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Secret List Of WordPress Plugins Which I use at ShoutMeLoud

Secret List Of WordPress Plugins Which I use at ShoutMeLoud

Over the period of 5 years of blogging, I have came across many WordPress plugins and some of them are essential WordPress plugins and some of them turned out to be useless. Though, I believe in more custom codes instead of using plugins, but fact is plugins are easier to implement than codes. Here I’m sharing all the WordPress plugins that I use at ShoutMeLoud and you can pick those which you think is going to be useful for your blog.

WordPress Plugins To use1

If you just started with WordPress and new to it, you should first read: How to install WordPress plugins.  Do remember, we keep changing our plugins, so I suggest you to bookmark this page and keep checking after a month to see the updated list of plugins. The list is not in any particular order, and at the time of writing (August 2014) these are the WordPress plugins which power ShoutMeLoud.


List of WordPress Plugins I use on my blog:


Akismet WordPress plugin

Akismet is the first Anti-spam WordPress plugin which I recommend as it is the official plugin for creator of WordPress which let you fight with Spam comments. Though it has one down side is that sometime it skips spam trackback or comments or sometime legit comments land into spam folder. Though this usually happens due to previous interaction with I.P or with email address.  So if you are only using Akismet plugin, I would suggest also check your Spam folder daily. This is one must have plugin that you should have from day one to stop spam comments on your blog. To use Akismet, you need API key and it’s free for you. You can get one by following this tutorial.

<Download Akismet>

Author hReview WordPress plugin:

Author hreview plugin

This WordPress plugin is useful for you if you do review post. Using this plugin you can add star rating to your blog post and it makes it stand out in search engine. It’s a premium plugin which cost only $69 and it’s a good one time investment.

<Download Author hReview plugin>

BWP Google XML Sitemap plugin:


BWP Google XML Sitemap plugin

This plugin I use for generating sitemap for my blog and you can use this one or any other alternative sitemap plugin which I listed here. The reason I’m using this is because WPEngine (My current hosting company) recommend this plugin for sitemap. This is a light weight plugin and doesn’t add load on your server.

< Download BWP Google XML Sitemap plugin>

Cloudflare plugin:

Cloudflare WordPress plugin

Cloudflare is a free CDN which I recommend to every blogger, and this plugin is important for any WordPress blog who is using Cloudflare CDN.

<Download plugin>

Digg Digg WordPress plugin:

Digg Digg sharing plugin

This is a plugin to add social media buttons on your blog. The floating social media icons you see on this blog post is added with the help of this plugin. You can also check this post where I have listed few alternative option to Digg digg plugin.

<Download plugin>

Enhanced WordPress Contact form:

Enhanced contact form

This plugin let you add contact form on your blog and I like it because it also shows the referral URL of the person who is using my contact form to send a message. This helps me to filter down the real and spam message. If you are using Jetpack plugin, you should rather use contact form feature of that plugin.

<Download Plugin>

Gocodes WordPress plugin:

Gocodes WordPress Plugin

Gocodes WordPress Plugin setting

This is plugin which is a life saver for all the affiliate marketers. You can hide your ugly looking Affiliate links into pretty looking affiliate link. Read: How to use Gocodes WordPress plugin to hide affiliate links.

<Download plugin>

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

GASP plugin

This plugin I use along with Akismet to further crack down on spam comments. This is another free plugin which you should use with Akismet.

<Download plugin>

Insights WordPress plugin:

This plugin helps you to quickly interlink your blog post or get result from Google, Wiki, Flickr and interlink or add into your blog post. Read: Quickly Interlink your blog post with Insight WordPress plugin.


Jetpack WordPress plugin:

Jetpack by WordPress

This is a multi-purpose free WordPress plugin which adds feature like stats, contact form, mobile theme, social sharing button and many more. This is a must-have plugin for your WordPress site and you need to have a free account on to use this plugin. You can learn more about this plugin over here.

<Download Jetpack plugin>

Last updated:

This simple plugin adds a widget in your blog sidebar to show recently updated blog post. Since I update my old posts on regular basis, with the help of this plugin I can feature updated posts on my sidebar for extra exposure. It also helps in re-indexing of updated posts as well as your blog readers can see the list of updated posts.

<Download plugin>


LinkPatrol Plugin review

This is a SEO plugin which controls your blog external link. Using this plugin you can nofollow, remove any existing external link of your blog. It’s a premium plugin and is very powerful and useful for the SEO of your blog. You can read the review and how I use this plugin over here.

