Why No One Is Reading Your Blog And How to Make them Read?

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Why No One Is Reading Your Blog And How to Make them Read?

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We are in 2015 and no matter how good or bad 2014 was for you, it’s time to recollect yourself and work on your blog with a complete new strategy. If you still don’t have a blogging business plan, get one now. One of the major problem most of bloggers face is: No traffic and no income. This is one big factor which demotivates them. I have got this covered earlier : How to motivate yourself when you are demotivated.

Now, that article was mostly focus on motivating your inner-self blogger, but a real action is scene when you are brining visible changes on your Blog. This is not only related to your blog design but many other factors like : Content, update frequency, promotion and many other factors. In this article, I will focus the most common problem of: What to do when no one is reading your Blog.

No one reading Blog

One of the most common reason people quit blogging career even before they start noticing some results. The few first reasons they quit blogging is this, no one is paying attention to read their blogs. If you are one among them, this article is for you!

What to do when no one is reading your blogs?

You are writing for bots

The number 1 reason no one will be interested in reading your blog is, you are writing for the search engines. I REALLY don’t mean that you should not at all focus on search engines optimization. I’m indeed a great fan of SEO, but when you’re new to blogging and want to grab other people’s attention to read and share your stuff, you must be focusing on writing for the readers – not for the bots.

Because, when you’re new, you’ll have least idea about SEO stuff, right? So, you’ll probably end up writing keyword stuffed blog posts, which can kill your rankings in this panda and penguin world. If you want to get more search traffic, then try getting quality back links and use long tail keywords on your blog posts. Keyword stuffing is the thing of past, so work on improving the LSI keyword, readability score and other quality factors.

So, try to write for the readers first, you can worry about search traffic later. Because when you’re building a blog, you’re actually building a business that needs quality connections and user engagement. This is the only way to make decent money from your blogs. There are ways, by which you can make an article optimize for both: reades and search engines. Here are few links from SML archive, which will help you to reach that goal:

I highly recommend you to read this article (How to Rank#1 in Google), as it will give you a great insight on almost all working ways to rank higher in Google search. Needless to say, before you hit publish button always check against these 11 questions to evaluate your article for high-quality or low-quality.

Your design is crazy

Selecting a blog design is one of the toughest task for any blogger. Specially, when there are thousands of options and we keep getting confused by seeing some of the amazing blog designs. If you ever ask me one tip for your Blog design, I will suggest Keep it simple. Focus more on readability, navigation and make it clean. Yes, magazine style looks cool but at the same time, make sure it achieves your purpose.

When your blog content is more tempting than anything else, go for a minimalist design. I have shared a big list of Premium WordPress themes, and you can pick anyone which suits your taste.  When someone lands on your blog for the first time, they’ll look at your designing elements. If they’re looking professional, you’re half done to convert them from first time visitors into regular visitors.

You need to invest some money on buying a premium theme, and designing a great logo for your blog to attract the first time visitors attention. Don’t make your blog design cluttered by using every widget under the sun. Keep your blog design neat and clean, it’ll add professional look itself then!

And also try to make your blog loading time faster by using limited number of WordPress plugins on your blog, don’t use all the plugins which are not at all use. Plugins create a great impact on your loading time. So, make sure your blog loading faster, if possible try to move your blog to a better hosting service. If budget for a premium theme is an issue, go ahead and grab a subscription from Elegant theme and you will not be disappointed.

Nothing new in your blog posts

If you’re just rehashing what’s others are saying, then how can you bring other people’s attention to read your blog? Try to spend quality time on creating unique content.

Here unique content means, a blog post that is;

  • Engaging
  • Educating and
  • Bursting a myth

The more unique contents you’ve on your blog, the more space you’ve to bring loyal readers to read your blog content. Always spend time to create and craft a blog post that will be helpful for both you and you readers. This way you can build a thriving audience around your network in no time.

