Adsense HeatMap: Best Google Adsense Placement Guide

Whenever we talk about increasing AdSense CPC, one of the most common words which you will hear is “AdSense heatmap”.  In this post, I will be giving you a brief idea about heatmap and best AdSense placement ideas.

Google AdSense is the most trusted way to monetize web property. Be it a blog or a YouTube channel. One can easily increase the earning from AdSense by following the smart ad placement technique. This technique is based on where your website visitors are most likely to see the ads and click on it. There are some well-known section on a blog page which could be utilized to place AdSense ads and then increases the chances of getting more clicks and hence revenue.

For example, placing AdSense in the middle of an article will help you generate maximum clicks. Another well known fact is, placing Ads above fold so that your visitors are more likely to interact with it which yields more revenue for you.

Adsense placement is quite tricky but its worth the effort, as right ad placement can easily double your earnings.

How to do this?

Well, I’m sharing a few ways that you can utilize right away. Some of them are based on available tools and some are manual placement. Depending upon how technical you are, you can use any of these below-mentioned techniques for smarter ad placement.

Use Ezoic for smart Ad placement:

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This is perhaps one of the less known techniques for smarter ad placement. Ezoic utilizes the artificial intelligence to connect your blog + AdSense account for smarter placement of ads. Any blog which gets more than 20,000 page views a month can use Ezoic.

Getting started is technical but it is well worth the effort as you can straight away increase your earning by 60-70% overnight.

Here is a detailed review of Ezoic and you can apply for Ezoic using below link.

Sign up for Ezoic

Adsense Heatmap Image:

I have visited many discussion forum and scouted the internet to create this tutorial.

But first, lets look at the official Google AdSense heat map Which clearly talks about the best AdSense placement without annoying your readers.

Adsense Heatmap
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It’s a fact that non-technology websites make double of the money then technology websites reason being that reader of technology websites are well aware of advertisement and they generally ignore the advertisement but on the other hand non-technology websites like dating, astrology websites make more money with google advertisement because of unawareness of the readers.

Another fact is when readers from technology websites read the article and they find it useful they click on the advertisement to appreciate the article. While putting the advertisement do you think of the following points:

  • Why your readers are here?
  • Content is more important or advertisement?
  • Where to keep the advertisement without hampering your reader’s point and without knocking down your advertisement.

“Smart work is always better than hard work”

You might think that I can write a better post and get more organic traffic and Better traffic = Better Income. But think the other way of placing adverts at the right place and at the same time concentrate on the better quality of post thus you will accomplish both the task: Traffic and income

Best advertisement placement guide:

Before advertisement have a look at the maximum allowed AdSense ad units Before the post ( text advertisement have better CTR than the image advertisement at that place)

  • Ad placement at Top of the article header again has better Google AdSense CTR.
  • If you thinking only about revenue you can place an advertisement between the content.( Link units )
  • Google search for your website is also a good idea to increase some more revenue and placing Google search unit at the best visible place on your website would be a much better idea.

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Another few places where you can place an advertisement for better CTR:

  • Above the post
  • In between article
  • Sidebar banner

Though I will suggest place advertisement smartly without hampering your reader view and instead of keeping empty space on your website it’s better to fill it with the advertisement.

Another AdSense posts which will help you to improve your revenue: 10 ways to increase AdSense CPC

Do let us know if you follow AdSense heatmap or you have found your own best ad placement for AdSense?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

60 thoughts on “Adsense HeatMap: Best Google Adsense Placement Guide”

  1. Has anyone experienced with placing a banner ad after the introduction of the article, before the main content of the post?

  2. Thanks for this vital information , i was looking for it.
    Well, I must say Placing Adsense ads in the sidebar is a very good idea. Above the fold should work great. I get maximum benefit by placing ad in sidebar above the fold.

  3. Thanks a lot for such kind of important tips especially for me.Cause i am a new blogger and new adsense publisher.I obtain huge knowledge for placing ads in an appropriate place for earning more revenue.

  4. Thanks for this. i had heard somewhere that putting less ad units on pages would mean that the CPC rate would go up, is this true? As the advertisers would be forced to bid more to get their ad shown in a spot. I tried it two days ago but as of yet my CPC has remained the same, but my CTR has decreased.

  5. I created a wordpress plugin called AmpedSense which will help you split test your adsense ads. Should help you for exactly this reason!

  6. just amazing article on adsense placement ever. This article is just awesome !! I have been always confused about all the adsense ads placement and now its all clear thanks to this beautiful post!!

  7. Well that was very informative. For me it works better on medium rectangle on side bars and leaderboard near title bars. I have been experimenting since long and this one increased revenue to nice 40% in one month.
    I am not sure but I red somewhere that, Lesser Number of ads and on upper folds pays more CPC ? Which Strategy is good ? Put less but on right place OR put all the three possible ads on heat map location?

  8. Debjyoti Ghosh

    Thanks for such an informative article. For my site, the ads below the navigation bar and bottom of the right sidebar (marked in white in google adsense heat map) works best.

  9. Hello Harsh,
    I’m not getting good CPC though i have good traffic on my blog. I’ve kept 3 in total ads. 1 in side bar and 2 inside the post. Does because of 3 ads it decreases my CPC.

    Should i go for affiliate marketing now or can i get the direct advertising ? please help 🙂

  10. Mehedi Hasan

    Thanks a lot for helping me as a adsense beginner. I have made an wp site with video and by implementing your tips i got best out of it. but i think we have to test various color plate and placement to get best output of adsense earning. And an leaderboard above the fold will perform best all the old time as well as now.

  11. Hey,
    Thanks a lot for the tips.
    I am placing in header and sidebar and getting quite a good amount of clicks.
    Chander Sharma

  12. After a few years of working with Adsense, I noticed that the typography of the website could greatly affect your CTR. Making your headings smaller, as well as keeping all the elements with the same color scheme has helped me to bring more attention to the ads displayed on my sites, hence improving my earnings.

  13. It’s interesting how easily we can manipulate our adsense earnings just by changing the ad placement. Great post!

    1. How many visitors? If you have 30 000 a month you could be looking at around 5 bucks per day. AAll depends on niche though.

  14. Trailing Troops

    Ok so now i know where to put ads so that i maximise my earnings. But i want to know How did i check my websites Heat Map???

  15. Another point to note is that try to stay away from too much ads everywhere because that will actually alarm the user that there are ads on the page and they will be careful where they click. So better keep it less in number and on tricky positions yet without spoiling user experience.

  16. I think this has solved my puzzle. I have been struggling to place my ads on my sites, but I think with this I will optimize my earnings. The only problem is getting the left bars because I usually don’t use them
    All in all, I will try the hot map and see the results

  17. Hi harsh….
    Just want to say thank you. You inspired me to start my site from scratch I built it with what I learnt from sml… just got approved for adsense and first day… over $20… love it … thanks team.

  18. not in all the blog ad placement tactics works it depends in niche of your blog and which types audience you have I tried same ad placement on ALL blog but ctr is different so we have to try always different ad placement and do experiment yourself and see which one placement works best for you and also this one is best guide I appreciate it also but keep testing always

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