<Download LinkPatrol plugin>

Mobile share bar:

mobile share bar WordPress plugin

This plugin adds sharing button on my mobile version of ShoutMeLoud. The only reason I’m using this is because it adds whatsapp sharing button. You can read more about this plugin here. This is a free plugin and you can download it right now from below link.

<Download Mobile sharebar plugin>

No Self pings:

This useful WordPress plugin let me stop sending trackback to interlinked posts inside my domain. Read: No self ping WordPress plugin : Stop pinging your own Blog post. <Link>


OptinMonster WordPress plugin

This is a premium plugin by Syed Balkhi (Guy behind WPBeginner) and one hell of a plugin for email marketers. I use it to show Email subscription pop-up and is highly configurable. Even without any designing skills, I can quickly configure and design effective Pop-up for my blog. If you are into eMail marketing and need a easy to use WordPress plugin, look no further than OptinMonster.

<Download OptinMonster plugin>

Robots Meta WordPress plugin:

Robots meta WordPress plugin helps you to put nofollow and noindex tag around your blog. Configure it with your own risk. Since I’m using Thesis theme, this plugin is not very essential though I still use it for my robots.txt and .htaccess file. Link>

Role Manager WordPress plugin:

This is another great plugin for multi author blog to  define roles. Though this plugin is out dated and when I was trying to configure this for CallingAllgeeks, it was creating some issue. But for now, this plugin is working like a charm for Shoutmeloud. Link>

RSS footer:

Another useful plugin which add a link to your blog post in footer of your rss feeds. Useful to get free backlink from RSS scrapper blog. Read: Add linkback to your article in RSS feeds. <Link>

Note: If you are using WordPress SEO by yoast plugin, this feature is integrated into that.

SEO friendly Images:

This plugin let your optimize your Images for Search engine. It adds alt text based on name of the image. Highly recommended. Read: How to Alt Tag into Images. <Link>

Subscribe to Comments:

This is something which I would recommend to every WordPress blogger. This plugin helps users to subscribe to your blog post comments and specially for a regular reader this is a requisite feature. Subscribe to comments plugin add a check box after comments, where commentator get an option to subscribe to get notified for future comments. Another essential plugin for WordPress which gives an option to users to subscribe to comments on a particular post. Link>

WordPress Page Navigation plugin

Adding a page navigation helps your readers to quickly move to another page inside your blog. Adding page navigation should be an essential part of any WordPress theme. This plugin let you add page navigation.Link>


WordPress blog to maintain your WordPress database. This plugin can be used to repair database, backup database, empty or drop tables, Run SQL query or Optimize DB. Link>

Wp Status notifier Plugin:

This plugin notifies me when any blog post is submitted for review and notifies user when his blog post is accepted. <Link>. Later on we shifted to peter’s collaboration Email plugin which turns out to be more powerful.

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  • Gamertechie

    Hi Harsh ,

    First of all nice post, it helped me a lot in starting the blog. I did not find the plugin you use for the publicize buttons. I tried a few but which plugin gave u the buttons on the image?


    Hello Harsh
    Seriously very needy post you’ve published.
    Dear Harsh there are few confusions that I wish you’ll rectify.
    1. At max how many plugins should be used??(say 10,13 or 15)(Currently I used 12)

    2. Does the quantity of plugins affect the speed or any other factor of a website??

    3. There is a plugin called Jet Pack which you’ve also discussed above.. I tried to install it on wordpress but it encounters an error..
    Here is the message given below:

    “Try connecting again.
    Error Details: The Jetpack server could not communicate with your site’s XML-RPC URL. Please check to make sure is working properly. It should show ‘XML‑RPC server accepts POST requests only.’ on a line by itself when viewed in a browser and should not have any blank links or extra output anywhere.”

    It made me mad.

    • Rachit

      Probably the no. of plugins affect the load speed. You can use wp total cache and cloudflare to speed up your website

  • Shekhar

    Although the list is exhaustive, but I would like to see some security related plugins and broken link analyser too, which will add to the over all effectivity.

