Meet The YouTube Stars Making $2000 Plus Per Day


In my previous post I told you how to get YouTube partnership, now I am introducing you the YouTube Stars earning more than $2000 per day.

  • At number 1 position lies RihannaVEVO channel her yearly income as YouTube Partner is $281,700 (Rs 2crore) per year, she used to upload her music videos.
  • 2nd position is acquired by Volkswagen Channel, daily earning of this channel is $48, so yearly income is $17280 (Rs 1.2 crores) per year.
  • 3rd position is grasped by JustinBieberVEVO channel , with a daily income of $2000 per day, so yearly income is $730000 (Rs 3.3 crores).
  • 4th position is picked up by BlackEyedPeasVEVO Channel, this channel earns almost $1800 daily.
  • 5th position is achieved by RayWilliamJohnson Channel with a daily income of around $1800.

Shakira is hanged at 8th position, Natalie Tran only individual girl with all-time most subscribers from Australia lies at 194 positions but for the year 2010 she was at 1 position for independent YouTube stars with income of over $100000 according to

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CPM for banner ads is around $5 for successful video bloggers, while for the rest of all it is around $1.5 to $3.

As an AdSense publisher, you get 68% revenue for normal text and banner ads, while for YouTube you get 55% revenue, which you can see as Adsense for hosted content in your AdSense account.

Calculate Which YouTube Partner Make How Much Money?

Now you are curious to know how much that particular YouTube partner is earning, even you will be able to see what is the average daily earning of any individual video, how many people are subscribing daily?

Use the YouTube money calculator to find all the answers.

  1. Go here
  2. In the YouTube import user field type ‘denharsh’ and click on import username to find the result:

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If you are one of those passionate people who wish to earn like these YouTubers, I recommend you to read following articles:

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Do let us know if you are planning to get into Video blogging and make huge money by making your videos viral.

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20 thoughts on “Meet The YouTube Stars Making $2000 Plus Per Day”

  1. Jayraj Patel

    Good Article, Inspired

  2. Kiran Kumar. C

    Impressive and Inspiring…Thanks for motivation

  3. nitin bhosale

    Hi, no offence, but I want to correct you.the top you tubers are as follows pewdiepie-income 12 million $
    2nd. Smosh: $8.5m (£5.5m), 21.3m subscribers, 4.8bn views
    3rd: The Fine Bros, $8.5m (£5.5m), 13.3m subscribers, 3.4bn views
    4th. Lindsey Stirling: $6m (£3.8m), 7m subscribers, 1.1bn views
    5th. Rhett & Link: $4.5m (£2.9m), 3.7m subscribers, 535m views
    6th: KSI, $4.5m (£2.9m), 10.8m subscribers, 2bn views
    7th. Michelle Phan: $3m (£1.9m), 8m subscribers, 1.1bn views
    8th: Lilly Singh: $2.5m (£1.6m), 6.8m subscribers, 901m views
    9th: Roman Atwood: $2.5m (£1.6m), 7.5m followers, 1bn views
    10th: Rosanna Pansino: $2.5m (£1.6m), 4.8m followers, 1bn views

  4. Tashif

    Hello sir,
    This is Tashif from India. My question is: can anyone use affiliate marketing on their video blog if yes then tell me how

  5. sanjay

    I have got Strategic Financial Management Video lectures of 350 hours. Each video will be 1 hour long and they are HD videos. Total size of videos should be around 1400 GBs. Each one hour video is 4 GB.

    How should I monetize the same and how much money can I earn from this?

  6. Satbir Patial

    Wow, These income reports totally blew my mind. How it could be if I were making that much, thinks :). lol
    This post Motivates me. Thanks Dr. Vikram !!

  7. Saket Jajodia

    I was expecting Justin on 1st rank.. 😛 😉

  8. Ileane

    Dr. Vikram, this is very interesting. Thanks for sharing that site, I saw that my friends channel Lisa3876 makes about $10 per day. Any earnings from YouTube is commendable. I’m going to check out some of your other links asap.

    1. drvikram008

      Thanks Ileane, this channel is of Lisa Irby, who blogs at I used to watch her videos. Your youtube channel is with username MsIleaneSpeaks, your most of video shows screen shots of some software or websites, for such videos you will not be able to get high traffic and even you will not be allowed to put adsense, so you can little bit change your way of presentations.

      1. Ileane

        Vikram – I’m glad you are familiar with Lisa, you should keep watching her 🙂 she’s awesome.

        Thanks for looking up my channel and giving me such great advice. I never really considered having AdSense on my channel or monetizing in the past. But now you (and Lisa Irby) really have me thinking I can succeed with it.
        Can you give me some advice on what will look great in the video thumbnail? I wanted to use a designer to create a great background for my page with my blog name and link – do you think that’s a good idea?

        Thank you!!

        1. drvikram008

          In video thumnail, you should put your picture, that help visitors to increase credibility, keep on experimenting that’s the only solution to get succeed, try it, i have added you as a friend on my youtube channel, thanks for sending me the request.

  9. Cool Raj

    most of them are already rich and famous. but common folks can not rich there.(possible if you do dirty funny things)

  10. Nihar

    Awesome stats.

    Unbelievable. Shows the power of youtube. creating own videos and helping others and try to earn from that. (provided we are part of the youtube partnership)

  11. Kunal @ TechHogger

    Never knew Youtube’s potential. Can someone really make so much of money with Youtube. Its so good.

  12. Binoy Xavier

    Not sure about these VEVO channels you are mentioning here. Of course the artists will be getting their share but i think those channels are VEVO’s property. They have set channels for almost all artists.

  13. Kishore Mylavarapu

    Your articles are looking great.Nice stuff friend.

  14. Himanshu

    wo wo!!!! great way to earn even when they are not performing. nice share

  15. Harsh

    They are getting huge income from YouTube!

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