7 Tactics You Must Follow to Market Your Blog in 2024

Tactics to Market Your Blog
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Blogging is developing as a career choice for many individuals right from an early age. Many individuals have quit their regular jobs and successfully pursued a great career out of blogging.

These Pro bloggers have inspired many youngsters around the globe to choose blogging as their prime career option.

But, let me tell you one thing, blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you consider every blogger on the globe, the success ratio of bloggers is quite low compared to failures.

Blogging may look easy from the outside but thanks to the competition and the creativity that goes behind the art of blogging, not everyone is successful at this mighty career choice. Having said that, I don’t want to demoralize you as a blogger.

What I am trying to say here is that blogging too requires a similar amount of hard work, focus, determination, and positive attitude as any other career choice. Don’t enter the blogging industry believing it to be an easy career option.

Note: Some of these tasks could be a repeated tasks that you can assign to a virtual assistant. This way, you could offload a part of your work and focus on creating and building.

What Do You need to know to market Your blog in 2024?

With the competition reaching its peak, it is never easy to gain success at blogging but following the right methods combined with hard work and a bit of luck on your side, you could too achieve the success as the blogging heroes mentioned above.

Over time, the success mantra for blogging has changed a lot.

Today, to be successful at blogging, you must follow these marketing tactics to promote your blog:

1. Syndicate content on other platforms:

Content syndication is the method of resharing your content on other popular and established platforms. This could be a network, another blog or a media house.

The two which are easy to work with are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Medium

You can Syndicate “X” number of posts every week on these platforms. Apart from gaining more traffic, it also helps in adding more SEO value to your blog.

However, its important that you read about canonical tag and my guide on how to republish on Medium to understand the fundamental of content syndication.

Takeaway task: 

  • Make a list of Google sheet with the article that you want to syndicate. 
  • Assign “X” number of article every week to be syndicated.

X could be any number depending upon how big your blog is. For ShoutMeLoud, The value of X is: 3

2. Network with Fellow Bloggers

Bloggers Networking
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Many bloggers don’t interact with the fellow bloggers. There’s a famous phrase in the blogging industry that says, “Sharing is Caring”. The success of your blog today relies on how influential it is among the social media crowd. In order to get better social media attention, it is must that others share your blog post on popular social media channels.

But, why would anybody or a blogger share your posts on their social media channels?

Either you need an excellent write up, infographic or video that attracts many eyeballs or you can network with fellow bloggers, share their articles and they are likely to return the favor. Even for a viral content, you need initial shares from few social media influential users before it becomes viral.

Networking with other bloggers may also generate quality links for you. By interaction, I don’t mean pinging them on their IMs daily.

You can network with these bloggers by following them on Facebook or Twitter as well as regularly commenting on their latest blog posts with your feedback.

This way, you may bring your blog to their attention and they may consider your blog as an entry for their next list of popular blogs. If lucky, these bloggers may also follow your updates and share it on social media.

Takeaway task:

  • Create a Google sheet, and create a list of 7-8 bloggers with whom you wish to connect this year.
  • In every column, add their Twitter, Instagram and Blog URL
  • Engage on a weekly basis for 30 minutes

Guest blogging has gained huge popularity in the last couple of years. However, many newbie bloggers either ignore this tactic or do it wrong.

Guest blogging is also an essential tool for link building but doesn’t consider it only as a link building technique. It is much more than that.

If you can get your posts published on top-notch blogs such as ShoutMeLoud.com, you will generate a lot of referral traffic to your blog from the link in your author byline.

Not just that, being published on top blogs in your niche also establishes you as an influential person in the blogging industry garnering much attention on you as well as your blog.

Many bloggers or webmasters have ruined this tactic by using this method just to generate links only for SEO purposes that today Google is very strict with Guest Blogging tactics and penalizes your blog if you overdo it.

These spammers have also forced many Pro-bloggers to block guest blogging or limit to a few per month on their blogs. For me, guest blogging is an ideal tool where you can get the share of the traffic generated by any popular blog through your guest posts and thereby grow your influence in the industry.

Many blogging gurus do suggest that you must choose similar niche blogs for Guest Blogging. I agree with this suggestion but not completely.

If you could get your article published on a highly popular blog as ShoutMeLoud.com, then you must do it irrespective of whether it is the same niche as yours or not. Such a high authority blog might not benefit you regarding SEO but you would generate good amount of referral traffic and popularity.

Also, many newbie bloggers believe that a single guest post is enough on a particular blog and they try to post 100 articles on 100 different blogs. I am not questioning this tactic but as my personal view, I believe that you will benefit much more if you post those 100 articles on 20 popular blogs (attributing 5 posts each for every blog).

