Analytify Review: See Traffic Stats of Individual Posts In WordPress Post Editor Section

Analytify Review
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Your blog traffic statistics is one of the most important things to grow your blog, and when it comes to free analytic program, Google analytics is the best out there. For WordPress blog, I use Google analytics and WordPress stats program.

Analytify is one useful WordPress plugin for Google analytics users to check Google analytics stats right from the WordPress dashboard.

The reason Analytify deserves to be featured here is that it also lets you check individual posts/pages stats from the post editor section. This is one particular feature that amused me the most and very handy for you.

Earlier I talked about one Google Analytics JS bookmarklet which let you check stats of individual posts of your blog, and with this, you can identify the posts which are not getting enough traffic from search engine.

Basically, I often used to use GA JS bookmarklet to identify the low-quality posts and now with Analytify WordPress plugin, this task has become much easier. Here I’m sharing my review of Analytify plugin and let you decide if this $39 plugin is worth your money or not.

Analytify Review: Google Analytics inside WordPress dashboard

Analytify adds Google analytics stats at three different places in your WordPress dashboard.

  • Standalone Google analytics dashboard inside WordPress
  • Stats in single post or page editor
  • Stats in front panel

Now let me show you how to configure Analytify for your blog, and how to use it. You can purchase Analytify  for $39 from here, and this includes life-time free updates. You can pick the plan which suits your needs.

Once you have downloaded the plugin, upload and installed it on your blog.

Update: Analytify free version is now available for download from official WordPress repo here.

After activating the plugin, you need to give access to your Google Analytics account by going to Analytify > Settings. Click on click here to authenticate and get the authentication code:

Google analytics authentication
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Now go to profile tab and select the Google Analytics profile for your domain.

Google analytics profile
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Now you need to configure the stats view for the front end and back-end. Depending on your usage, you can also configure the stats to be shown to visitors (Which I don’t recommend).

Here you don’t need to make any changes and straight away start using Analytify.

Go to Analytify > Dashboard to see your real-time Google analytics stats. You will be able to see all crucial stats from Google analytics account on your WordPress dashboard. Below is a screenshot of just one part of the complete dashboard:

Google analytics stats in WordPress
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You can go to edit post section of any of your published post to see the Google Analytics stats of that particular post. You can change dates to see stats for any specific time-period.

Google analytics stats
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I have not included the complete image of Google analytics dashboard inside WordPress here, but you can go to this page and see the complete image of how Google analytics stats will be displayed inside your WordPress dashboard.

The good thing about Analytify is it doesn’t slow down your WordPress blog.

If you are using Google analytics and have a WordPress blog, Analytify is a wonderful solution for you.

You can occasionally check your old post stats, and if they are not getting enough organic traffic, you can further optimize it for the particular keyword and make it more targeted.

I would suggest you read following three articles to make most out of your old posts:

To end with, I would like to know how often do you check the traffic stats on your blog?

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9 thoughts on “Analytify Review: See Traffic Stats of Individual Posts In WordPress Post Editor Section”

  1. Anthony

    Hi Harsh. I wanted to know if this plugin store analytics data in the database or just get the data from google server and displaying it?

  2. TechEngage

    Great article Harsh, is there any free alternative to Google analytics plugin to see directly from wordpress dashboard? If there is then kindly do let me know. I would be very grateful to you 🙂

  3. Leo Koo

    Hey Harsh!

    Great job with the article. Just bought the license, but it’s no longer lifetime (or perhaps never was), but on a yearly renewal basis now 🙂

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Yah the developer first launched this on code canyon and after this plugin become so successful, he launched it as stand alone product. I will update the article with new changes. Thanks for letting me know. Good news here is, you will be getting more feature than what all I have listed here.

  4. Siraj Mahmood

    Still am using Yoast analytics for wordpress but this article reflect easy and fast plugin. Hopefully I will try it at once 🙂

  5. Swapnadip Chakraborty

    Hi Harsh,
    I must say this plug-ins is really helpful for those who belong from non technical background as it will help them to keep track on useful SEO metrics which is essential to measure success rate.

    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Victoria

    Really interesting plugin! Have never heard of it before, though I use both WordPress and Google Analytics for my sites. Will certainly try it out

  7. Prateek

    Thanks for sharing this info Harsh as Google Analytics has stopped showing keywords and this could be a great alternative..

  8. Mustafa Gaziani

    Hey Harsh,

    I’ve also connected my site with Google analytic but I didn’t hear before about Google analytic plugin.
    I have a WordPress blog so I found this plugin very helpful and I gonna try this plugin in my WordPress blog site.

    Thanks alot for sharing this plugin and step by step tutorial as well with us.

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