Proven Tips to Increase Adsense Revenue

Using AdSense & want to increase your revenue? Here I’m sharing those tips which will help you to increase your revenue.

Increase Adsense Earning

AdSense is one of the top advertisement programs for bloggers.

I have already written extensively about some good reasons for using Adsense and, for newer bloggers, I have offered our complete guide to creating an Adsense account.

Now it’s time to move forward and learn some of the basic and advanced tips to increase AdSense revenue.

One factor to which you must give some serious consideration involves the placement of your ads. Be careful to make sure you don’t violate Adsense policies by placing your ads in such a way that forces users to click on them.  Additionally, be sure to never ask someone to click your ads.

With those important considerations out of the way, Adsense’s new interface has some easy-to-use features which will surely help you to boost your revenue.

DIY tips for increasing AdSense revenue:

It is commonly said that traffic is directly proportional to money in blogging, but this is not really accurate in terms of Adsense advertising. The reason for this is that there are many factors which affect your Adsense income. These include ad placement, ad type, traffic source and most important, Adsense CPC.

If you are doing keyword research, keep an eye on the CPC column. The higher the CPC, the better it is for you as an Adsense publisher. If you target high CPC, then the number of words, keywords and clicks on your ads will usually be higher.

You can also use a tool like SEMRUSH to find profitable keywords.

One thing I don’t like about Adsense is that this type of Internet based advertising is performing the least effectively of those in my performance channel.

With all of that said, let’s move on to the goal of this post which is to give you an understanding of some of the simple and advanced ways to increase Google Adsense income.


This is one of the most common factors involved in getting low vs. high CTR.

You should try putting Adsense ads around the content and above the fold. (Above-the-fold ads perform far better than below-the-fold ads!)

You can blend the ads with your site design.

Something that bloggers often ignore are link-based ads. Link-based ads are different from banner ads, and they don’t decrease the CTR of main ads if optimized properly. I usually prefer to keep these types of ads on the header navbar.

When you are designing a website for Adsense income, you should keep the Adsense heatmap in your mind. This way you can easily create Adsense-optimized themes and designs for your new site.

Here are some of the Adsense sizes which work best:

  • 336 * 280 : Large Rectangle
  • 300*250 :
  • 728*90
  • 160*600

As you can see, in the Adsense world size matters.

Organic Traffic /U.S :

Adsense ads perform best when your traffic is from search engines.Also, interest-based ads might not perform as well if you are getting more direct traffic. Many people complain about low CPC and low Adsense income despite leaving millions of impressions per month. This is mostly due to CPC and traffic sources. Start targeting traffic from countries like the U.S.A and the U.K, and you will end up getting high CPC.

Learning more about on-page SEO optimization techniques should be very helpful to you. Also check out:

Adsense for Search: Add extra revenue source

Adsense offers many ways to monetize your site, and you should try to take advantage of all ad types. Adsense for Search not only helps you monetize, but it also helps with user navigation. I have previously shared a guide on setting up Adsense for Search.

Adsense section targeting: Make ads more relevant

Adsense is a contextual ad network that works based on the content of your page, and this includes your header and footer.  So ads shown via Adsense must be highly relevant to the context of your article.

Adsense section targeting is a quick technique to add two lines of code before and after the content, thus targeting your ad to the content. Here is an official guide for implementing Adsense Section Targeting.

Also read: 50 Ways to boost Google Adsense revenue

Image or Text Ads: 

One of the myths of AdSense is that image ads work better. By blocking an ad type or ad category, you decrease the competition on your ad, and this also decreases the CPM of your ads. I prefer to use both ad types.

Ads between posts:

If you want to increase Adsense revenue, you can easily configure Adsense ads to match with your page background and colors, and add 468*60 image ads or text link ads in between posts.  You can also add 7-10 pictures, keeping in mind that you want to offer a good user experience to your readers. Make sure to add enough space between ads & content, so that it doesn’t violate AdSense policies.

Placement targeting:

Adsense placement targeting

This is one idea which many bloggers are not implementing. When you create a channel, you have the option to add more details about your ad types, and then put your ad up for auction in the market by opting for placement targeting. This increases the competition, and the ad value on your site goes up. You must enable this manually for every custom channel. To enable placement targeting on your existing custom channel, log in to your Adsense account > My ads > Custom > Custom Channels. Next, click on one of the names and a screen will pop up. Simply add the details and put a checkmark at placement targeting.

