CouponPress WordPress Theme : Create Coupon Based Websites

It’s always good to have a dedicated niche WordPress theme for any blog. In earlier days, we used to have PHP script for creating a website for a specific purpose. In this case: coupon websites PHP script. Though they have their limitations and drawback. If you are using WordPress to create niche Website, the first advantage you will be getting is SEO friendly and later on scalability.

Here I’m talking about another niche WordPress Premium theme known as CouponPress, which will help you to create a discount coupon websites and make huge money via an affiliate program.

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CouponPress WordPress Theme
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CouponPress WordPress Theme review:

Best way to review any premium stuff is by buying and trying it. That’s how we work here at ShoutMeLoud Lab. We always buy stuff, try it and then come up with a detailed review. We bought Coupon Press WordPress theme couple of days back and created a premium discount coupon Website based on this theme.  We will get into setup part and other details into next post, but for this time let me share some features of Coupon Press WordPress theme which might tempt you to grab this theme instantly.

Coupon Manager
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Features of Coupon Press WordPress Theme:

Now, when we talk about a coupon WordPress theme, I expect more on the backend, which will help me manage coupons and promotions.  This theme comes with advanced admin dashboard which will let you manage all coupons and offers effectively. As you can see in the above screenshot of their dashboard:

You can check out admin demo here with login and password as “admindemo”  without quotes.

  • Multiple design option.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Coupon Import and users can also submit coupon.
  • Coupon management
  • You can set what happened to an expired coupon. (Delete or gone forever)
  • Widget supported
  • Auto Thumbnail & custom image
  • Amazon and EBay import tool
  • Coupon Import tool
  • Advanced Google analytic tracking
  • Featured Store
  • Auto removal Expired Coupons
  • Theme control panel
  • Social bookmarking integrated
  • Related Coupons
  • Aweber integration

Pricing and details:

CouponPress discount coupon
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CouponPress WordPress theme cost $79, and it’s one-time payment. You are free to install CouponPress theme on multiple websites, and also you will be getting lifetime support and upgrade along with it. You can make payment via any credit card, wire transfer or PayPal.

CouponPress discount coupon:

Use exclusive discount coupon to get max possible $29 discount.

Coupon Code: ShoutMeLoud 

How to Install CouponPress WordPress Theme:

If you have purchased the theme, now follow this section to learn how you can install and configure CouponPress theme. You need to have a hosting and domain with you, which you can buy from Bluehost for only $6.95 with one free domain name. Install the WordPress theme on your domain (Tutorial for installing WordPress theme) and activate the theme.  To start using this theme you need to enter your CouponPress license key and eMail address. While activating, you can also use CouponPress Sample data which will be handy to configure the theme correct way. If you are using sample data, make sure you  stop bots access to your domain from settings > Reading.

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After that this video setup guide will make your task easier. You just need to watch it once to understand what different admin panel options CouponPress offers.

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The first thing you would like to do after watching the video is to go to the overview tab of CouponPress theme. Here you can see the stuff which are missing, and you need to work upon. For example here is the screenshot of the coupon site which I’m setting up:

Discount Coupon WordPress theme
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Final opinion:

CouponPress is fully featured WordPress theme to create a coupon site, and it’s for people who are serious about it. This theme setup part is easy, but it requires you to spend 2-3 hours for complete setup. At the cost price of $59 ( After discount), CouponPress theme is a steal. Since with a little bit of SEO optimization and online promotion and couple of posts in a month, you can make some good money via affiliate marketing and referral program.  Though this WordPress theme is not for everyone. If you know basic steps of Affiliate marketing, you should go ahead and buy this theme and set up your discount coupons WordPress site.

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Do let us know your review of Coupon Press WordPress theme and do you think one can make huge money with the help of coupon based Websites?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

22 thoughts on “CouponPress WordPress Theme : Create Coupon Based Websites”

  1. Vijay

    Dear Harsh, It is good though but with few bugs not fixed for long time. There any many features not needed but overall with your own customizations, it helps to build a coupon and deals website.

  2. Sagar Wadhwa

    Are you sure the theme has wbay and amazon import tool also?
    Because they dont mention on their site

  3. Yassine


    I am always amazed about Copoun sites and i have created two months ago a nice website that is always under construction.
    The website not live because I have an issue about which affliate program should i go with , that supports Coupons sites ?

  4. Nikhil Nafde

    Hello Harsh,

    I would like to buy this theme, but there is a confusion in my mind that which theme is to be buy? Clipper Theme or Couponpress Theme. I can’t decide. Will you please guide me? Do you facing any problem with Couponpress Theme? Will you please give me the URL of your Coupon Site? So I can see how the theme looks?

  5. kaban

    i installed couponpress folder into wp-content/plugins, but it does not show in my admin panel.

    can you help me?

  6. Raj Malhotra

    that’s really cool Harsh Sir and Also One can Accelerate his/her Business too from this coupon provide theme. 🙂

  7. Shaifur

    I had a wish about making a niche blog about coupons, hope this theme will surely help me 🙂

  8. pradeep parashar

    i was searching for a good coupon website theme and found your review,it’s great!
    will buy this for sure.

  9. Neal

    Actually, Eliar is being generous. The PremiumPress support forum is a joke. Mark Fail allows a bunch of freelance sharks to patrol the forum with cryptic answers to problems…of which there are many. Usually all you see from him is his smiley. If I could go back in time, i would have never bought their theme…buggy, bloated and a constant hassle. Some day, I hope to migrate away forever but it’s going to be a job.

  10. Eliar

    This is about PREMIUMPRESS.COM which offers a whole bunch of wordpress sites press, coupon press, etc, etc. We used their themes for the past 2 years, it appears to be very unstable. Although the design of the theme is nice but it’s not good if you can use the site. Plus their support sucks. will support you a few times, after that, they sort of screw you up making the issue difficult to work with. In addition, each time they update their theme, it has countless bugs. Please be very cautious if you are using themes for your clients. If using it for your own project to test out it’s ok but definitely not for your clients as you will be hanging.

    Over the years, we have used many many wordpress themes, but by mark fail is truly a failed project and only immature used it. Checkout their website and you will find a bunch of immature guys using premiumpress themes. Go figure why? My conclusion: Do not use themes for any of your project.

  11. Rakesh Kaki

    Good theme. Endless possibilities with WP. Thanks for the info and discount Harsh.

  12. Hung@DevCoupons

    I install this theme.

  13. Vuong

    I have seen this kind of site everywhere Harsh! My friend, Tinh, has few sites and after he drives some traffic, he sells them on Flippa for $1K. :-). I think, it is a good choice for bloggers who have many targeted traffic. Sale will soon come because all of buyers love discounts.

  14. Nihar

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Never heard this theme name: CouponPress.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks Nihar for comment and it’s an interesting theme. This company has been releasing some nice niche themes. I would be reviewing more such stuff in future.

  15. PR@ AlmostLikeEverything!

    Great Theme For Bloggers who want to Get into This Niche!

  16. Atul@TechOfWeb

    u always buy a theme and then review it.

    Means u know that u will definitely earn from that..great man..


  17. Vijayraj Reddy

    cool themes and great discount…

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment Vijay.

  18. Sheila Atwood

    I am always amazed at what can be done on WordPress and this is no exception.

    It would take some investigation into how money is made on coupon sites to tell if you could make some decent money. The sites look great and that would be a real plus.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Sheila with affiliates one can make huge money using such coupon websites. More over one can always create microniche discount site like fashion accessories discount coupon, watch discount and so on to create a highly effective site for discount coupons. And with little SEO, one can super boost the traffic which may convert into sales for you..

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