Should I Add Google AdSense Ads on My New Blog?

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Are you one of those budding bloggers who are not monetizing their blog and skeptical about doing it right now. Well, i have also walked in your shoes as i was also not using Adsense or any other ad platform on my blog in my early days of blogging. The reason being, our image or the fear of being judged by our readers, visitors or subscribers.

Google Adsense On New Blog

Before I will write about should you use or not use Adsense on new blogs, here is a small conversation between me and My BB (Budding Blogger) friend.

I was talking to one of my budding Blogger friend, and he told me that he has an approved adsense account but he is not putting adsense on his blog.

  • Me : Why?
  • BB : Because it’s a new blog and putting adsense might make my visitor think that I blog for money.
  • Me : Then why did you apply for adsense, when you are not planning to monetize your blog?
  • BB : I will monetize it when I will have good traffic.
  • Me : What difference does it make compared to now as you are going to monetize at a later stage? Will the perception of your readers be different at that point of time?

Our conversation went on for a while and for some reason I felt, its not only him but many others who share his feeling about advertising on new blog. My question is, Why not now? Why later? Making money from your blog doesn’t makes you a less passionate blogger or a money grubbing blogger. It’s like earning from your passion and dreams. Now think: Is that a disgraceful thing?

When you have a blog which you can monetize as you are planning to pay a part of your bills through your blog, start monetizing it now. Chances are high that you might not make anything beyond USD 10-100/month. But at least you are making something out of it.

Now let’s think this way.

What are advertisement and why to advertise on your blog?

When an advertisement runs on your blog related to your content on the sidebar or on header etc.. which is related to your blog niche, it is helping visitor in a way. You are giving him the right place to get the product he is looking for or he might be interested in.

Take an example : On ShoutMeloud I write extensively about Blogging, Webhosting and make money online. I share my personal views and experience. Now many readers are here because they like to read my experience with different product that I use and chances are high they would like to try them or such related product might be of interest to them. That’s the reason why I keep web hosting and wordpress theme banners on the sidebar and header.

The point here is there is no right time to place an advertisment on your blog, but the only thing which you should have in your mind is :Do not run an advertisement in a way which might hamper readability of your blog post. Keep one or two ad unit instead of putting it all, this is another fact , less ad=better CTR = Better Money.

So in case if you have an adsense account and a new blog, start putting advertisement . Start with one ad unit or two, make sure you don’t put it in a way which might create a distance between you and your regular readers.

What’s your Opinion on this? A budding blogger should use adsense advertisement or should not? If yes, how should he implement it?

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  1. karan says

    I had seen adsense on shoutmeloud but now from few months i can’t see any problem which i should also know?
    a common thing i notice from mostly all bloggers including amit and harsh that they don’t show adsense on mobile but advice always whts the secret ?
    i knw no one know answers

  2. Rohit says

    great post … as far as a blogger provides quality content in his blog…placing ads should not be a problem…

  3. Brandi says

    Thanks so much for all your info. I am having a hard time finding good ad placement eespecially since my posts are read on a post basis and they are not extremely long due to my content. I know the placement of them is off and I have mucked with them a bit and am getting “better revenue” but not much and I get about 1000 page views a day on average.

  4. Deepanshu says

    Hello Harsh :-) Plz have a look a my site and let me know if i shud apply for google adsense or not site is only 1.5 months old but has a fair amount of content….i m hesitating to apply because i fear rejection :-( and i have heard after rejection its very tuff to get approved.. :-( any help will be appreciated…
    Also is there a prerequisite as in how many visitors i shud have daily to get adsense ? :roll:

  5. Talib Allauddin says

    Hay!I have just stared blogging and having a real hard time in bringing traffic to my blog.Tell me how to increase traffic to my blog.Please check my blog out and tell me if any thing is wrong.Thanks

  6. Srinivas says

    Hi Harsh,

    This is Srinivas joined in the Money Making Sharing Program today.I have Commission Junction Account.But I do not have any AdSense Account.

    How to add those affiliate Program Links in this website through my login in this ShoutmeLoud make money sharing program.

    Please review My blog Once and suggest the updates.


  7. bond from NCR says

    Thanks for the things harsh. I really thankful to you. I started earning now. But why Adsense will take 6 mnths to activate.