Adsense Blacklist URL’s :

Adsesne Blacklist

There are many advertiserss which pay very little per click. There used to be a site showing the Adsense ad “black list”, but if you have compiled a list of your own or you know of any site with very poor performance, you can block that advertiser’s URL. I have done it myself, and it improved my revenue by 10% in one week’s time. You can also block your competitor’s ads from displaying on your site.

Adsense Category blocking: 

Adsense Category Blocking

In the new Adsense interface, the category blocking feature has become much easier to use. You can quickly see which categories of ads are performing poorly, and you can block those categories. I usually block the categories which have a good percentage of impression but a very low earnings percentage. This can also be configured via your “allow” and “block” ads page.

Adsense for Youtube:

If you are a video publisher or if you upload videos to YouTube, you can monetize your copyrighted video using the YouTube publisher program. I have been using it for a long time, and it performs really well. Performance, of course, depends on the amount of traffic your YouTube videos get, but currently Adsense for YouTube is making almost $40-45/month. Here is a guide to get started:


If your only source of income is Google Adsense revenue, then perhaps these tips will be helpful to you. It is important to test various things and see what works the best for you. For example, you can play with link colors and see which link color combination is generating maximum CTR, etc.

Feel free to share a tip which has worked well for you and has helped you to increase your Adsense revenue.

If you are not approved for Google AdSense, you can have look for other posts published here at ShoutMeLoud regarding alternative monetization programs.

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  1. probir hazra says

    in the last month (sept.2015) my estimated earning was $1025. but 2nd day of this month my payable income is showing only $.017 due to my invalid traffic. i am very upset now. what can i do? please give me some tips how to increase traffic and i get money.

  2. says

    Links ads perform really well and have high CTR. What if I use only one Ad on my blog, i.e near header section. Will it give high CPC due to more competition ?

  3. Kavita N says

    Nice tips.Very helpful for adsense runners.

    I am facing problem in linking adsense and analiyics.Thouth they are linked and I can see statistics in analytics, it shows “Integrate with Analytics” in adsense account dashboard.I tried finding solution, someone says, analytics new version is not compatible with adsese.Swich to old version.How to do thar? Is it right solution?

  4. says

    If anyone get ban by Google AdSense, which alternative monetization programs is better for them that they can replace with google Adsense? Any Suggestion?

  5. says

    This article is very helpful. Thanks for these tips. As you suggested i have placed ads inside the articles body. After that my adsense earning has increased. Although i am facing problem the ad inside the article as it’s changing it’s position everytime, but i am happy that my earning increased.

  6. says

    I got nearly 150 page views but still my earning shows as $0. Not sure if the visitors of my site are using any ad blocking plugins so they are not viewing my ads.

    What do you think about my zero earning?

  7. says

    recently i got a notification that i achieved 1000 lifete achievement , can you tell me what does it mean? and how does this matter to my adsense revenue/

    • Palla Sridhar says

      Hello Hitesh,
      Can you share you Adsense and Analytics statistics. How are you earning $800 per month. What ad categories are you blocking and also let me know the optimization tips.

    • says

      Hello Hitesh,

      Same Question

      Can you share you Adsense and Analytics statistics. How are you earning $800 per month. What ad categories are you blocking and also let me know the optimization tips.

  8. says

    Over the period of time, I have observed reduced ctr despite the fact traffic has increased. That’s may be because people have started using adblocking addons!!

  9. says

    Hey harsh,

    I have read this post several times, even when I didn’t have approval for adsense. Now finally Adsense got approved. So, read it again. I hope I can follow all of your tips properly and make the most out of it.

    Thank you!

  10. James says

    Am new to Google AdSense and I have been reading virtually everything that will help me maximise my earnings. Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Rakib says


    I want to know, Should i block the categories that are not related to my blog? I mean, if my blog niche is tech, should I only keep the tech related ads on my site or others too?


  12. Jacob Koshy says

    I have just got approved by adsense and having not much traffic on my new blog, these tips will be of great help to me. Thanks for the awesome post!

