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When ever we talk about a useful post, it’s always incomplete without a beautiful and relevant image. (See: How images enhances your blog post) Images also help in better optimization of your post but at the same time they increase the loading time. Specially, when we all know that search engines like faster loading blog, using too many images might not be a great idea. But how about those posts which are incomplete without screenshots? More over, I follow minimum of one image/post to add another level of beauty in the presentation of my post.

Smush it WordPress Plugin

A quick solution to add those heavy images on your blog post without compromising load time of your page is to optimize images. When I talk about optimisation, it means reducing the size of images without compromising on the quality. Doing it manually is a headache, as you have to process every single image and if you are using bulk image compression software’s like JPEG Advance compressor and so on. But again, this will be time consuming and it’s always a good idea to work smartly more than working hard. is an online service from Yahoo which helps you to compress your image without degrading the size. There is also a WordPress plugin call which does the same thing and once you install and activate this plugin, when ever you upload an image, it will be compressed automatically. This will not effect the quality of your image and most important you don’t have to miss out on any image because of it’s loading time.

When was launched, only available option was to smush (Compress) the images which are uploaded after activation of the plugin, but latest version added a new feature call Bulk This feature, compresses all old images on your WordPress image folder and this is very helpful in reducing your load time for old posts. In case, if you have a huge blog or blog with tons of images, you might like to put your blog in maintainance mode and compress all old images.

Some of the features of

  • stripping meta data from JPEGs
  • optimizing JPEG compression
  • converting certain GIFs to indexed PNGs
  • stripping the un-used colors from indexed images

It’s always a better idea to lower down the image load size this will decrease the blog loading time. You can check your page load time using Pingdom and iwebtoool.

Here is a screenshot of my image gallery on WordPress and it clearly shows how much of bytes this plugin saved from each of my images:

WP Image compression

Even if you are using any CDN or serve images from sub-domain, you should use this plugin as it compresses and reduce the size of images at the time of uploading, so even with CDN, will make your blog loading faster.

Download plugin

I have already added in the list of plugins which we use on ShoutMeLoud and it’s one of those essential WordPress plugins that you shouldn’t miss. Since speed is one of important factor in search engine ranking, we can’t afford to miss this.

Do let us know how do you optimize images on your blog? Do you use WordPress plugin or any other similar plugin or software?

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  1. says

    Awesome post. Clap clap clap!
    Problems mentioned above by commenters were solved.. about breakeages and needing to pay for the plugin?

    Harsh, What would you consider a huge blog or a blog with tons of images?

    I have a blog of 155 posts with about 250 images here

    Will I really need to put in maintenance mode? If so, how would you do that ? With a plugin?

  2. says

    Hi Harsh, I am getting an alert from wp smush it plugin saying that the free services would be stopped – If it is stopped then are there any alternatives for wp smush it. ?

  3. Rohan says

    Hey Harsh,from 2-3 days i’m facing problem with smushit plugin. It says error posting to ,i don’t know what is the problem. I’m the only one who is facing this issue or there are others also.

  4. says

    i have never added any image compressing plugins for my blog. But the size of the image automatically gets converted into 300*168 once i add the image in editor. when i try to enlarge it, the image lose its quality but size remains same. how can i enable it to display with the actual size??

  5. Haroon Ansar says

    Whenever I have searched about this topic , I found just one solution that convert your images into Jpeg or Png image before uploading .
    But after reading this useful post I think almost my problem solved . thanks for sharing this Plug in . I am going to try it on my blog .

  6. VISHAL VERMA says

    Now I use Google Page Speed Service on Ebuzznet, so I don’t need extra plugins like, lazy load, caching etc… Website loads very fast…

  7. says

    Thank you very much harsh, my blog was taking almost 11 seconds to load homepage because of feature images and other iamges. Now it is taking almost 6 seconds to load, Thanks for letting me know about this plugin! thumbs up

  8. Abrar Mohi Shafee says

    I think, WP is a truly amazing plugin to reduce the page loading time. The most images take effect on page loading. By using this plugin, all of them will be reduced.