25. Rajan says

    Hey I made website I am thinking to make some bucks from it but to get approve from adsenseyour site needs to be 6 months old so can you tell me any other alternative for adsense. I have tried chitika on my blog few months back but it haven’t made me even a single buck. How about yahoo and bing ads. Are they any good ??

  26. Jeeshan says

    It’s cool. I am sure you would have done a lot of task behind this. I am working for the same. But my situation is out of discussion. I’m still in zero level. Even I have been approved with google adsense.

    Have you any suggestion for me so that I, too, can increase my revenue.


  27. Jack says

    Hi Harsh ,

    The image shows that your “Page RPM” is about USD 1,69 . Am I correct?

    So I guess that you have a very low “Page CTR” .

    What is your “Page CTR”? 1.55% or less?

    I think you need to change your site layout, so you could get a better “Page CTR”. With more adsense ads, at the right place you could get a “Page CTR” as high as 7% or even more.

    Alexa says your site is “Global Rank 2,957 ” and Rank in India as “343”.

    You should get at least USD 2.000,00 each month from Adsense. You have a great site.

    Think about getting a better “Page CTR”.

  28. ashutosh says

    hi harsh i am ashutosh and i have stared my blog a few days ago,but i am unable to attract traffic beacuse many of the indian internet uses are attracted to facebook and very few read the blog, is there any way where i could increase my blog traffic ?

  29. Huzaima Khan says

    With how much daily traffic do you earn this amount? I mean impressions and clicks and from which country?

  30. says

    what are other ads network that provide image and animated ads like adsense.I am currently using infolinks.Can you suggest me some other good ad networks.

  31. says

    Hi Harsh,

    This is really nice achievement as a blogger, as you know very well that, now your blog is one of the popular tech blog. As all kind of information related to technology are available on your blog. I have seen lots of blogs and bloggers, but you are unique and active blogger out of all other bloggers.

    This is just because of your hard work and dedication to your blog. You love your blog and take care of your blog. This is the reason, it works best for you.

  32. Aditya Nath Jha says

    Motivational. But of no use until they really approve my adsense application. Resubmitted for 23rd time today!

    • Ravi Verma says

      You will get approved one day surely Aditya :)

      And yes this earning of Harsh really motivating. I need to refine my plans to achieve such amount in adsense

  33. Sabz says

    Hi Harsh, I was wondering how much of your earnings is a profit? I somehow believe that those who earn a lot on Adsense also spend quite a lot on advertising (with a few exceptions). Many pro-bloggers have us believe that 100% of these earnings are actually a profit so that’s quite misleading. But it would be interesting to know if you’d be willing to share, at least to give other bloggers here an idea – the percentage profit of your Adsense earnings. Thanks, you are an inspiration.

    • says

      Hey Sabz
      This is almost 100% earning as we blogger usually don’t spend on PPC campaign …. Though running cost be counted in term of Webhosting ..which is not much …

  34. aditya says

    Congratulations harsh. I was wondering how much a software engineer would be making after 4 years?

    If I understand correctly, there is more money in content adsense than youtube for the same effort?

    • says

      True..Adsense on content blog works better…but it require more work in term of promotion and other factor.. Where as Youtube is a ready made platform, and promotion is easy because of millions of active users….

  35. Gautam Doddamani says

    great article harsh…no i would definitely not recommend relying on adsense earnings only…like they say ‘always have a backup plan!’ lol…since you are doing blogging as a full time career, your earnings are more than awesome…best of luck bro :)

  36. Ravi says

    Hello Harsh. Thanks and Congratulations.
    But my adsense account was blocked so i moved on to yahoo ads network. Still i want to move back to adsense. Any tip to do that?

  37. Somen Chakravarty says

    Hello Mr Agarwal,
    Jsut like you since 2008,I am also a wannabe on the internet .I have a website but again it has gone into darkness. Since then my interest was demoilsed.But somehow after going through shout me loud ,I am inspired again to follow my dreams and make a new beginning. I am very much interested into the paid consultancy part.Pls get in touch with me on my mail.I will be highly obliged to you for the same. Thanks & Regards,

  38. Raj says

    Blogging is a sure shot career option that is readily available for people who have interest and knowledge of writing and sharing things with audience..

  39. says

    Adsense is the earning method for newcomers, as one of the widely available earning network
    Once they are into the race they try diff methods

  40. Zeshan Ahmed says

    Great Bro…!! It’s awesone
    And you know if you were in Pakistan, this earning would be multiplied by 2 ;) Coz rate in PK of $ is 100 rs :/.

  41. Arun rana says

    SML Earning Report is always motivates me . Thanks For sharing your adsense earning but please also post your all time money from all the sources :)

  42. Ankit Bansal says

    Hello Harsh.
    Always nice to read such data with income reports.And very well said running multiple blogs, not depending upon adsense as the main source of income is very necessary.
    I learned this when my blog got hit by first panda updates. Since then it became difficult for me to move on as i was new to blogging back then. But its wise to always have a plan B and i have learned and implemented this.
    Thanks for the article.

  43. Rahul says

    I have a confession. But hopefully you won’t stop accepting guest posts from me. :) People need to first buy a english book and practice learning “How to write quality content”. For Example in our country I encounter many freelancers dying to write for 500-600 words and they make decent income. A few days back I wrote an article called 5 Web Design companies to hire in 2013 out here.

    You guys know how much I got for posting this in Shout Me Loud. Any Guesses? 150 USD for a single post. And the company who paid me has alexa ranking below 200.

    No more clue. Only thing I can say to all of you is concentrate on quality.

    BTW Harsh thanks for that inspiring post.

  44. Amit Shaw says

    Wow 30% Decreased in 2012? Why So?
    BTW Yeah really we should not depends on one source on income, Affiliate is best of passive income.

  45. Mahendra says

    That’s a good earning amount as an professional blogger, I wounder how much more you would have earned if you had just filled you blog with adsense ads.

    • says

      Honestly, I don’t think I would have earned the same amount which I’m earning with Affiliate marketing. I’m planning to post affiliate income report of one program which I’m using, and you could compare the difference from it. :)

  46. Nitin Srivastava says

    Hi Harsh
    Thanks for sharing this info.
    Like you, even I started my blogging journey in 2008 when my joining in Accenture was delayed ;-) However I never took it that seriously because of lack of knowledge @ that time I guess. At present, I have three blogs and I do receive check several times in an year. I believe that income via Adsense is good alternative source of income however trusting it blindly as main source of income involves risks. I take it as my alternative, less reliable source of income :)