  13. Priyank Vijay says

    Nice Article Harsh. I changed my ad location and style at and happy with the result. But 1 thing is bothering me. All my Google ads are opening in same window and i read somewhere in net that one must not modify the JavaScript or programming provided by Google. Is there any other way of doing it?

  14. arab need says

    Yes, everyone says tips on where you put ads and ads must be proportionate to the design of your site and integrate advertising content with precious advices to Bladafah
    But without the content and visited many of no use for this Nasih

  15. Puja says

    I am having 5 blogs in which one blog is a hit and get more than 2,00,000 hits per month, while ohters barely manage to get 2000 – 3000 hits per month. I am running adsense on all these blogs. would it be beneficial? or should i put ads only on the highest hits blog?

    • says

      Puja, I think you should have Adsense on all of your blogs. You never now what click you can get on well paid ads. I had clicks on low traffic sites paid up to $0.40 and the usual pay for me on other sites was $0.03

  16. says

    I’m really using some of your tips. One more from Alink Webmaster
    Use the maximum allowed number of banners and text ads:
    3 banners (biggest possible and different sizes maybe)
    3 text ads (near some relevant text paragraph)

  17. says

    Less ads means better CPC . If you have ads that don`t perform remove them as they are pulling down the revenue produced by the other ads. On the plus side, the more ads you have on your blog, the cheaper your blog looks like and this will reduce your traffic in the long term. I only use one or 2 ad spaces, I never use the 3 spaces that goggle allows me to.

  18. Trung Nguyen says

    Great tips, dude, I’m going to create a website to earn money online with Google Adsense and thanks to your post now I ready know how i can increase my revenue :)

  19. Paulo Ramos says


    Nice article. You were able to answer all my questions about Adsense in just one page. Amazing.
    Your Adsense Blacklist seems really nice. ;)

    Keep up the good work

    /Paulo Ramos

  20. Zenil Shroff says

    Excellent tips Harsh, i also believe that placing diff. sized units on site also makes significant difference. In past had used three 300×250 ad units on my page it well worked till 2011, but since 2012 the CPC was very poor, so i changed to diff. units 300×250 in top right, 160*600 in sidebar and 336*280 in post bottom.

    Now these changes are working very well for me, and CTR and CPC both have improved.

  21. Rahul Mehta says

    Harsh please explain more about this part “Adsense Blacklist URL’s :” when i checked Adsense Blacklist URL’ in my adsense account i dint found any list !

  22. Anubhab says

    Yes the ideas suggested by Realtrix would help a site to stay out of Smart Pricing. Once it goes in that range it could be a real headache for the admin.

  23. Amol Mhetre says

    Great Idea and thanks for informative post. @realtrix you’re right. showing less ads can helps to increase your CPC.

    @Harsh How would I get Adsense Blacklist urls which pays less for per click? waiting for your reply. If possible please visit my blog and give me some guidance.

  24. Jim says

    I’ve found that Adsense can be pretty easy to set up and use. You just have to have good content and a lot of traffic for it to work!


  25. alexnjoy says

    Best place for adsense is top left corner of your post. Better to use big square. You can put second banner after the post. It can be big square or long banner.

  26. Asfand Mudassir says

    hi sir,

    what is the best way to earn more money through adsense, according to your idea. thanks sir
    Regards. i m waiting for your reply ,[email protected]

    • says

      Hey Asfand
      If you have a adsense approved account, place the advertisement intelligently. More over concentrate on Traffic building.
      More Traffic = More genuine clicks = More revenue.

  27. Michael Aulia says

    Like you said, test test and test although most of the time, the top placement seems to do well. I want to try changing it to the bottom :)

    But the best tip to get more clicks is to get more traffic from search engines.

  28. Rahul says

    i agree with real trix…less ad more costly bidder but the CTR reduce…
    but who knows .25$ ad replaced 1$ ad.. than this will be more profitable.

  29. Realtrix says

    Nice Idea…. Another thing that I feel is that,

    * Showing Less Ads Help in boosting the Cost per Click
    * Using Well formed keywords can make Show up of Costly Ads which generate more revenue.
    * The less ads you show on your Page… the more costly ads are shown ie. the ad-space goes to the highest Bidder.