Google Analytics JS Bookmarklet: Check WebPage Traffic Instantly

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When Panda hit ShoutMeLoud last year, I spent almost months of time to fix all old content and improve them. Even after months, I’m left with almost 40% of content which requires editing and have scope of improvement.

Now, as I talked in my How to recover from Google panda post, the very first step is to get rid of low-quality content.  Now, you can either simply use noindex tag and put a URL removal request using Google Webmaster tool to remove it from web index or you can work and re-optimize them to get traffic in coming days.

One of the major step which I used to identify low quality content or content which was not performing well is by using my Google analytics stats. I use Google analytics to track my blog traffic stats and it’s one of the best free stats tool available in the market. If you are new to analytics, you should consider reading: What is Google Analytics and how to add analytics to WordPress blog.

So, every time I had to manually search for page/post on G.A. and see it’s traffic stats for last few months. I usually analyze the Keywords which is giving traffic and if I can re-optimize to make that content more target able for that Keyword. If you want to get in-depth of what I did, you should start with following tutorials:

So, here I’m sharing about a Google Analytic JS bookmarklet, which will help us to quickly check stats of any page of your blog. This will be very helpful even in the normal scenario to quickly see how your money pages is performing and you can take necessary steps to improve the conversion.

Google Analytics JS by Distilled:

This Javascript bookmarklet is brought to you by Distilled which is one of my favorite source for SEO tips. Using this bookmarklet is easy and all you need to do is, find your GA id for the page and enter in the box on this page, and drag the bookmarklet in your browser bookmark bar. You can read a complete how-to guide here on official page.

If you have multiple Websites, I suggest you to give a meaningful name to your bookmarklet. Now, you must be wondering what things you can do after checking your webpage traffic and Keyword for which you getting traffic. Here are few things which you can do:

Improving the content after Analyzing the Web page Traffic

To get started with it, first create GA JS bookmarklet for your site and go to any old page of your blog. Click on bookmarklet and you will be directed to that page traffic stats on Google analytics.

Analyzing page traffic
  • Save

On this page, I will do two things:

  • Change the dates for longer period
  • Click on Secondary dimension > Keywords (As shown in above screenshot)

Now, I can see the list of Keywords for which I have been getting traffic on that page. I also used SEMRUSh to check if that page was ranking for any other Keyword . Most of my old posts are not Keyword targeted and missing out many important elements of high-quality content, I will start making changes in the article based on Keyword which I have found from GA and SEMRUSH.

SEMRUSh shows the complete potential of the Keyword but you might like to open Google Adword Keyword tool in separate tab, as it will be handy. If you are working hard and want to make sure your low quality pages rank higher after re-crawling, I suggest you to use Traffic travis and check for Keyword competition before targeting any Keyword. You can take advantage of EasyWPSEO plugin to better Keyword optimization.

Additionally, I also added the Keyword to Free Keyword monitor tool to keep a track of ranking and see how and what made my traffic improved. It’s a slow process but it’s worth each and every second of your time, as instead of working on new content, you improving your old content. And, if you are aware of Panda penalty, it’s mostly because of thin content of your blog. So, even few low quality content may lead to complete domain penalty.

Once, I’m done with editing and improving the old content, either I change the dates to recent one to increase visibility or simply use Social bookmarking and social media share to increase the traffic on that page. Along with it, I always try to add more internal links which are relevant, as it will help in lowering down bounce rate of overall site.

Well, this is one way I used this handy bookmarklet, but as a web analytic, you can use it for various purposes like to check the conversion and overall performance of page, and make changes based on stats.

I hope you find this javascript bookmarklet handy and don’t forget to subscribe to our Email newsletter for more SEO updates.

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  1. Harsh, Thanks for this tip!

    I was thinking how to get the traffic details of old posts. I also got tons of other useful js bookmarks there.

    Thanks again. 🙂

  2. Thank you Harsh. This javascript bookmarklet is very helpful. I am using this and found some more analytics stats about my website.

  3. Hi Harsh,

    Precisely the Secondary dimension keyword in Analytics. I hope your blog is doing better, recovered and climbing the ladders of various search engines.

    You are a smart man !


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