How To Build a Credible Blog & Why Should You Care

Every day thousands of Blogs and microblogs are added and almost 90% of them you will never hear.

The reason being, the way they start, it’s the same way they extinguish. Even Google has understood the importance of Blog Credibility and they started pushing the credible blogs in search engine ranking.

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For example, you will see more results from a blog that has good social signals, blogs that are being updated on constant rate and blog which people trust. Saying that, the very first question that comes in every body-mind is what is blog credibility and how much time it takes for a blog to be recognized as a credible blog.

According to, credibility can be defined as capable of being believed; believable.  I chose Obama for the picture of this post because I’m pretty sure we can all agree he’s a pretty credible guy… I mean come on, he’s the President, how much more credibility can you have than that.

Though to become a credible blogger, you don’t need to be the president or some popular person in your professional front, blog credibility can easily be gained with many factors like “Quality content”, “voice” consistency, and your principles.

Most of the bloggers go out of the way to earn money from their blog and that’s the time they start losing the trust of their readers. In simple words, the credibility of a blog is not it’s traffic stats but it’s how many loyal subscribers and readers they have got.

Getting traffic to your website is easy with SEO and paid traffic but a real measurement of success is how many people are willingly sharing your content, subscribing to your blog and how many other websites are naturally linking to your quality content.

Why Blog credibility is an essential element for success?

It is simple.  No credibility, no one will believe you, therefore, you will not gain many returning visitors.  

Loyal, returning visitors to your blog are much, much, much more valuable than the ones who’ll only come once or twice. Also, if you are looking to monetize a blog, from an advertiser perspective, I will opt for an honest review and ad placement, where the reader trusts the blog.

This way, even a blog with 10000/monthly PV but loyal and trust the blog can yield better results.

For example, when OM malik writes an article on, his word is taken as an expert voice and people follow it. It doesn’t take a day to become a blogger that people trust, but it takes years before people start trusting you and your word.  If your blog is continuously adding value by writing a well-researched article with great insight, it will be credible over time.

Who Has Credibility?

By this, I mean strictly in the blogging world.  So, Harsh Agrawal from this blog has credibility, so does Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, and many others.  When they say something, you believe them, because they have credibility and a lot of it at that.

How to make your blog credible?

There are many ways to establish credibility so a reader will listen to you.  I have detailed here some of the things I use, and strategies that other people employ that make me believe they’re a credible person.

1. Do Your Research

This is the thing that could ruin your credibility.  Always do your research and make sure that the stats or the strategies you post are correct and work.  If you don’t, and somebody finds out that a stat or something is wrong, it will make you look uncredible.  And remember, most of the time you only get one chance to impress somebody.

2. Earn Links from Other Websites

This is a very important way to build your credibility.  Let’s say for example that Darren Rowse from links to your article because he thinks its well written, and informative.  Just there, you have gained loads upon loads of credibility.  Obtaining a link or a recommendation from an already credible blogger will make you look much more credible, and I mean a LOT more credible.

3. Be Confident

Last, but certainly not least, we have being confident.  The biggest thing here is to always act certain about your ideas, even if they could be controversial, or maybe even incorrect.  Stand your ground and present your ideas with assurance, make it seem like you know everything there is to know about blogging, and people will be more apt to listen to you.  (Don’t be overconfident or brash, you’ll sound like a jerk)

Quick tips:

  • Have a decent blog design
  • Use advertisement but not at the cost of user experience
  • Control your advertisement: Put advertisement from credible source
  • Proof-read your article and link to credible and reliable sources when necessary
  • Maintain a voice and write for readers
  • Maintain consistency

Conclusion: Making Your Blog more credible

In blogging, gaining or maintaining your Blog credibility is extremely useful in keeping loyal and trustworthy visitors on your site.  The different ways to go about building your credibility is something every blogger should know.

Do let us know what are you doing to earn the credibility of your blog? What according to you is an essential element of a blog and a Blogger to make people trust them?

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My name is Ryan and I am the owner of a blog called The Average It focuses on helping other bloggers out in fields like SEO, traffic, and content.

10 thoughts on “How To Build a Credible Blog & Why Should You Care”

  1. Karan labra

    It really difficult to gain such credits from famous bloggers like Darren, I don’t think that any new blog would get it even it had some really nice content.

  2. Rahul

    about Obama , i don’t think he is haha, so maybe someone else will be better for the picture ! except that , i really think it’s good to ask questions and answer them ,my best was how to get cridible as well as being confident with no doubt ! loved the topic and well done 🙂

  3. Bilal Ahmad

    Very interesting topic. Credibility of course matter a lot. Specially in Affiliate Marketing it can earn you a lot, because people will trust and follow what you say.

  4. kbharath

    Thanks for sharing this great article Ryan. confidence is one of the main thing for a blogger, if he looses his confidence then he has to forget about becoming a successful blogger.

  5. Rakesh

    Thanks Nihar for this wonderful article about pro bloggers of blogosphere. I think if you post thinking readers in mind you become credible to your content.


  6. Nihar

    Well written post. You are right credibility in blogosphere what makes a blogger apart from most of the bloggers

    1. RyanK

      Thanks Nihar! Glad you enjoyed my post!

  7. Beverly Lewis

    Really? Obama is credible? I respect him because of his position BUT that doesn’t translate to credible for me. Of course, you grabbed me into reading by starting with that, so it served well. Came over here from Twitter.

    1. RyanK

      Hi Beverly,
      Yes, I see your point here about how Obama is not a credible source. I was thinking more along the lines of how he was credible because I don’t believe he would be going around giving speeches with false info in them. I’m sure he triple checks his speeches info before giving them in front of a crowd. But, just my thoughts!

      1. Geet | HobbyPainting

        Inspirational post. Liked the way you’ve crafted it. Also, Cedible means “capable of being believed”…IMO Obama is credible NOT because he is the President as you say in your post. Obama is credible because he has generated a +ve image & an aura around him which makes me & others believe him 🙂 I do feel that more than the power/designation/position it’s the credibility of the person.

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