Can You Use AdSense And Affiliate Ads On The Same Web Page?

Placing AdSense and Affiliate on Same Page
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Here on ShoutMeLoud, I talk about Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing all the time and keep getting questions related to the same. One of the most frequently asked questions that I come across from bloggers who monetize their website with Affiliate ads and have AdSense running on their blog is whether or not one can use AdSense and affiliate ads on the same page. Is it a violation of AdSense policies?

Well, AdSense is a contextual ad network and they do not allow running any other ad network which mimics ads like AdSense.

Can you have Amazon Affiliate and Adsense on the same page?

Let me take an example of Amazon affiliate ads, as they are one of the most popular affiliate programs. You can replace it with anything like eBay, hosting affiliate or other affiliate programs you can think of.

The answer is “Yes”. You can place affiliate ads along with AdSense ads on the same page, and this doesn’t violate the AdSense policies. Here is a screenshot from the official AdSense help page which clearly says: We do allow affiliate or limited-text links.”

Adsense with Affiliate ads
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To add more to it, here is what you need to know to use any other ad network with AdSense. In simple words, Affiliate ad is also considered a different ad network here:

AdSense Ads with other ad network
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Before you jump with joy and start adding tons of affiliate banner and link ads on your blog, here are a few important things you should know:

  • If the number of ads or affiliate banner/links is more than the original content, it will put your AdSense account in danger. Therefore, limit the number of ads on your blog, and focus on adding value and quality to your website. I suggest you keep an optimum limit of ads on your blog and place it in a way that it doesn’t hamper the user experience.
  • Your affiliate ads should not link to content which is not allowed in AdSense policies. For example, adult content. AdSense treats other ads (ads from other ad network or affiliate ads) on a page as part of the content, which too, should follow the content guidelines.
  • While using affiliate links on your blog, make sure they are nofollow. This has nothing to do with AdSense, but using the nofollow tag is a good practice from the SEO point of view. You can use this guide to learn how to add nofollow tag or better use ThirstyAffiliateLinks plugin.

To sum it up…

…you can use Affiliate ads with Google AdSense on your blog.

Though, before you jump into the world of affiliate marketing, I suggest you learn the tricks of the trade before implementing the ads. A good idea is to replace one of your low performing ad unit with direct affiliate ads of a product related to your niche.

Once you start getting success in form of affiliate sales, replace more AdSense ad blocks with affiliate ads. If you select the right product to promote, you can easily earn 2-3x of your AdSense earning via Affiliate marketing.

Below are a few hand-picked articles that can help you get started with Affiliate marketing:

If you have any more question related to using Affiliate ads and AdSense together, feel free to ask in the comment section below. If you find this post useful, share it with your friends on Google and Facebook.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

46 thoughts on “Can You Use AdSense And Affiliate Ads On The Same Web Page?”

  1. When i search some products i didn’t clicks on ads and so many of us do same as like me. So why use adsense is it really work? please suggest how.

  2. Hey Harsh,
    It was a great piece of info. As i was also a newbie so i was also confused how i can use the adsense and affiliate-ads on the same page.But now from this article of yours it became easy for me to understand.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Hii Thanks for the info .
    I have one doubt on using adsense and affiliate ads on same site .
    If we use adsense and affiliate links on same site, will it decrease our affiliate earning ?
    As adsense pays only few cents on per click while through affiliate we can earn good amount on per sale .


    1. Harsh Agrawal

      That’s a good question and using AdSense on your affiliate blog, definitely affects your Affiliate earning. Imagine you write about some good product and before your reader click on your affiliate links, click on AdSense image ad and goes to the product page (Contextual advertising), you will be missing out a lot here.

  4. Mayur Chettiar

    Thanks Harsh for this piece of info, but can we totally depend on Affiliate marketing ? or we need CPC and CPA ads for earning immensely ?

  5. Hi Harsh, thanks for this post. It’s great that you write about the rel nofollow tag for affiliate links. My experience is that affiliate providers don’t put nofollow tag into the code they provide. You always have to add it manually.

  6. I know we can use affliate ads with adsense ads, there’s no problem because of that, affiliate ads in general perform better with high targeted traffic, Adsense gives couple bucks per click, affiliate ads brings couple tens of bucks per sale.

  7. Krypto Mehedi

    Hello Harsh,
    Superb post!! I was confused too about this. But, now i got a clear concept 🙂
    Now, I am thinking of using amazon and adsense ads together on my website.

  8. Can I use AdSense and affiliate ads on the same page ??
    In the web no one give clear answer on this question. As a newbie I always find; is it possible to add adsense ads and affiliate ads on the same page, without violation of adsense policy. Today I find the best answer from you, Harsh. I’m going to share this with my friends.
    Thanks for share this great article.

  9. Hi Harsh! I’m so glad you are writing about this topic and giving advice to some bloggers who aren’t sure about blending affiliate ads with AdSense. The key point you emphasized about not having too many ads is one that I hope more people will listen to.

    Also, the guide for showing how to make links no-follow is perfect! I’ve been saying for years that this is something Matt Cutts should show in his Webmaster video. He always talks about no-follow but he never shows how it’s done.


  10. Hi Harsh
    I know we can place Affiliate and adsense link on Same page.
    But i think it is smart option to Disable adsense on a post having review regarding any affiliate product or page having Affiliate link.
    Because adsense always shows ads related to Content
    For ex. I review Bluehost in my blog having adsence placed above or below the post.
    Then adsense will show some ads of related Products(ie Hosting).Ad may contain Much lesser Coupon than my offer in review.
    A Reader will click on adsense ad and i will get a small amount rather than whole hosting commission
    What You say?
    am i right or wrong?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      You have a valid point here, as AdSense makes affiliate marketing ineffective. It’s better to not use AdSense on a blog with affiliate link.

  11. Hi Harsh,
    I have seen that some blogs are running 6 different affiliate banner ads on their side bar. Can you give us the specific number of ads that we should add on a page?

    Thank you for choosing this topic

  12. Marius Lixandru

    Awesome Harsh, now i have understand what can i do. i always search on the net the answer to this question, and finally here at your blog i found. thank you!

  13. Thank you! Very well-answered. I’m reviewing some products and wanted to make sure an affiliate link wouldn’t compromise my Adsense account.

  14. Hello Harsh, I have a doubt and that is, if I start affiliate marketing in my new blog and then apply for Google Adsense then may I face any problem to get Adsense account? Please help me…

  15. thanx for the wonderful information bro.
    it would be much better if this post has the limit number of affliate ads and limit number of adsense ads per one single page.
    expecting the reply from U.
    thanx again.

  16. Adriano Dinheiro Internet

    Now I know, i can do adsense and affiliate marketing in the same blog.
    Thanks a lot.

  17. I was struggling to find the correct answer, I read about it on Google’s help page as well, but the information was little confusing. Then I read your article and now I’m relieved to find that I can use Both adsense and affiliate links on my blog. Thanks a lot m8. Shawn

  18. Hi Harsh,
    i need to integrate google adsense to mobile app , i have already integrated amazon and other affiliate to my mobile app.
    I am unable to find any API for mobile apps for google adsense. Can you please confirm if google adsense program supports only websites or both.
    if yes how can i find api for where i can get JSON response and use it in my mobile.

  19. Hi, I wanted to know if we can like a youtube channel to the same adsense account with which I am using my website? Or vice versa? Like a common google adsense account for youtube and website and the ads appear on both? Also, is their a need for a special domain or host if I want to like my youtube to adsense account associated with website?

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