5 Freelancing Tips for Better Client Relationship


Freelancing is Solepreneurship, and it needs to be done with professionalism to make a name out of yourself.

There are many tools which helps in your Freelancing business like Activ collab, Toogl and many more.  I’m a full-time blogger, and I do offer certain services along with it.

I have been offering few services like Blog consultancy from long,  and I have learned many tricks that helped me in getting returning clients. In this guide, I will share few of those tricks which I learned by freelancing.

Client Relationship
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Client relationship is an important part of freelancing, and that’s why most of small scale company has relationship manager, project manager and so on. The idea is always to keep the client in loop and keep him updated about the project updates.

Client relationship tips for every Freelancer

Less but detailed Email:

Imagine you interacting with your friend and he is sending you separate Email for everything. How annoying would that be for you? When you start working on a project, and you need to update your client about the project and need his input, it’s always better to drop him everything in a single mail. Make sure you properly format the Email so that it should be scannable. This will also give an impression that you are taking this project seriously and moreover this will build credibility.

Delayed project status:

Last week in India, we were celebrating Diwali, which is one of the biggest festivals here. At the same time I was dealing with 5 projects. Since I knew I won’t be able to work for next 4-5 days, I dropped an Email to the client stating the same. I also explained them a little about Diwali (Festival) and also mentioned when we can resume the project. It’s always a good idea to let your client know if you are not going to be available.

Voice call/Video Call:

Depending upon the kind of client you are dealing with, video or voice chat could make things easier. You can connect with your client on Skype. Ensure that your client is reasonable enough, else you might get bombarded with messages from him all the time.

Understand your client:

Every human being is not the same, and this is very true in Freelancing World. I deal with people who are highly professional, and the only thing they want to talk about is work and there are few clients who prefer talking in the more friendly way and would like to know what’s going around. You need to understand every individual and give them the treatment they deserve. This way you can make your one-time client a returning client.

Take the pain of educating your client:

There are chances that your clients might not be so up to date with the latest trends, and they might ask for something which is outdated. You should consider explaining to the client why they should not consider selecting the particular product and instead should consider another latest one.  This might not be an easy task, but if you accomplish it properly, you will buy an extra coffee and trust. Apart from freelancer, the client would appreciate your knowledge and will also look for your inputs. If you find it time-consuming, you can always maintain that such interaction would be chargeable, according to your blog consultancy charges.

While dealing with the client, try to keep yourself in their shoes and you will understand their need in better ways. One satisfied client can get you lot of referral clients.

I have learned above tips from my experience of freelancing, and I would appreciate if you share any Client relationship tips that you have learned from your experience. If you always acted as client, I would love to know what do you expect out of your service provider.

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9 thoughts on “5 Freelancing Tips for Better Client Relationship”

  1. Solomon

    Great content and all narrated well.Am a newbie very passionate in blogging but still undecided on where to set my blog.Always filled with mixed ideas of where to start from, so i urge and yearn for your helGreat content and all narrated well.Am a newbie very passionate in blogging but still undecided on where to set my blog.Always filled with mixed ideas of where to start from, so i urge and yearn for your help.

  2. Abhishek

    Harsh!!! this is why you’ve made it successfully. This certainly reflects your dedication towards work and the amount of efforts you put in. I’m really very thankful to you for this tips. This is about truely being professional n dedicated. I am a Beginner I’ve just put my step into this field for now but wish to go a long way ahead. Your tips are always going to help anyways. I follow you and the work you do. It would be great to learn things from you professionally.

  3. seenu

    Its very tough competition in freelancing.
    so, better to always satisfy you clients.

  4. Wasim ismail

    Some decent tips, while freelancing, look into investing in online tools which will make your tasks easier, such as Accounts program, time and reporting application, and even project management tools. The more efficient you are the more the customer will be happy.

  5. Pritam Nagrale

    Awesome Tips Harsh. You need to take a lot of care while dealing with clients outside India and these tips are very important to follow.
    I have tried installing Google Voice but some problem is coming.

  6. Vivek Parmar

    freelancing is the best way to get more money and it is only successful who work with commitment and consistency like you. about clients its hard to make them satisfy, sometimes issues occurred with time duration, sometimes money problem, etc..
    hope these tips will offer me something

  7. Namit Gupta

    Nice tips Harsh 🙂 I would like to mention here a very famous 20-80 rule “20% of your clients will bring the remaining 80%” so always keep that 20% clients satisfied. Its something like that, I am not getting the exact words. But this is also a very useful tips.

  8. Jojo Mathews @Around Social

    Great tips, Harsh. Number of freelancers are really growing, on freelancer.com India is at no 2 with 19% of total users, your tips will be great help for new comers….

  9. Raja

    Thanks Harsh for sharing that……. i think that will be helpful for me……….in future most probably i will work with freelance then these tips will be my guidelines……..

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