Here at ShoutMeLoud I keep getting many new guest blog post submissions, but hardly 8% of them manage to make it live here. The only reason is: Those 8% have something new to say or have covered a topic in depth. If I look at ShoutMeLoud archive , some of the most popular articles are:

  • Case studies (Ex 1)
  • Personal Experiences ( Ex1)
  • DIY guides (Ex1, Ex2)

The whole point is, along with covering industry news, tips, software, tools in your niche also focus on adding personal comments, experiences and articles which readers can connect to. Another approach is to create a demand. When anything happens in your niche, try to be the first one to cover it in details.

Long paragraphs just don’t work every time

We are habituated to write long paragraphs, because we were used to read long paragraphs in our schools, colleges or universities. Hence, we’re repeating the same on blogs by writing long paragraphs. Let me tell you the secret to grab online readers attention with your writing.

Break your long paragraphs into short.

Because, short paragraphs are easy to skim, easy to read and easy to digest what you’re conveying on your blog posts. Remember that, most online readers just don’t read the content, they actually SKIM. So write for the skimmers by using short paragraphs like this post, and use images to make your blog posts appealing. Use bullets, strong letters and italic words to grab their eyeballs. This way you can attract their attention to read your articles.

You have generic headlines

Generic headlines don’t attract online readers to read your blog. You must spending enough time to craft attention grabbing headlines.

3 tips to create great headlines.

  1. Write How to posts
  2. Use numbers in your headlines
  3. Tweak the popular posts on your blog to have a great idea of what kind of headlines are going viral on your blog.

Your blog is full of Ads and Popups

Who will like to read a blog which is plastered with excessive ads? First off, decide your online business model to earn decent income online. You simply can’t make more money by pasting more ads on your blog.

Use only those ads which are;

  • Relevant to your blog topic
  • Give potential income per each sale
  • Laser focused on your readers needs

If you are using AdSense, you don’t need to worry much as you will be showing targeted contextual ads. Though, if you are like me and who like to earn from Affiliate marketing,  Here’s my top secret to make money from affiliate products. Write an honest review on a product that you personally use and embed it with the affiliate links at proper places – use a compelling image for that ad and place it on most visible place on your blog.

You won’t see hundreds of sales in the first month itself, but you’ll surely notice a great growth on your affiliate income after several weeks. Though, with a review post about a product in your niche, you are making a sales funnel. Educating users about a product and then sending them to review post. Another strategy which works for me is, directly liking to sales page of product I’m promoting, that works as a better landing page for buyers. The key point is, you need to test. Test the best locations with potential ads which work on your blog. This way you can be able to generate good affiliate income.

Related read:

Still no one reading your Blog?

All the above points will be useful to improve your blog internally, but at the same time you need to work on your Blog promotion. One thing, which I highly recommend you to focus more on is: Building your Email list and offer all important blog subscription options. The point is to, convert those one time visits into regular readers. Here are few more pointers which will help you to make your blog better and make it readable:

These are just few of the tips that I can think of now to make your blog read by many, when no one is reading it. Do, let me know what all things you do to make your content read by targeted visitors.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1047 articles.

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  1. says

    “Remember that, most online readers just don’t read the content, they actually SKIM.”

    Harsh great point! :-)

    I fully agree. Nowadays readers are not interested to read long articles especially BIG paragraphs. Its Twenty20 / Twitter period so everybody is expecting short and exact information. so your point is really valid. Even I had written about this while ago.


  2. Clinton says

    Hey harsh,
    I am a newbie blogger, I’ll try to avoid every thing you outlined here to get the most out of my posts.
    Thank you for this guide.

    Do have a great day,
    Clinton Odumah

  3. Chico Devashish says

    Hey Harsh,
    Again a masterpiece article from you. I also do believe in SEO, Keywords, Content… but recently i create a new blog about designing niche. I’d taken care of all these things but unfortunately my search traffic is 0.0% . I am not getting targeted traffic. Any way to get few search traffics?

