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    How Google AdSense Pays in India

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    Google AdSense which is one of the most popular monetization technique used by Blogger, is always confusing for new users. Despite of new easy to use dashboard, and help pages, there are always questions related to sign up, account approval, account ban, optimization and many more. It’s true, AdSense is a plug and play advertising network, but once you learn everything about it, you will be making a lot, instead of pennies.

    This is a question from Adithya:

    “Can you tell me how AdSense Pays in India? Do they pay by cheque or through local bank transfer or EFT”?

    AdSense Payment in India:

    AdSense have different payment options for different countries. They support EFT transfer, Cheque facility and pay by Western union Quick cash. Specially in countries like India and Pakistan, getting an AdSense account is not as easy, as it is in countries like U.S., U.K., Australia. This is mostly due to spam, and fake AdSense accounts in India.

    In India, At the time of writing (January 2014), AdSense offers payment via Cheque, and they convert your earning into INR, and make the payment. Usually, AdSense USD to INR conversion rate is high, so you might not find this an issue. The only thing is, AdSense cheque in India takes time to reach (10-15 days), and it takes another few days for clearance.  AdSense team is increasing payment options in many countries, and I’ hoping to see EFT payment option in coming years.

    AdSense India Payment option How Google AdSense Pays in India

    Also, if you are a new AdSense user, here are few things which you should keep in mind:

    • While signing up, make sure all details are accurate. (Name, Address)
    • Your Name should be same as your bank account name. Name on your AdSense cheque will be same as your account name.
    • AdSense will send you PIN number at the address, which you used while signing up. This works as an Address verification too, prior to making a payment.
    • AdSense will soon add telephonic support for all AdSense publishers. This system is already in beta testing.
    • You can also refer to official guide to read more about AdSense payment policies.

    Below, you can read official excerpt from AdSense India payment page:

    AdSense publishers in India will receive standard delivery checks mailed via the local courier service Blue Dart for no additional charge. Checks mailed by Blue Dart should arrive within 10-30 days of the check date. Blue Dart is not able to service all areas throughout India. If you live in a location they don’t service, your check will be sent by Registered Post and should reach you within 2-3 weeks of the mailing date.

    If cheque is already issued, you can use Bluedart tracking to keep an eye on your cheque status. If you have not received your AdSense cheque in 60 days of issue, you can use this form to request for a re-issue of cheque.

    I hope this will solve your queries regarding AdSense India payments. If you still have any query, feel free to ask me via comments.

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    Sneha Shah

    Hi harsh,

    i first every landed to your blog and trust me, you are just awesome at writing. i am new at blogging.Love the way you express.

    well, its almost 10th of this month, and we are still not able to track checks for this month …any idea?

    also, is that happen that we can have adjustment of $11 on $99 of earnings?



    I have already requested two pins but no pins has reached at my address yet, what next if i tried all pin request and what is the maximum time under that the pin has to be verified.

    Kindly reply Harsh….


    Nizam Khan

    Hi Rahul !

    You can refer to my below comment for your answer :)


    Ravi kumar

    Thank you for useful information for Adsense Publisher. When I got first cheque, i forgot to set cheque in INR, Google has sent to me at US $. My cheque had taken more time to clear.

    Google ask before sending the cheque. You have to make some settings regarding payment section in Adsense account.



    Hey is it cumpulsory to have a citibank account to cash our cheques,.,.,.,.
    or any bank a/c s are eligible – please tell me



    Yes, standard cheque delivery is the only method through which Google pays to their AdSense publishers. I receive payment through Bluedart, it’s the courier service they generally use. But I hope they will soon come up with options for electronic payments such as wire transfer or even Paypal.