  • subbareddy

    Almost Added all plugins But i had a problem with

    Author Advertising WordPress plugin: i did not get how to make it live if you have any post about this plugin please share

    Thanks Harsha Ji

  • ashu

    i think you are not using EasyWPSEO anymore, may be a update in this post is needed :)

  • Manthan

    hello harsh , i want to know that rss footer and meta robots wp plugin page is saying that it has been suceeded by seo plugin , do i still need this , please guide me regarding this issue as i’m a new to WP

    • Harsh Agrawal

      If you are using WordPress SEO by yoast plugin, you don’t need RSS footer, and meta robots plugin.

  • Ajit Tiwari

    Hello Harsh,
    Wp-DBManager was only useful for me, and as well i think you forget stylebox. also let me tell you i liked this stylebox what you are using and after 1 wek of search i came to kow about this plugin, and now am amazed to see that you are using it and had not mention it on your Blog…….

  • Avinash Kumar

    Great list of plugins for a new wordpress blog like mine. Sir, I am using premium theme Publisher which has inbuilt SEO option. So do I require to install any other SEO plugin ?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      If you are using Theme based SEO options, you might not need any additional plugin.
      Though I highly recommend to use a plugin for SEO purpose, and disable the theme SEO option. If possible, switch to SEO by Yoast or SEOPressor plugin, and disable theme SEO option. As it will be more useful in long-run. (Specially, when you decide to change theme framework).

  • Mani teja

    you really helped me for my website
    can you please suggest for the featured post slider please.
    thank you

  • Pushkar

    Awesome list. Just add font uploader to that list, it allows you to upload font of your choice to your blog and change the default font embedded in themes. Makes life much easier and site looks beautiful.

  • Siddhesh

    Thanks Harsh for this impressive list of plugins! As a new entrant, I must say it feels a bit overwhelming right now.. but yes this will definitely get me started on the plugin path :)
    Just a query though – can you give me pointers to where I can learn about custom coding in wordpress?

  • Mulaly

    you forgot to add this plugin:
    Easy Media Gallery – Wordpress Portfolio and Gallery

  • Rafaqat

    Great list,i think” why do work” for adsense insert, also “simple tags” should also be considered…what do you think,because these are widely used among the bloggers.

  • varun singh

    Your tips are awesome and after reading your posts i have decided to move from blogger to a self-hosted WordPress site in 2013.

  • Nizam

    This is really a long list of plugins and most of them are unknown to me. I have bookmarked this page and will be trying some of them. Thanks Harsh for this wonderful list of plugins :)

  • maahir

    REG — no self ping,,, till now i was approving self pings from my own blog ,,, is it something i am not supposed to do ? Please explain harsh ?

  • rakesh kumar

    I have seen SEO smart link in this list and little bit amazed to see it here as it adds more loading time to your site, then adding value to your site. Am i right it is not a good sign if your are consious about the traffic and PANDA.

    The second plugin that impressed me a lots is after the deadline. Do you know any such extension for windows line writer?

  • Zimbrul

    I was doing some research about a Adsense plugin that let me do what Quick Adsense does and eventually I got to…Quick Adsense! Very pleased with the plugin but I’ve noticed some conflicts with Simple Facebook Connect.
    I’ve saved this post to my Instapaper as I want to refer later to it…great resource of valuable plugins.

  • vicace

    The conditional captcha plugin saves a lot of time handling with the spammers. very good post and very informative. i never knew about the rest of the listed plugins except the captcha plugin and askimet. thank you for publishing :)

  • Sunny Gupta

    Well Defined List Of great Plugins Harsh !

    I am looking for the Plugin which You use on Left-Center Side, that three Buttons-Twitter,FB, RSS.

    Looking Forward For Your Reply.

  • Roy Chukwu C.

    I have just updated my plugins after reading this post.

    I must confess thank you for your support.

    Hope my blog will grow soon.


  • RealTimeTricks

    I was searching for the name of the plugin you use to highlight the Headline you give to your paragraph but didn’t found in your list means you have not publish the full list of your plugins?

  • Rajinder Singh

    simply awsome.. plugins worked for me perfectly. i searched for two days and now i m here and got what i wanted thanks to harsh..!

  • Deepanshu

    Hi Harsh….which plugin r u using to show the 3 icons (which appear on left even when we scrool down) of facebook, twitter and rss ? :-)

  • Atul@TechOfWeb

    Nice list…
    I am going to install some of these plugins from ur list as Smart 404 WordPress plugin and WP Touch iPhone


  • Lalit

    Excellent list Harsh…!! I loved it!!

