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  • Whether we like it or not, social media is a big part of SEO already. Facebook, google+ and twitter are high ranking websites for search engines and they can help your visibility on all search engines.

  • Social media is great for not only generating free traffic for a site (Referral & Search) but also helps a lot in branding. Social media is the future of internet and it is imperative to have a active role on them. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

  • Really great post. It shows exactly the type of effect social media has on SEO. No doubt it has become an important part to coordinate the efforts of SEO and social media for a better ranking. Now Pinterest is also playing an important role in the social media marketing circle.

    • Thanks Mark. And no doubt, Pinterest is the next big thing in Social Media for businesses. The site is providing more referral traffic than many other social media sites such as StumbleUpon or Google+,etc. So, it’s really crucial for brands to build their presence on Pinterest also.

  • Hi Amit,

    Really a great post with very useful information.Social media sites are really have a great impact on SEO, note only for SEO purpose it is also play a great role in branding as well as growing the network.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From youthofest

    • Thanks Shorya. Great that you liked it. And yes, Social Media plays a big role in branding as well as Search engine optimization.

  • Really great post. Facebook, twitter, Google+ just increase your visitors instantly, but is there any techniques to get organic visitors from search engines.

    Awaiting for reply

    • Hi Ravi

      There is no instant technique to get organic visitors from search engines. Just write high quality SEO content, share on social media sites and build relationships online; you will get high web traffic for sure in the long run. 🙂

  • I also believe social media signals helps to get better rankings. When someone share our posts to their social media profiles, we automatically recieve good number of traffic. This is the best way to popular new blog. Getting more facebook likes, twitter followers and google plus followers is a good marketing plan for newbie bloggers must try

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