40 Stunning Ways to Advertise Your Online Business

advertise online businessAdvertising allows us to present our brand, product or service to the public, report their main features, persuade or encourage the purchase or use of our product, and make them remember about our existence. Advertising can bring you a lot of exposure and thereby profit. So for every products or services, advertising is inevitable. Without that you are losing a great opportunity to conquer your market.

We have already discussed some of the creative ways to promote your business and if you missed them, check out following articles:

If you are looking for advertising your online business brand, product or service, but still does not know how, here are 40 easy ways to advertise your business online and offline. You  can opt these methods for effective advertising.

Advertise your Online Business Like Pro

  1. Advertise on television: Costly, But helps us to reach a mass amount of people.
  2. Advertise on radio: Almost little audience, but still it has huge potential.
  3. Publish a notice in a newspaper: you can either create a section related to your product or service, or in the classified section.
  4. Publish an ad in a magazine: For example, in a journal related to the theme of our product or service.
  5. Yellow pages: You can use a physical directory or yellow pages online.
  6. In Internet classifieds: for example, Craigslist. It has large importance as far as advertising is concerned
  7. Publish the address of your website in web directories: Directories either generic, for example, Dmoz, or subject directories, for example, country business directories.
  8. Publish in PTC sites: for example, inClixSense, neobux etc.
  9. Rent ad space on web sites or pages: for example, sites that provide opportunity to place your ads on them in exchange for a periodic payment. Buysellads is one of the best place to start with, and you can check out this blog listing here.
  10. Rent advertising space in platforms on the Internet: for example, in a online game you can buy banner space to advertise your product if it is related to that.
  11. Rent ad space on applications for smartphones.check out iAds for brands.
  12. Use online advertising programs: For example, the program AdWords from Google, which allows us to automatically publish our report in different web sites or pages, and pay only for clicks that people make in it.
  13. Advertise on Facebook: Similar to the previous case, only our ad appears on the profile pages of Facebook users.
  14. Search engine advertising: similar to the earlier case, only our ad appears in search results of search engines, for example, in the Google search results.
  15. Send advertisements or advertising messages via email: Either to customers who have previously given us your email address, or people who have subscribed to our newsletter.
  16. Rent a stall or stand in any local or international fair where we promote our products or services.
  17. Enable a tasting station where we promote our products: for example, in a market, supermarket, shop or warehouse.
  18. Participate in an event or activity where we can promote our brand: for example, in a sports competition where our team wear T-shirts with the logo of our company.
  19. Organize an event or activity where we can promote our brand: for example, a fashion show where we disclose our clothing.
  20. Sponsor a person or institution: for example, any sports personality in the local media, in exchange for using our brand products.
  21. Send a note or press release to newspapers or other media: for example, one in which we communicate the approach of an event organized by us.
  22. Participate in social networks: for example, post a link on Facebook or Twitter directed towards an attractive note posted on our company blog.Read: Benefits of Social media for business.
  23. Upload video to YouTube: for example, one show where one of our products doing something no other competing product could do.
  24. Print or advertising posters placed on the outside of our company vehicles: for example, in our vans.
  25. Rent space in the outer third vehicle we place on them for our films or posters advertising: such as, in public transport vehicles that offers this possibility.
  26. Advertise on the uniforms of our workers.
  27. Advertise on our everyday clothes: for example, in advertising we have sent shirts to make and we use whenever we go out into the street.
  28. Advertise on the packaging of our products: for example, we use boxes for transport.
  29. Advertise on the bags delivered to our customers so they can transport our products when you purchase them.
  30. Rent ad space on a sign or panel located on public roads.
  31. Place a sign or poster at the front of our store.
  32. Send designed brochures.
  33. Designing and sending out flyers.
  34. Distribute business cards: Get a creative business card for your online business and when ever you meet people in event, meetups, pass them one. Make sure your card speaks about your brand and what your business can do for them.
  35. Distribute advertising calendars: whether wall, desktop or pocket.
  36. Give away merchandise items such as pens, key chains, bottle openers, caps and T-shirts that have the logo of our company.
  37. Word of mouth advertising: By providing a quality product to customer, they will obviously recommend your product for others.
  38. Organize a Seminar or event in your niche. This will be very beneficial in branding of your business and makes new long term relations.
  39. Start a new Blog in your Niche: One of the most cost effective and getting free traffic from search engine. Will help you to lower down your advertisement cost and you can advertise your business on your own blogs. You may or may not disclose your company relation with blog.
  40. Keep Reading ShoutMeLoud for more such tips and ideas. :)

These are some conventional but yet most effective ways to advertise your online business. Always remember, best of advertising return comes when you take an unconventional route. For example, if you remember Godaddy super bowl ads, which created lots of controversy but by the end of the day they managed to grab lots of customer. You don’t have to hire a Sexy model to do a video shoot for your brand, but use the creativity or take advantage of controversial marketing to make most out of it.


You don’t have to pick all these 40 ideas, but pick few of these which you can start and carry on for long-term. For example, if you still don’t have a Business card, go and get one. It’s cheap or if you using latest printer at home, you can create and print one for yourself. If you are great with your PR skills, plan out an event and find some sponsors, a successful event will give you great exposure and a new identity to your online business.

Do let us know which advertising technique you are using for your Online business and what is working out for you?

This is a guest post by Lewis Hooker who contributes at iflexion.com . If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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  1. Sherri says

    I’m new with affiliate marketing. I wanted to find creative and cost effective ways for advertising my new business. I will definitely be using this list and give you an update later. Thanks for this valuable imformation.

  2. Gary says

    This is a great list, but I know about an effective way that cost me nothing to do, called http://www.boostasite.com , it will help any website or small business owners promote their products online, and its free. I have been using it everyday, it allows boosting back to number 1, a nice way to stay at the top of your category.

  3. Derricks says

    Very very good list for advertising and promotion of your Business but tv , radio and newspaper are good way to promote Business at large scale but these are costly but using blog, yellow pages and social media web sites are very easy way to promote your Business at free of cost and at large scale also,thanks for.

  4. icreongame says

    Really a nice post. Online Advertising is soul of any business. Your suggestion will definitely help budding entrepreneur to get maximum out of online marketing.

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    Commenting on this site after months as I had some problem in accessing this site. Anyways about the post, before we always talked about buying ads and social media to advertise our business but here you have showed many ways. Thanks for this. And yeah! it’s good to be back. :P

  6. ashish says

    really very good list for advertising and promotion of your Business but tv , radio and newspaper are good way to promote Business at large scale but these are costly but using blog, yellow pages and social media web sites are very easy way to promote your Business at free of cost and at large scale also.

  7. Amit Giri says

    great list, i think Facebook is the most cheapest and effective method of all to promote Your Online Business

  8. Hamza Sheikh says

    I am already using couple of these ways to promote my stuff in the online and offline world. Users love the unique, and interactive ways of marketing the content.

  9. akhilendra says

    Very Good List, One should select the advertising method based upon the niche and target audience. For a small it may not worth putting money in TV advertising and Facebook Ads could be a very good option for them.