  8. Professor Beej says

    My main fear is driving readers away. To me, having ads feels a little cluttered, and I am very afraid that people won’t stick around for my content because it looks like I just want to get them to view my ads. I’ve been careful so far in only putting them at the head of each individual post (and only a Thesis theme affiliate link in my sidebar), but I’m afraid that it’s too intimidating for readers or that it detracts from my own content.

    Am I just being paranoid?

    • says

      Professor Beej Think from a reader perspective, you land on a blog and you see one or two ads on the sidebar , preferably 350*250 ad block or 4 125*125 ad block. Will that put you off?? In my case no, because its not hampering content in any ways.. More over… Sooner or later you would like to add ads on your blog and you will be needing it… So why later and why not now?? I hope this will help you!!

      • Professor Beej says

        It’s not so much that it’s in the sidebar that makes me worry, but I have it before the post itself. I know one blogger in my niche who does very well with this method, but I am nowhere near as established as he is (yet), so I worry about putting people off. I have no eye for design, either, so I really can’t even tell if it looks bad.

        • says

          Well Again When you go to a blog and you read a post, do you criticize it for ads or appreciate it for content?
          The only thing which you need to take care of is your ads should not be very prominent, if using adsense, use the same font and color. Instead of blending it with post, add it like I have added at the top of the post. Since it will never mixed with content , my readers will never have any problem. As it is your regular readers are less likely to click on ads, its usually one time visitors who come from search engines.

  9. Big Blog Academy says

    I completely agree with you Harsh. I am from India and I really sometimes get frustrated about so many mis-conception that most of the new bloggers of India has developed among themselves. Though this thinking is almost same for most of the bloggers around the world that they don’t dare to add advertisements to their new blogs.

    Actually the problem is somewhere else, I have read many blogs where new bloggers have been instructed not to add advertisements till they does not have enough content and keyword density developed in their blogs or sites which helps AdSense and other networks to serve most relevant ads by understanding their niche properly, but new bloggers often make mistake by thinking that they are been instructed not to add advertisements till they have huge traffic.

    This difference need to be clarify first among the new bloggers.

    Anyways nice informational post for the new bloggers

  10. Swagat says

    I’m a budding blogger and google ppl dint approve my adsense.. Is it really required for sites to be 6 months old? As one of my friend’s account got approved in 3 months only. Seem they are not clear with their own guidelines.

    • Amit Banerjee says

      @Swagat: Take care of the following things before applying to Adsense :

      1. Ensure no duplicate content or broken links, pages.
      2. Decent design.
      3. own domains preffered over blogspot.

      Lots of people say that 6 months is a bar but believe me it isn’t. Your site should have original content and must adhere to the guidelines. Best of Luck

  11. Ricky says

    I do agree with you. It is good to have some ads on blog. I am thinking about monetizing my blog now. It is a right time to monetize it.

  12. Harshad says

    It’s all depend on the kind of ads you are serving on your blog. If it’s a CPC ad, I would never put it on my new blog from day one.

    If I do so, it’ll obviously give me few bucks from one or two clicks but there are some reasons and drawbacks of putting ads on new blogs, which may hurt my blog’s performance in long run.

    • says

      CPC ads are effective more on high traffic blog. Meanwhile which CPC advertisement you recommend for other bloggers?

      I will love to know your point on drawbacks of putting ads on new blogs.
      .-= Harsh Agrawal ´s last blog ..Google Apps showing error This domain has already been registered =-.

      • Amit Banerjee says

        I would contradict with Harshad because I believe : Put the ads from day one, because money motivates Blogging.

        If there aren’t any ads, there won’t be so many blogs out there. And you can always restrict ads for regular visitors with some codes or WordPress plugins.

  13. Amal Roy says

    In my case i started using adsense right from the day i got it.And i do believe that using ads in the right way will only help people.
    .-= Amal Roy ´s last blog ..10 Google Chrome Extensions That You Must Not Miss – Best Plugins For Chrome =-.

  14. mostlyBlog says

    don’t add so many ads ,only add some ad which will give you good money, i don’t think so this is bad idea to make some money from starting of the blog
    .-= mostlyBlog ´s last blog ..iPod Nano 5G Features & Photos =-.

    • says

      Mohit the problem is new blogs will not get direct advertisement and more over its hard to find any ads which pay high :).
      The point here is making some out of something where you are making 0.