  4. Blessed says

    I totally agree with all your points. However i think that the blog layout/design and content are the two most important features to get more readers.

  5. says

    Hi Harsh,

    Totally agree with your all points!

    When it comes to getting people to read a blog post, writing great headline is the most important thing to consider.With boring headline, a great post might go unnoticed. I republished some of my old posts with new catchy headlines. What I found is amazing. Those posts got more views, more social shares and more comments.

    Other things to consider are, providing high-quality content that people love to read, having a minimalist design with easy navigation, content visualization etc.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

  6. says

    Harsh Agrawal, you are my best tech blogger, there is something new to always gain from your post. Another reason why people may not interested in a blog is that some bloggers don’t use their real identity. People need to know the blogger behind the blog. By that they can they see why they should trust the information.

    • says

      Thanks for your kind words and that’s so true regarding identity. Having a face for your blog is always helpful and helps to build trust. Meanwhile you might like to register for gravatar.com which will show you your images in comment section.

    • says

      Without post promotion, a good article is like dancing alone in the jungle. Post promotion is an important part of growing your blog and one should keep promoting even the old content.

  7. says

    Sometimes it happens that even if a blog has good design, good content but still no one reads it. The reason is that blog owner is not finding a target audience. A new blog (in 2015)should have a very focused & less competitive topic then you are guaranteed to collect subscribers.

    • says

      That’s so true. It’s important to have a niche and also to know who is the target audience. Without knowing the target audience, one can’t write the perfect post.

  8. says

    Making a blog a easy job but keep it running in proper way is hard. As competition is growing high day by day. Making bounce rate low is hard job. As people visit your blog to the info and forgot about your blog. Email subscription is good way but people also don’t like to make their inbox nasty. If a viewer does not impressed by your blog on first visit then he will never click on subscribe or the social media follow button. so main thing is your content and writing style like breaking into short paragraph. But I have seen many professional blogger just write one sentence in a paragraph. What kind of shit is this. Don’t understand. May be they are professional and I am newbie. :P

    • says

      There are various ways to write content and important thing here is “Voice of the blogger” and audience resonating with that voice. For example, see Seth Godin who writes one sentence blog post and it gets great number of share. The key here is to find the voice and stick to it.

  9. says

    I agree with you long paragraphs or more text wont get a reader all times. Its all about quality, quantity dosen’t matters..!
    Thanks for the valuable information.

  10. says

    Great article Harsh I agree with a blog post having too many pop-ups. I hate to go to a website where there are 3 -4 pop ups. I usually windup leaving the site. I am one of those skimmers and italic and bold words do work very well.

  11. Rahul says

    all the thing which discuss above is matter in blogging your blogger should be having clean without popup and minimum ads then any wants to read your blog
    thanks for sharing this information,..

  12. sangram says

    Everyday i plan not to read your blogs and end up reading atleast 5 -10 blogs thanks to some serious and excellent blogging by harsh agarwal

  13. says

    Hi Harsh,

    Nice post brother, the points you have mentioned are convincing.An article written for search engine is article without soul that i always say ,article should be written for readers/audience not for bots.

    Always writing same article again and again by just twisting it a bit or by moving around a same sort of topics are also boring and readers start loosing hopes.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  14. says

    this is awesome post upcoming blogger like me or who have lost hope from blogging

    Harsh you always try to motivate the blogging from within, thanks

  15. says

    well said,i think trending topics can also change your visitors to readers compel them to stay. There should be something informative to stick readers.

  16. Nishant says

    A guy writing for bots will only get pageviews not visits, the person who writes for search engines never succeeds because that search engine can can’t even understand a single word you write they don’t understand your emotions in your article all they do look at is your META keywords. STUPID BOTS

  17. Gautam Doddmani says

    i will follow all ur rules bro…i think i wrote long paragraphs before, now i wil try to break them as u said and see the difference…thanks for such informative posts!

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