Top 5 Brilliant Ways to Promote Your Small Business on Social Media


Have you started a new business on a small-scale? Are you wondering how to jump-start your online marketing strategies on social media?

Though we have several options to start online marketing when it comes to social media, figuring out just how to do it can be confusing.

According to a recent survey, only 53% of small businesses actively use social media, only 45% work on SEO, and only 25% use online advertising to promote their small business.

What about the rest? They claim they don’t have the resources or the time, and most importantly, they say they lack the strategies required to get the most out of the leading social media platforms.

A few of them also think that if they start promoting their business on social media, then they have to be active on all social platforms. But the fact is that they don’t need to be part of every social media network; rather, they should analyze the platforms that best counterpart their business style.

Well, I agree!

Running a small business every day can overwhelm you to the level where you start avoiding marketing your business.

But there’s some good news.

Promoting your small business on social media is not rocket science. In fact, it is much simpler if you know a few insider, social world secrets.

5 Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

1. Frame a Credible Presence

Frame a credible presence
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Framing a credible reputation on social platforms might sound complicated, but it’s not. Do you know why it’s not complicated?

Because as a small business, you don’t need to have a huge amount of followers, and you don’t need to connect with lots of folks. You just need to connect with the right audience in your area.

And to do so, building brand awareness is the best way.

Create an online presence which perfectly portraits your business online and offline. From the logo of your website to the cover image of your social media platforms, you need to create a look that clearly matches your business persona.

If you have the budget, you should hire someone to create a professional design that matches the essence of your business. For social media, you can ask them to create professional looking visuals.

You can also try to do this yourself with the myriad of tools available (most of them are free).

2. Associate with Experienced Business Professionals

Associate with experience and minded business professionals
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Social media is a world of relationships.

Whether you’re responding to comments on Facebook or building your professional network on LinkedIn, it’s essential to take some time to connect with experienced and business-minded professionals.

Now, as a small business owner, you may be thinking:

  • How can I spend my valuable time on social media when there’s so much else that needs to be done?

Well, no worries! I have some simple advice for you:

Just create one piece of content every week, and schedule it.

How does this help you?

When you have already set up your content for an entire week, you can take out 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening to respond to queries or comments that you’ve received on social media.

This is how to connect with experienced and business-minded professionals.

3. Make Your Time and Money Count

Make your money and time count
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For small business owners, time is money.

We’ve all experienced those instances where we get on Facebook to do some work, but then we see a post or an image from our friends…. and suddenly an hour goes by. Yeah, that happens to all of us!

Of course there’s a time for liking those fun images, but when you’re working, you need to focus on your work.

In case your friends’ posts distract you, remind yourself why you’re on Facebook in the first place.

Be liable for yourself.

When it comes to money and social media, you can try your hand at Facebook Ads which is a great, budget-friendly way to promote your small business.

Just remember why you’re on Facebook in the first place, and don’t get distracted.

4. Engage with Potential Clients, Not Just Anyone

Engage with potential clients, rather than anyone on social media
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No doubt, when you’re on social media, you’ve got millions of folks to engage with. But as a small business owner, it would be better to engage with potential clients rather than just anyone.

You can achieve this by properly learning how to geo-tag on your Facebook business page (or on any other social media page).

Geo-tagging is the best way for local businesses to promote themselves. When people check-in at your business, it’s free advertising for you since all of their connections will see these check-ins.

An average Facebook user has 100 connections (many have a lot more), and most of them are local. So one check-in is basically advertising to 100 potential clients.

This also does wonders in the arena of social proof.

It always works out better when small businesses target their local market instead of targeting a wide market which may or may not be interested in their products and services.

5. Utilize The Right Tools

Utilize the benefits of the right tools
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As a beginner on social media, the right social media tools can be your greatest asset.

These tools will help your social media presence become organized and you will come across as more professional.

In addition, the right tools will save you time, effort, money, and no doubt, a lot of frustration.

Some of the best social-medi tools you can use for your small business are:

Social Media Promotion for Small Businesses

In the social media world, even a few small steps can have a huge impact on your business, online as well as offline.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to have a presence on every social media platform. Just put your business info on those social media websites which suit your business well and give you the best results from your marketing efforts.

And before I go, here’s a pro tip: Analyze how the big brands are working to keep up their reputations on social media. Copy their model. Do what they do, and you’ll soon figure out how to make social media work for your small business.