  15. Gouri says

    Encouraging article to put off initial hesitation of new bloggers. Harsh, of late, I have noticed that you are not using Infolinks inline ads. Any specific reason?
    .-= Gouri ´s last blog ..Prevention from Swine flu =-.

    • says

      Gauri Its great you noticed this thing. Infolinks was paying good but My bounce rate was going out of limit, so instead of using text link ads, I started to cross link my text. This helps a lot in decreasing bounce rate.
      .-= Harsh Agrawal ´s last blog ..Check Your Blog Compatibility for Mobile Phones =-.

  16. Ruchi says

    Ads should be on right location. It should not irritate readers while going through the articles. Try to take your hands off from rollover Ads.
    .-= Ruchi ´s last blog ..Get Rid of Procrastination =-.

  17. India 365 says

    First of all good post harsh!!

    Let me tell you one single point. The more exposure you give to your ads the more chances of getting clicks on them, in return you get more money. So its always good expose your ads as much as possible, no matter how many ad units.
    .-= India 365 ´s last blog ..ICC Champions Trophy 2009 “ Review =-.

    • says

      I might not agree with your point for many reasons
      1. Too many ads does not mean more revenue. Less unit with more exposure, better it is.
      2. Too many ads will put your readers off. I will suggest 2 ad units and 2 link units are sufficient for new blogs.

  18. Surender Sharma says

    It is not a big issue for loyal blog readers.If you use proper setup,proper ads format according to your blog theme the ads never irritates to readers.But lack of proper optimization of ads can irritate to readers.
    .-= Surender Sharma ´s last blog ..How To Display Adsense Ads After Post in Thesis Theme =-.

    • says

      The thing here is placement. For new blogs i will never suggest putting a big block of ad before post. This hamper the visibility of posts before the fold. Rest a smart placement like 468*60 above posts and more will be very useful for publishers.

  19. Technologian says

    Majority of online readers really don’t have any idea about the ads running on a blog… So I think putting ads on your blog even at the very start, doesn’t actually let readers ignore your articles at all.
    .-= Technologian ´s last blog ..How to Dual Boot Your Computer Using Vista and Windows 7 – A Step by Step Guide =-.

    • says

      Bert It’s not about one time readers but to make them loyal readers. If ads are places heavily and uncluttered way, chances are high they will not connect to such blog. So That’s why I suggest above for new blogs : Add advertisement but Smartly. :)

  20. says

    People follow norms and they follow them blindly. A problogger “ABC” says something and the herd follows him/her blindly. One needs to know what’s right for him. One Man’s Poison Is Another Man’s Meat
    .-= Raju ´s last blog ..Know When Your Tweets are Favorited, via RSS =-.

    • says

      Raju This is the same thing I said in one of my recent interviews. There are no rules but are guidelines. So Instead of following some one idea or path, create your own path. Thanks for your comment. :)
      .-= Harsh Agrawal ´s last blog ..Flickr Application for iPhone =-.

  21. Rahul says

    I think adding two ads is sufficient in new blog. Making some money is better then nothing. Later, your dedication will decide you and your blog will be successful or not.

    • says

      Just my 2 cents Rahul : It’s always your dedication which decide if your blog will be successful or not. Though adding advertisement on your blog at anytime is not bad until unless you doing it the spam way. Thanks for your comment and valuable insight Rahul.

  22. IndianCashMaker says

    there is no harm in using advertisements….do not clutter your blog with ads….show them effectively
    .-= IndianCashMaker ´s last blog ..My Blogging Experience in 3 Months =-.

  23. Himanshu says

    Wow Harsh! This is really very interesting article, I want to put adsense on my blog but something stops me, the reason mentioned by your buddy blogger. Lemme think once again.
    .-= Himanshu ´s last blog ..Top 10 SEO tips for WordPress bloggers =-.

    • says

      Himanshu the final decision is always yours, if you want to add adsense now or later or never . Though if some one will ask my advice, I will suggest use adsense or atleast 2 or 4 125*125 advertisement on the sidebar.

  24. BAS says

    I have advertisements on my blog from the first day and I don’t think my readers really care about it until I am providing them some good quality content
    .-= BAS ´s last blog ..Free Kaspersky 2010 license Keys =-.

    • says

      That’s what I meant to add here . If your provide meaningful and useful posts. No one will mid your advertisement. :)
      .-= Harsh Agrawal ´s last blog ..Find Color used by Any Web page With ColorZilla =-.

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