    Nizam Khan

    Excellent and much useful post Harsh, this will be very helpful for new Indian Adsense publishers. Well, I would like to add something regarding PIN. If a new adsense publisher didn’t get PIN to their registered address, the they don’t need to worry about it, they can request PIN 3 times and after after using all the three attempts if anyone doesn’t gets PIN, then Google will give an alternate way to verify their address by uploading a scan copy of Govt issued ID proof. However, the ID proof must have your full name and registered address on it. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)



    Thanks for the info
    I’m very new to Google AdSense and I’m going to received my first cheque of AdSense from Google, i would like to know does it make any difference if i have selected Payment Currency in US $ under Account Setting > Payment Setting, do i keep Payment Currency in US $ or into Indian Rupee. My first cheque already issued on Feb 27 2013 and the payment setting was US$, i believe in that case I will be receiving cheque in US$ and how long it will take to un cash the cheque if i Deposit in SBI Branch in New Delhi



    Vikram Bhati

    hi, I live in a small village of dist. Rohtak (Haryana). So how much time a cheque will take receive to me.


    Milan Pique

    Adsense cheque comes too late in India, even in popular areas of city. When they will release Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) option for Indian publisher?



    thanks for the info

    I’m new to google adsense I recevid my first cheque from google AdSense and it’s in USD. Should I keep payment in Currency setting in USD or change into Indian Rupee please advise. And how long it will take to un cash once I deposit this USD cheque in SBI branch in new Delhi.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Usually it takes 20-25 days for a foreign currency cheque to get credited into your account. So I suggest you to stick to INR only, for faster processing of AdSense cheques.


    Syed Qasim

    In Pakistan, We use Western Union to get Adsense Payments. It is safe too. :)



    Your articles are very useful , Thank you.
    I am now working in Saudi Arabia , here Adsense payment through Western Union . This is speed and good conversion rate. I am receiving between 24 to 26 , the last month payment. But i think EFT payment is better because for WU , need visit the branch and wait in the queue.
    I am receiving my Commission Junctions earnings to my Indian Bank account. This is very nice , no need worry about anything. Cash will come to our account directly from US.
    PayPal payments also receiving in Indian Bank account within days after the transactions.



    Great post , Harsh!
    You have really helped me to clarify my doubts about adsense, I have been searching on internet for the past few days but lastly got answer from your post..

    Thanks a lot!


    Hari krishna

    This is very impressive post to me i’m searching from so many days. I the new user to adsense, most of the time i’live out side of the town and we have one post office near my home,can i get adsense cheque to this post office or need to travel to city site for the cheque



    It is the fact that Google adsense is the best money making programme for the bloggers and in country like Pakistan it is growing frequently.Your posts are always a guideline for the new bloggers.



    hi. pls use the information act made by rbi . i mean, we can bring EFT. if we ask rbi about the restriction(right to know act ) . so if send frequent application to rbi (example : million of publisher in india. if they spend 10 rs. they will consider). they will consider about EFT. i will post this information in all related blog. so we can bring EFT. as a citizen of india. we have right to know about the information. pls post this comment or consider that you can also apply for
    pls send your application about that ” whether google is restricted by RBI. RBI restricting the google”. this is right to know act”. atleast we send some some appication. they will consider .then we see the change. because google is holding all our money for the interest. if you afraid of posting this comment here. pls use your relatives/friends to send application to rbi.

    all the best
    we can bring EFT




    i have doubt, Is adsense payment is taxable according to new rules?



    i think you don’t need to worry about BlueDart courier service in local areas.Since they will call you about your courier when they received, if you are out of their service area.Then you could go to their office and collect your checks .


    Sahil garg

    Hi harsh
    I m leaving in a area where no service of blue dart. Plzzz tell me is there any need to inform google to send the check by post ?


    Sourya Kharb

    Thanks Harsh for this details
    I am not getting my Pin Code letter
    I applied 3 times…
    My Pincode is 125111 India is it possible to get cheque here???



    Google has given a little bit indication that they are going to introduce EFT in India very soon, what’s your thought on this harsh?



    I got my PIN in 2 weeks in india
    thank you bro


    anand kjha

    how can i get the bluedart tracking number of my pin verification letter? tell me sir



    Ones your check issued you can find your check detail in your payment option there you should see a Payment Number :073527644, you can track with this number without ‘O’



    What will be the minimum money that can be received through EFT??


    Pradip Banerjee

    Extremely helpful article.

    I don”t have a credit card. Would it be difficult to get payment of earnings from my Blog
    from Blogger or WordPress. I am a newcomer.



    Hi Harsha,
    I am confuse with Tax updation by self can you plz tell me what info is required I means PAN Card Number or PF Number ect…


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