  • Check out: List of quality blogs that accept guest posts

4. Thoroughly Optimize your Blog for Search Engines

With the growth of Social Media all over the internet, many bloggers are focusing on developing a brand and influence among the social media crowd at the cost of ignoring the search engines completely.

I totally agree with the fact that it is the best time to develop your brand and influence among different social media channels to keep the pace up with the industry but it shouldn’t be at the cost of ignoring the search engine traffic.

Almost 60-70% of the traffic generated by the top-notch blogs all around the globe comes from Search Engines. Hence, it is extremely important to optimize each of your blog posts for search engines before you hit the publish button.

Before you start writing an article about a certain topic, go for a thorough keyword analysis using different keyword tools available on the web. Find the right keywords which have the potential to generate decent traffic as well as easy to rank on different search engines. Craft your article around these potential keywords but don’t mess it up with keyword stuffing unnecessarily.

Next, use SEO plugins to create proper SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions for each post and also make sure to use proper heading tags within the post and alt tags over images for better SEO advantage before you hit the publish button.

Another important thing that many ignore is interlinking your posts within the blog. Yes, link building, in fact, must start from your blog itself. Such interlinking will help your blog in terms of SEO as well as help reduce the bounce rate of the traffic generated to your blog.

Become Active on Popular Forums
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The best way to become successful at blogging is to follow the footsteps of highly influential and successful Pro bloggers.

Isn’t it?

No, it is not. First and foremost, it took years for these Probloggers to get on the peaks of their blogging career so you don’t know what they went through and what strategies they used to become a successful blogger.

Secondly, the strategies or tactics effective then may not be effective now. Hence, you must set your own path. However, you can take their guidance about new marketing strategies through their latest blog posts or by interacting with them personally. The best place for such interaction is a forum or community group.

There are many bloggers and field experts (those who are experts in their respective fields) who engage a lot with others through community forums.

If you consider yourself as an expert in your industry or niche then you must be regular on popular forums within your niche. Else, you can also post your queries, feedback or updates on these forums to get reactions from fellow members.

Being an active member of the forum can help you build a quality network of people who are interested in your activities on the forum as well as on your blog. They will follow you on your social media channels and keep visiting your blog on a regular basis as you gain popularity in the forum.

On the other hand, you could also interact with other forum members and be friends with on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to grow your network.

Many bloggers simply stay on their blog, visit other blogs and believe that their blog will generate traffic automatically. Most of them don’t even know about the importance of forum sites.

Being active on forums can help you garner knowledge, network with like-minded people, build links to your blog and generate a good amount of traffic to your blog if planned smartly. Here are two articles that you should read:

6. Attract Readers and Not only Search Engines

Attract Readers
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As mentioned above, search engines are the primary source of traffic for almost every successful blog out there. However, it doesn’t mean that you work as a blogger ends once you generate a decent amount of search engine traffic.

A blog is successful not because of the amount of traffic it generates regularly but it becomes successful when it gets a decent amount of subscribers or readers.

A blog with 1000 subscribers is much better than a blog that generates 1000 views per day according to me because the subscribers are for a lifetime while the traffic may fluctuate overtime.

Look at other successful blogs around you. Each one of them is highly influential not because it generates a lot of traffic. They are influential because of their brand value which is achieved on a number of subscribers the blog has received.

Today, the blog subscriptions are not restricted to RSS or Newsletter subscriptions alone. With the popularity of Social Media world, the followers on your Twitter handle, fans of your Facebook Page, Followers on Instagram and other social media channels are also considered as subscribers as they will be notified about every post you publish through these channels.

Hence, generate traffic from search engines, but while doing that, you must also find a way to convert these traffic into subscribers or readers.

7. Promote Yourself as a Blogger

Blog Promotion Tactics
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Lastly, you must promote yourself too along with your blog. Look at top bloggers like Harsh Agrawal or Syed Balkhi for instance. You know them personally through their blog irrespective of the fact that you never met them face to face.

These top notch bloggers become highly influential in the industry because they endorsed themselves too while promoting their blogs.

Such an influence help them generate friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels in addition to the already popular blog profiles.

Due to such influence, they can also promote their blog posts on their personal social media profiles. Hence, you must promote yourself as a blogger alongside your blog.

I have seen many blogs with high-quality posts without any author profile or picture.

Many of these blogs are a part of micro-niche sites created by individuals just to make money online who keep it private to avoid competition.

