How to use Blue Dart Tracking for Adsense Payment?

Recently Adsense team has shifted the Payment system for Adsense check and started using Blue dart Courier service to send Payments. Here I’m writing a guide for beginners to use Blue dart tracking system to keep an eye of your mail/courier status.

Google adsense check was released on 28th of the last month and according to Google we will see a Bluedart tracking number which can be used to check the status of our payment. The best thing which happened here is now we can receive Google adsense check for free with bluedart. As mentioned in many forum, Google adsense check will be released from their India office (Hyderabad).

Using Blue Dart Tracking ref no to Track Mail Status:

Though, I have written this guide by keeping Adsense payment in my mind, but if you are using Bluedart for any kind of mailing service, this guide will help you to use Blue dart tracking system. Before we move ahead, you should know you can track any courier using ref no. or Way bill number.

Blue Dart Tracking

This is the main Bluedart tracking page and here you will find more details about how to track your courier. Maximum allowed date for tracking is 45 days and even if you have not received your courier by then, you can always use Bluedart customer service number to call them and check with the status of your package.

Getting Tracking number from Adsense page:

Alright, so for adsense users, you need to login to your Adsense account and once logged in, click on Payment page and click on detail of last issued Adsense payment.

Adsense Payment

You need not note down the Payment number part and remove 0 infront of it. For example, if your Payment number is 078695414, enter 78695414 (without 0) in Blue dart ref code on tracking page and you will see a result like this:

Tracking Adsense Payment Bluedart

You can easily see the status of shipment and if it’s saying status is delivered and you have not received the shipment, it’s time for your to get in touch with them or ask adsense to reissue your check.

I really wish and hope if Adsense team will implement direct payment option for Indian publishers. Anyhow, before it will happen (which may take some time), I hope this article helped you to understand about how to use tracking system of Bluedart.

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. Inder Singh says

    I can see payment number in my payment details but when I search that on bludart they says that no matching results found now what I think of this thing.

    • Ashwin singh says

      Hello inder this is because you are trying to early. When check reaches to hyderabad then the tracking service of buledart starts this is the reason when we check before it reaches to hyderabad it shows error.

  2. Amit kumar says

    sir i reached 150$ only in 1 month but i didn’t have my code yet what to do now and its show money only by my blog spots its doesn’t show my earning by adsense plz help…….

  3. Sam says

    Sometime it doesn’t show payment status for the people from India. Just chill, the cheque should reach you in next few days.

  4. Aliakbar Fakhri says

    Please Help Me,
    on 22nd December , my adsense showed that payment is issued and i have also got payment Number

    But payment number was directly Written with 0 and then 8 Digits.. There was no “”bluedarrt “”Written anywhere in my Adsense, I have tried to Track using my payment number on bludart Website, But it says no REF/WAYBILL Number Found
    I am worried?
    As per your Screenshot it was written Bluedart There
    and i also Live in Big town where bluedart Service is available.
    Now what should I DO?
    in my Adsene payment Settings it Says Slandered Check Delivery
    Will I receive my Check Properly??

    Awaiting for your Reply..

  5. Punya says

    Payment issued – 23 nov 2012
    Payment Type – Check
    Payment Date Nov 27, 2012
    Payment Number 07059****

    No waybill number till yet or tracking number..Bluedart not working with payment number even removed 0

    This is my first check so wanted to know..

    When will I get waybill number?

    Can I get before 5 th december?

    I contaced bluedart they said after waybill number u get and the next day you will have ur check..

    But I want it very fast..

    When does Ref no. starts working??


  6. piyush says

    sir my payment date is 25 july but i cant see my tracking code till now …
    what to do??? pls help me

  7. Ajay says

    Hello Harsh, can you please tell me how the checks are delivered to areas where bluedart secrvice is not present ? Will i get the check via simple post ?

  8. PrIyAnGsHu says

    Hey Harsh, I have a problem ! Does Bluedart send our cheques to our homes via post ? Because, they have returned my cheque to Google without even notifying me for the same !

  9. naveen says


    thanks for such a wonderful blog.

    have u recieved you check now ? today is 27th may

    i live in a town in haryana and not recieved my check.

    i contacted the blue dart office but they are not giving the registered post (speed post) reference number and saying get it from google.

    Should i wait more or reissue

    how much i should wait ?

  10. Nihar says

    I haven’t yet got the payment yet… Its a good move coz, in my building there is no post box and the post man doesn’t bother he just puts it on the wall where due to wind it may fall down. Pathetic…

    I don’t see the tracking number :(

    Harsh, as soon as you gett, can you comment here. I will know that way.

  11. Ajith Edassery says

    I am yet to receive my check though AdSense reports show that the payment was released on 24th. Are they going to deliver via bluedart this month itself?

    As Raju said, I do not mind waiting for the check ;) There’s no pressing demand for money that I need to do express delivery.

    Anyhow, I hope that bluedart move is for good. For many people the postmen just dump letters on the doorsteps which get wiped off by wind or rain.

    :lol: out postal system…!

    • says

      Lol I’m not going to blame those poor postman. Though even I’m happy with the removal of 25$ from our hard earn money. Still this delay is too much.

      • Gaurav says

        Yes those old days of $25 courier fees, Big heavy yellow envelope. Lucky us our hard earned money is saved.

  12. Abhimanyu says

    mayur, it will get appeared by 8th since the checks were dispatched on 28th and Google has said to give it 10 days

  13. Mayur Somani says

    Have you seen the tracking code yet? It hasn’t appeared on my account yet :(

  14. Abhimanyu says

    unfortunately blue dart is too slow :) but nonetheless they have stopped using general post for all over India, so good move overall though should had kept that $25 option.

    • says

      It’s actually a great move because now i don’t have to put my adsense earning on hold because I don’t have to pay 25$ for every payment.