Google AdSense Mastery HandBook (2020 Version)

  • Wondering how to make money from Google AdSense?
  • Want to know how to get started?
  • Want to learn the pro tricks of AdSense optimization?

AdSense is one of the best ways to start making money from our blogs but most of the newbies don’t do enough to optimize Ads and end up losing money.

Welcome to the Google AdSense Mastery Guide by ShoutMeLoud. This is an extensive eBook that covers all aspects of Google AdSense. From beginner to pro, this eBook details everything that you need to get started making a handsome income from Google AdSense.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the tech, fashion, finance, travel or any other micro niche including event blogs, this eBook is written for everyone who has a website & wishes to earn passive income from AdSense with blogging.

With this book, you don’t need to search & read for anything related to AdSense again. AdSense mastery guide covers every aspect of AdSense. From started who wish to signup & for the pro who wish to learn pro tricks for tweaking AdSense ads & making changes to improve the earning.

V3.0: 17th April 2019

  • Updated for 2019
  • Added about Google auto ads
  • Added about AdSense new verification process
  • AdSense tools and tricks for optimization
  • Offering 40% discount for 2 weeks.

V2.0: 17th February 2017

  • Rewritten from scratch to add information from 2017.
  • A new layout which is reader friendly
  • Added new sections
  • Removed outdated information
  • V 1.0 release: 25th December 2016 (Christmas launch)

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