As per my personal view, I don’t consider them as bloggers, but marketers or webmasters and I have nothing against those folks as we all are here to make money after all. However, apart from these micro-niche sites, there are still many blogs without author profile.

I never understood the psychology behind posting as “Admin” when you write good quality articles and should be proud as the writer or blogger. These bloggers don’t understand the importance of promoting themselves as they endorse their blogs when they could benefit highly from it.

That’s it.


There are many SEO strategies available all over the blogging industry that guide you to generate quality traffic to your blog. But generating SEO traffic alone won’t be enough to create a successful blog in 2024.

Make up your mind if you want to be successful at blogging and follow the above-mentioned marketing tactics to develop an influential and successful brand around your blog.

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Rajeesh Nair is a freelance content writer and a part-time blogger. He is an avid reader and believes in expressing his opinions through writing. At PickDigest, he shares his views on the modern lifestyle trends.

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  1. Irfan Afzal

    Great Article Rajish Bro this Article will help me too much for promoting my blog and recently I started My Blog because I was reading Article of Harsh Agarwal Sir and I motivate so much and I started my New Blog

  2. Mayank Neralla

    Hi Rajeesh,

    Nice article. I will certainly follow your advice in my two blogs. They are very helpful. I want to ask you if I post a software testing blog say on shoutmeloud.com. Will it help as you have mentioned that even though the blog may be different it might come into view of other people?

  3. Great post Rajeesh!

    What I really like, is the fact that you must promote yourself as an influencing blogger. I think people will also trust you more if your name is well-known.

    Thanks again for these powerful tips.


  4. Carl

    I really enjoyed that post!!!!

    Love the common sense factor along side with the overwhelming years of experience.

    As a very much “rookie” blogger, just want to leave my first message ever!!! and say cheers, for the outstanding heads up!

    Very inspiring. I’m off to put this to good work!

    Thanks again

  5. Amit Pathak

    Very helpful article, Recently, I have also started my own blog, I have few questions that I want to share with you. My blogging industry is Bollywood and cricket. My question is, can I link famous external websites like Wikipedia, ESPN, TOI in the post?
    For example, If I am writing about Indian player, can I hyperlink Virat Kohli profile from ESPN or Crickbuzz?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Amit,

      Yes, you can.

  6. Abhinav Mishra

    Hi Rajeesh,

    Each channel works nicely.

    I need to use videos to promote my services more regularly. Using new, varied channels appeals to readers across their preferred channels. Some dig Youtube, others reading posts.

    Smart post

  7. Nayan Kariya

    Hello Rajeesh…Nice article…I am a beginner in blogging. To learn more I decided to take part in different group. Along with that, I am also communicating with bloggers. It is really helptul to me. Thanks for nice tips.

  8. Ash

    While it’s certainly getting harder and harder to do exactly what you listed out, Rajeesh, these are still worth gold. Networking, commenting, socializing, producing content, and then repeating all of that, again and again. Such is the life of a blogger, eh?

  9. Blessed

    Awesome Post. But ever since matt cutts descriibed guest posting as black hat seo alot of sites has disabled this feature.

    Its not easy finding authoritative sites accepting guest posts these days.

    1. Rajeesh Nair

      There’s where networking with the bloggers comes into play. It’s all about communicating with the bloggers and pitching about Guest Posting at the right time…

  10. Muhammad Haris

    Hi Rajeesh Nair, Awesome article although you if your search engine traffic will lose. You will connect your reader with social media. Awesome stuff I love that 10/10 🙂

    1. Rajeesh Nair

      Thanks Muhammad Haris,

      It is highly important to know your readers well to be successful at blogging. Building readership for your blog requires a lot of work and one must never ignore any kind of networking opportunity whether its online or offline…

  11. Md Hamim Mondal

    Hi Rajeesh,

    Great information.
    All of these points are old for me except one point. Where you say write a post about Top popular bloggers to get more interaction.

    BTW thanks for this awesome post.

    1. Rajeesh Nair

      Thanks Md Hamim Mondal,

      Yes, these points are well-known but most of the bloggers don’t follow them. I have seen many bloggers getting carried away with Guest Blogging and micro niche sites. They don’t invest much time on their blogs or at networking and get disappointed quickly…

      The points I mentioned above is a blueprint that would help a blogger market both him/herself and the blog effectively…

  12. Rohit Dwivedula


    You said Bloggers need to be active on popular forums. I’m taking a wild guess in the dark and am guessing that you’re on the popular platform http://www.quora.com

    Could you point me to your Quora profile? I wanted to see a live example.


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