Are you promoting a small business on social media? Let me know what you’re doing and how it’s going for you. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. kajal

    HI sir
    I cherished your article and how it talked about social media and its immense significance for brands. I idea it became helpful and interesting to look that by way of having the right social media marketing approach, your brand can prevail. the most important advantage of social media is that you could reach your centered target market and you may be engaged with them and can reply them fast.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lori Bachman

    Hi Mukta,

    Great tips, In my case Linkedin is doing well but I struggle to get engagement on Twitter and Facebook, I will follow your tips from now on.

  3. Brett Mark

    in my opinion, social networking sites you should be utilising to promote your business. To ensure an effective social media campaign you must be willing to spend time on it and be ready to make any changes. It won’t work miracles unless you’re ready to make it work, but it’s certainly worth it in the end.

  4. Amandeep Singh

    All the 5 ways were very essential to successfully promote small businesses on social media. You’ve all the details with a great sequence.

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    Excellent blog Mukta! Thanks for sharing this blog. I have just opened a new FB page for my small retail sports items business. I will implement your tips for sure. I hope this will give a boost to my business. Thanks again.

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    Thanks! For the fantastic idea. I was looking more ideas to promote my business in social media. I think this blog has shown me more possible and easy ways to promote my small business. I will surely implement these ideas for my business.

  7. instadigit

    Hello Mukta,

    Interesting post. Social Media promotion is the best way to reach more audience. The basic thing to get succeed in Social Media is how you maintain relationship with your audience and interact with influencers. You have already highlighted these points in your post. All the 5 steps are really necessary to promote your small business on Social Media.

    Thank you Mukta for sharing informative post.

  8. Sathish Arumugam

    Excellent article, the 5 points mentioned in this section is needed to know for every small business managing people then only they can succeed in their business. Social media is contributing a lot of part in the firm promotion. But your article has provide me an excellent way to the right path. You have given the right content, with the help of social media we can target many audiences, but targeting the right audience who needs us is the trick. And you have clearly explained that. With the help of this article, I will analyze the time by myself and schedule the promotion to target the right audience.

  9. Azam Ali

    Hello Mukta,

    Its a great time i spent on your blog and i love to read your article on a new business on a small-scale

    those or i say all for small business owners, time is money. Yes i agree all what you wrote on your page…

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    Thanks, i will try this!! 🙂

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    Great article, All the 5 ways were very essential to successfully promote small businesses on social media .I was little bit confused about how I can promote my business on social media platform and now you have cleared my all the doubts .Social media is an easy way to boost up your business to a wide amount of audience. Thanks for sharing .

  12. Donna Merrill

    Hi Mukta,

    Social media is a great way to get your small business seen by the right people (your target prospects). But you really need to manage your system and time for doing so. You’ve just shown some really good ways to do this.


  13. vinayak

    very true,
    Using the right tactics and the right approach will give you good returns from social media.
    And with this 5 strategies, Its a boost up for promoting things on social media.

  14. Anuradha Chawla

    Hey Mukta

    I loved your article and how it talked about social media and its immense importance for brands. I thought it was helpful and interesting to see that by having the right social media marketing strategy, your brand can succeed. The biggest benefit of social media is that you can reach your targeted audience and you can be engaged with them and can respond them quickly.

  15. usoro

    Actually the social media o the media as a whole can give your online or offline business a boost if used effectively . It can also create massive exposure in a short while which is what most business needs. Good article

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    Really, the way you given the points are very useful to many, Social Media places the major role getting more traffic. Thank you.

  17. Sonali Melen

    Hello Mukta

    Social media is an easy way to boost up your business to a wide amount of audience. It’s better to adopt multiple ways to promote your business, you should choose two to three platforms. It’s all about how you’re interacting with the world for making relationships.

    Great article and thanks for sharing


    1. Mukta Dhiman

      Hello Sonali,

      You’re welcome & glad you like the article!

  18. Kwabena Okyire Appianing

    I read everything from A to Z. As a digital Marketer Practitioner myself , i believe these are good ways for promotion and you nailed it just right.

    Never though of using Trello for social media management , have been using it for project Management, i would have to get creative with it.

    Thank you Mukta

  19. SM Nuruzzaman

    Hi Mukta,

    All the 5 ways were very essential to successfully promote small businesses on social media. You’ve just mentioned them with a great sequence.

    Thanks for your contribution.


  20. Ravi Chahar

    Hey Mukta,

    Social media can boost up your business to a great extent. To promote your business, you should choose one or two platforms.

    It’s all about who you interact with the influencers. As you have mentioned, it’s the world of relationships. That’s the main thing to remember.

    Showing your presence is necessary but it doesn’t mean you should always be there, Try to analyze the time and schedule your promotion.

    An informative article indeed.

    1. Mukta Dhiman

      Hi Ravi,
      Thanks for putting some more insights.

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