  • Mohammed Fouzan A

    Hi Harsh,
    Nice Post. I want to know which plugin you use for this facility.

    check this link it is an image. I need to know how u put frames for your sub-headings. So i can use it in my blog as well as for guest post in your blog.

  • Jg

    I am using adsense but not on that particular site.That’s why I’m asking for Search plugin if you know will be great help.
    Thank you.

  • jg

    Could you suggest me a Search plugin for wordpress. Currently i’m using “Search Unleashed” but i’m not satisfied with it.Please suggest me the most reliable plugin for wordpress based site.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Why don;t you use Google based search? If you are using Adsense on your blog, adsense for search would be most effective and most important it will make some money for you.

  • Tracey in IN

    Great list! I used this and your previous list for multi-author sites in setting up my multi-author site.

    One question I was hoping to get answered by reading this post: what are you using so individual authors can track their traffic? Is there a plugin out there that will let them see their Adsense as well as the site’s?


  • Jose Tinto

    Great list Harsh. I just installed After The Deadline plugin on my blog.

    I recommend all bloggers to use ‘Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu’ plugin. It really saves the time of administration.

  • kbharathb

    Amazing plugins, i was in confusion of which plugins to use in my wordpress blog, and finally here is a great list which i can follow……………thanks for this plugins list.

  • Sourish

    long list , even i dont use that many plugins . Nothing less than a VPS can hold that much memory load

  • Nauman

    There are many plugins available for wordpress. A blogger may have many substitutes available for a plugin. But a blogger must activate only those plugin on his/her blog which does not effect the loading time of the blog.
    Try to keep plugin on your blog as minimum as possible.

  • Zeeshan Khan

    I m from Pakistan, Really you guys awesome, i got lots of information i will use them for my blog I really like your post, thnx for sharing your secrets.

  • Santel

    Thank Harsh, I never try Quick Adsense, this is something i was looking for to insert directly the adsens code inside the post,

  • Shennan T.

    What a great list of plug-ins. I’m gonna check out a few of them for sure. Thanks!

  • Ajith Edassery

    Oh man! That’s way too many plugins.. a good stress test for the WordPress platform :)

    I have just 11 or 12 plugins. I want to make it below 10, but it’s not happening.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Even it’s a big stress for my Hosting but glad I’m on VPS so they can handle this much load.. :)
      Damn!! 11-12 is too less…Why don’t you also share your WordPress plugin list.. :)

  • Mani Viswanathan

    Thanks man for sharing the list. You use quite a bit of plugins. Two – three were new me (Smart 404, Wp Status Notify, Smooth Slider) Will install the first one for now, rest when needed :-)

  • Sathish

    Harsh you have mentioned the WaterMark reloaded plugin. But when you insert images from Flickr, the watermarks are missing in them. Are u using any other plugin to upload images other than the wordpress default option? Please let me know.

  • George Serradinho

    Wow, 30 plugins listed above and your site still loads fast.

    At this stage I have around 19 plugins as I have created my own customized widgets for ads and subscription. I find it better to create my own so that I can customize it the way I want.

    I must say that my best plugin would be GoCodes, it has made life easier for me.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Go codes is one of my favorite too…
      I know 30 plugins is too much..actually I have almost 40+ plugin last month and I removed 10 of them a while back..Now working to lower down the no. to 25.. :)

  • Sagar Rai

    Bro, nice list but you are making way lot of plugin and simply increasing the loading speed of your site. I compared yours and labnol site. You sites takes too much of time to load. Plugins usage also contribute to loading speed.

    BTW I like the “After the deadline” plugin so I’m making use of it for my coming blogs.

  • Tinh

    Great list! I have used most of them and then remove 2/3 0f them to improve my blog loading time. Thanks

  • Namit Gupta

    Hey Harsh, I was wondering from the time I did the guest post at Shoutmeloud about how the watermark is automatically added to the images. I got the answer in this post. Thanks :-) this is a really useful post.

  • Roy Scribner

    WP Super Cache is still my favorite caching plugin, especially now that it will preload all the pages. If my blogs were on a more powerful server, W3TC might be better, but the compression almost doubled my page-load times, when I tried it. Smart 404 is great, too – definitely one of those “core” plugins that everyone should consider. Great list!

  • NITYIN @Himachal Live

    Hi Harsh
    Nice post. I have one question. I am also using the Enhanced Wp contact form on my blog but the alignment of the form is not good. Can you pls let me know how do I make the contact form better aligned as it is here on your blog?

