5 Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe from Blog

Why Readers Unsubscribe
Getting Blog subscriber is one of the most crucial part of the growth of our blog and we work day and night to get new subscribers. Though, most of the time we are so focused on getting new people to subscribe to our blog, we ten to ignore the importance of keeping a check on readers who are unsubscribing from our Blog. From a marketing point of view, losing a subscribed user is more bad than gaining 2 new subscribers, as you are not getting output out of your previous effort.

RSS feeds are best way to share your blog’s updated articles with your readers. With few simple tips you can easily increase your blog’s feed subscribers. Increasing your blog feed subscribers might take time but once you achieve your goal, you should make your readers satisfied with your article so that don’t unsubscribe to your blog’s RSS feeds,

There are few reasons which force your readers to unsubscribe from blog’s RSS feed. If you want to maintain your RSS readers then you must avoid few things :

How to make sure people don’t unsubscribe from your blog Updates:

Irrelevant articles

This is the major reason because of which readers unsubscribe. You should only provide the articles which are relevant to your blog niche. If you have a technology blog and you start publishing articles related to accounts, finance, lifestyle then your readers might not find those articles interesting and as a result they will unsubscribe to your blog. The key here is to stick to single niche instead of making your blog a multi-niche blog. Imagine yourself here at ShoutMeLoud, would you like to read the posts about health, love and relations here ?

Missing uniqueness

When we start with blogging we have lots of new ideas and information to share with our readers but after sometime many bloggers start to copy others ideas because of writer’s block. If you don’t want to lose your subscribers try to provide unique and interesting articles to make your readers visit again. Try mind mapping or find new topics for your blog post.

Lack of quality

Quality is the next thing which every blogger must remember to maintain. Just writing quality content doesn’t make it a quality article. You need to have good writing skills, proper proof read, presentation and good image. A combination of all the factors makes a perfect post to attract feed readers.

Frequency of articles

It is important that we must maintain frequency of post so that your readers would be aware that when you will come up with next post. Publishing too many post or too less post might repel your readers and result in unsubscribing from RSS feed.

Lack of Opinions

Best way to attract visitors is to provide information in simple way and in interactive way. Readers should feel your personal touch in articles, give your opinions and write the articles as if you are communicating with them. Whenever you are providing views make sure you provide your true opinion to your readers.

Starting and attracting your visitors to subscribe to RSS feed is not that difficult but to maintain your RSS feed subscriber might be difficult. But, I am sure that if you will follow above steps your readers won’t ever unsubscribe from your RSS feeds.

What you think is the main reason of unsubscribing readers from blog’s RSS feed?

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Rabin says

    I think the main problem beside this is unhealthy blog. One must update his/her blog daily so that their subscribers get fresh articles in their inbox.

  2. Navin Kunwar says

    My main problem is people subscribe but they don’t conform subscription, anyway to solve this issue ?

  3. Ralph says

    Yeah I will unsubscribe if I keep getting updates daily. I am on an low email diet so that goes for RSS feeds also.

  4. Tushar says

    i think lack of quality and reducing frequency are the two most prominent factors…i have seen it myself and now i take more care in the quality of my posts

  5. sidduz says

    Feeling Fresh is the main step for successful blogger. A Fresh blogger will have the fresh ideas, Anxiety, Enthusiasm, and curiosity. These are the main things that should exist though the blogger becomes professional.

    Every Blogger will have their own flavor, but they shouldn’t divert it if they find some-other interesting flavor, which may lead to loss of subscribers!

    Nice article. Loved it :) Thnx for the share

  6. sidduz says

    Successful blogging is nothing but feeling fresh and new every day! Like a Beginner. Anxiety and Enthusiasm to know new things should not extinct as the experience lasts.
    Blogger feeling fresh makes the article interesting, which doesn’t lead to loss of Subscribers!
    Nice article harsh. loved it :)

  7. Melvin says

    Another is a sudden change in topic. I mean I see a lot of blogs that starts out good, get good no.of subscribers only to squander it and change the blog’s topic.

    Its better not to post at all rather than post something crappy and irrelevant. At least by not posting, no one will unsubscribe.

  8. Ryan says

    Hi Ruchi,

    All of the reasons which you provided are valid causes of why a reader might unsubscribe from your blog. Your posts should be relevant while providing plenty of *soul*: that personal element which can’t be replicated.

    One thing which has caught my eye on a number of recent posts which I’m reading here is that posting too much can cause readers to unsubscribe. This may be true but never, ever hold back when feeling a creative surge. There is no such thing as too much content. Sure readers might drop off but you’re dealing with the universe and each creative act is prospered accordingly.

    In the past I’ve posted 7 times in a day. Each post was entirely unique and creative so I posted it. You can never create enough content.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Ruchi :)