3 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools (Free + Paid)

best youtube rank checking tools
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Tool NameNumber of keywords to trackPrice/MonthSignupEase of using
TubeBuddy (Recommended)50$19/monthStart using it for freeEasy to use
AccuRanker1000$116/month14 days free trialIntermediate
Semrush200$19/monthFree Semrush trialAdvanced

Looking to check the ranking of your YouTube videos?

Want to track YouTube video ranking positions for a specific keyword?

If your answer is yes, a good YouTube rank tracker is all you need. In this resource, I will be sharing some of the best and most reliable YouTube rank tracker tools that you can use to check video ranking.

So, without further delay let’s look at some of the best rank checkers for YouTube channels and videos.

3 Best YouTube Video Rank Tracker tools:

1. AccuRanker YouTube Rank Tracker

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Accuranker is a popular YouTube channel rank tracking tool. The interface is beginner-friendly, and the video rank tracking lets you track your position on YouTube, Google, and Bing.

To use the AccuRanker YouTube rank tracking tools, simply create an account (They offer a free trial), and add your YouTube channel as shown below:

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You need your YouTube channel URL (ID) at this stage to start tracking keywords. You can find your YouTube channel ID on this page.

Now, add the Keywords that you wish to track. You can always use Studio.youtube.com to find the keywords that are driving traffic to your YouTube channel, and add it to AccuRanker.

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Once you have added the keywords, AccuRanker would take some time to find the exact ranking of your existing YouTube videos.

From here on, you can always see the YouTube rank of any tracked keyword, and compare features would help you see if your ranking is moving up or down.

For the pricing and more details, go through my review of Accuranker.

2. TubeBuddy

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Tubebuddy is the #1 tool that every YouTuber should be using. A list of the best YouTube video keyword trackers would be incomplete without mentioning TubeBuddy.

Here is how you can use the TubeBuddy Keyword tracking tool:

Download Tubebuddy chrome extension

Login to the TubeBuddy dashboard and click on search rank tracking > Keyword to track, and add a list of keywords that you want to track:

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Once you have added the video keywords that you wish to track the ranking, click on “Ranking reports”, and from here you could see the ranking of your videos.

What’s really useful here is, that you could also see the list of videos that are outranking you.

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The option to see the video ranking on YouTube, and Google search as well, makes it one of the best YouTube keyword rank checker tools.

If you have never used TubeBuddy before, simply download their chrome extension, and get started.

Tubebuddy also offers a report scheduling feature, that auto-send video ranking report to you via email every week or month (configurable).

The rank checker feature is available from the Legend plan which starts at $49, and lets you track 50 keywords on YouTube and Google. The enterprise plans let you track unlimited video keywords.

However, with any plans of TubeBuddy, you would be able to use the YouTube tag rank checker for free. Read the detailed review of TubeBuddy.

3. Semrush video rank tracker

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Semrush which is one of the top SEO tools for Google SEO optimization also offers an add-on that would let you track video ranking. With the YouTube rank tracker app, you can check the ranking of your keywords. We recommend this video rank tracker only when you already have a Semrush subscription.

The video rank tracker app by Semrush costs about $19/per month.

Top features of video rank tracker:

  • Track up to 200 keywords on YouTube
  • Monitor weekly YouTube rank changes
  • Manage an unlimited number of YouTube channels

It will update the ranking every week, and if you are new to Semrush, you can read my review of Semrush. You can use the link below to try Semrush for free, and use this link to subscribe to the video rank tracker.

At the time of writing, these two are the best ways to track YouTube video ranking or even a channel ranking.

Conclusion: Which is the best YouTube video keyword rank checker tool

For an agency, AccuRanker is a complete value for money. For video bloggers who wish to track a limited number of video keywords, TubeBuddy would do the needful.

Now, if you know of any other Youtube search rank tracker tool, do let me know via the comment section below.

Here are a few hand-picked videos to help you make the most out of your YouTube channel:

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    Your all the suggested rank checker tools ideas are great but i truly like an idea of using TubeBuddy.

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