  • Rajandran R

    Are you using any special subsciption plugin for your blog? I just want one like that in your blog?

    Iam looking for a feeburner subscription box along with twiiter, buzz , rss button subscription box

  • indihow

    Though I am pretty sure you know tons more than me about blogging stuff, I guess reducing the number of plugins would decrease the loading time of your web pages, and quite definitely Google has started taking that into account. Just a suggestion :)

  • Siddharth

    Great work.. this was actually i was about to ask you.. :)
    Installing some of these wonderful plugins on my blog now ..

    i would like to ask you.. why your page is reloading after few mins.. any plugins or coding or secrets ? ;)

  • Anterpreet

    Thanks for sharing. Really helpful

  • Shanker Bakshi

    Thats a good list, a complete mixture for design, SEO and user interface support. Some plugin mentioned above are new to me, let me check out. :-)

  • vijay

    These are great list of plug ins suggestions for all of us, My blog is recently migrated, so let me check this plug ins to add my blog…Thanking you mate :)

  • check

    Sorry man Harsh Agrawal but I have ever thought your native language is English. The language related plugin you recommend will soon be my choice. But it seem you are not interested in some smile related plugin Harsh. Your blog will be fresh and more emotional.

  • aatif

    Great list i will try to check plugins for my blog. thinking about what plugins u use . now got the answer

  • Tech-n-Tricks

    Sory! but u r using Captcha, bcoz when I was trying to add link in comments it redirected me to Captcha page.
    But I was not able to complete it, I was getting some error so I have not add a link to ur Previous post that Shows how to add Related Post without Plugin.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I’m using conditional captcha plugin. Which shows captcha only when your comment is marked as spam By akismet plugin. So when you insert the captcha, your comment land into comment moderation queue instead of comment spam folder.

  • Jens P. Berget

    Great list. I have only installed a few of the plugins, but will definitely take a closer look at the plugins on the list (especially after the deadline).

    I have installed a few that you didn’t mention, that’s disqus for my comments, Contact Form 7 for my comments, and PopUp Domination (paid) to build my list (for my newsletter).

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment Jens and do let me know which plugin you found useful from the list. I’m also trying pop up domination on my Webhosting blog and it seems very useful.

  • Tech-n-Tricks

    Thnx Harsh! I was asking 2 u from last 2 months. Final I got d ans.

    But I confuse about, r u rally using Captcha plugin for ur comments?

    And last try W3Total Cache at d place of wp Supper Cache, It Provides lots of more option. And if u r using WLW then there is on need of “Watermark reloaded” plugin bcoz less plugin u use less time it take to load. & also use Code to show related posts in wordpress at the place of YARPP

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your valuable comment. I will be using W3 cache soon as I will be using CDN.
      I will consider your opinion about using custom code for related post.

  • Chicken Soup

    Really useful plugins, but I think All in one SEO pack plugin is missing!

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I’m using Thesis WordPress theme which has inbuilt SEO functionalities. :)

      • Rabi

        And most SEO plugins conflict with Thesis and Genesis frameworks, unless you edit the framework itself but that would break upon update. Editing Child Theme is probably the solution, of which I am not sure what would child theme update cause and certainly isn’t my stuff! There isn’t much on editing themes on SML (Thesis, of course, is an exception).

  • Manish

    Nice list of plugins

    These are good number of plugins , I feel that one should not exceed above 20 plugins on his blog . I feel like around 6-7 plugins must be providing not more than 4-5% value in terms of performance/easyness . Its better to get rid of them , Its my view :)


    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment Manish.I’m considering disabling few plugins soon and replace them by using custom codes. :)

  • ashwin

    Hoh…these are many,is tr any prob by usage of these much plugins?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Ashwin using many WordPress plugins slow down WordPress blog. You might like to read: How many WordPress plugins we should use.

      • pushkaar

        Dear Harsh,

        Nice and complete info of SML plugin…….but is there any way that we can add the plugin code in theme code to avoid slowdown as too much plugin slow down the performance. I mean objective is to not slow down the web.

        • Harsh Agrawal

          Yes, you can always add the functionalities in the theme itself…For this you need to know coding, or you can hire a WordPress developer to do it for you… Using code directly have many advantages compared to using a plugin. Though, coding is not everyone cup of tea, so to make things simpler, plugins are useful.


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