How to Design a Successful Logo For Your Company Blog


A logo depicts a company’s profile. It should be individual with a very prominent personality. It has to be impressive so as to leave a prominent impact on people’s mind.

It has to send a positive message to the consumer groups about the services or products that the company is providing. Creating positive impact is the first step towards doing a good business and this paves the way for success.

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Corporate houses realize the need of creating great value logos and spend huge amount of money on them. Here are some secrets of designing a very product driven logo and use it to increase your sale.

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Right Mix of Words, Colors and Design

To design a successful company logo one must keep in mind the choice of colors, words and designs. Once all these are in place then you are the winner. A logo should clearly depict your product/service/specialization.

Everyone should be able to understand what the logo is trying to tell. An appealing logo will attract customers and your business is sure to grow.

The colors of your logo should match that of your product or a website and the design should go with your theme.

Learn from Your Competitors

Before starting on a logo you should understand your company’s products and services well. You should also take into account the type of clients or customers that your company wants to attract and try to develop your logo according to their taste.

You can, in addition,  do a little research on competitor’s logos and use it for inspiration. You can take ideas for creating great logos by differentiating good logos from the bad ones.

It would also educate you on the negative impact or what not to do to your logo design. Talk about the company’s client base with the PR, to understand more about the company’s business.


Design is the most important part of any logo. The logo should be pleasant to view and simple in design. It should not contain too many words or confused art work. It should be direct and to the point.

First do a manual sketching on the paper (if you outsource it, ask your client to do that). Draw as many sketches as you can and ask other people’s opinion on it. Have a discussion and finally come to a conclusion.

You can write down all the points that need to be included in the logo and weave your theme around it. Not once but many times observe the logo and see whether it portrays the image of the company clearly.

Try to use the color of the product in the frame of your logo design. This would help the customers in easier connection with the company’s merchandise. If not, then you can apply any attractive coloring, but see to it that it looks perfectly respectable and distinctive.

The design should be of exceptional quality but purely in theme with the company’s business fundamentals. Don’t compromise your logo’s “point” for fancy designs.


Words form the second most important part of logo creation. The words must adequately describe the company’s main priorities, its business sense and its products, but in simple and short manner. Keep the words as short as possible.

The wordings should be expressive, creative, and pretty direct in voice. For this purpose, phrases are more suitable than sentences. So, choose your words with care and make your logo speak your company’s voice.

A Logo Forever

A company’s logo should weather the test of time. Once decided this logo would serve for years as the company’s main icon. Hence, the logo should perfectly reflect the company’s products and priorities. It should also be unique so that people do not confuse it with other business houses.

A powerful, individualistic logo would help you make great impact on your future client base. So, create a brilliant looking logo and have a start of wonderful business.

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