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    Tweepi: A Cool Twitter tool to manage your Followers

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    Managing Twitter contacts is a huge challenge. Even twitter doesn’t offer a way to manage your followers in a breeze, Tweepi an online Twitter Management tool from Thoughtpick, makes managing Twitter contacts easy by displaying all of them in a spreadsheet. Tweepi comes with some tools which will allow you to clean up your Twitter account from spammers and deadbeat users, as well as make sure you follow tweeps who deserve to be followed.

    Tweepi logo Tweepi: A Cool Twitter tool to manage your Followers

    The following are the Four cool twitter tools that comes with the Tweepi.

    Features of Tweepi:

    Geeky Follow

    People use Twitter for variety of reason ranging from business, to cooking, dancing, technology and so on. So its difficult to find followers matching your interest among millions of Twitter users.

    Geeky Follow is a tool that comes with Tweepi which helps you to follow twitter users matching your interests. In simple words Geeky Follow is a simple utility for quickly following quality tweeples based on their activity patterns.

    Geeky Flush

    Geeky Flush tool simply shows you everyone that is not following you back on Twitter, and you can unfollow all of them in two clicks.

    Geeky Reciprocate

    It takes a very long time to find all the Twitter users who are following you and then following each one back individually! Geeky Reciprocate is a simple tool which enables you to bulk-follow everyone that follows you on Twitter.

    Geeky Cleanup

    Geeky Cleanup is a really cool and Geeky feature from Tweepi. The tool allows you to find all those twitter users who do not retweet often or aren’t sharing interesting links, etc and unfollow them with a click of a button.

    Tweepi is the first and only Twitter Follow Management which provides a geekier and faster way to manage Twitter. In other words Tweepi is a simple collection of Twitter tools which are designed to make a certain aspect of your Twitter experience and interactions simpler and more enjoyable!

    Do let us know if you have ever used Tweepi? Which twitter tool do you use to manage your Twitter profile?

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    Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Looks like a great tool. In fact this tool seems more useful than other following tools.

    Currently I manually handle Twitter, so that I follow only people I like.




    Yes Nabeel, this is the best tool out there for twitter follow management.



    this will be agreat tool specially I like the feature that allows to find the users who are not retweeting often :)



    Geeky Cleanup is a great tool for anyone who wants to get rid of idle people in twitter.



    I never tried these type of tools to manage my twitter contacts,let me try .Thanks for this share….


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