5 Best Hosting for High Traffic WordPress Sites in 2024?

Best High Traffic WordPress Hosting
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HostingKey FeaturesStarting PlanDiscount Link
1. Kinsta✓ Free SSL, CDN & Staging
✓ Free website migration
✓ 35 global data center locations
✓ Enterprise-level DDoS protection
✓ 24/7 support in 7 languages
✓ 30-day money-back guarantee
Starter Plan

Enterprise plan
(For high traffic)
Get Started
2. Nestify✓ Unlimited visitors and sites
✓ Free website migration
✓ CDN & DDoS Protection
✓ Free SSL & Staging environments
✓ 60-day money-back guarantee
✓ 24×7 Expert Support
risk-free trial)
Get Started
3. Cloudways✓ Flexible Hosting plans
✓ User-friendly dashboard
✓ Real-time server scale up or down
✓ 1-Click Free SSL Installation
✓ 24/7 Expert Support
(3-day trial
without CC)
Get Started
4. Pagely✓ Free SSL & Staging environments
✓ Excellent security features
✓ Daily backups to Amazon S3
✓ Powered by Amazon AWS
✓ Free-site migration of 2 sites
✓ Support available 24/7
499$ /moGet Started
5. WordPress VIP✓ Fast & reliable hosting
✓ DDoS protection
✓ Automated hourly backups
✓ Security/vulnerability patches
✓ Multisite availability
✓ Zendesk ticketing system
$25000/yearGet Started

So you started a business on WordPress, which could be a Woo-commerce website, A LMS or a content based blogging business. And like million others you started your journey with entry-level shared hosting. Now your WordPress website is getting great traffic & it’s becoming a source of your bread butter, just like mine.

One fine day, your existing hosting company emails you to “Buzz off” as they can’t handle your website load. In most cases, a non-technical entrepreneur or solopreneur would feel disheartened, dissatisfied & helpless. I had been in that situation when ShoutMeLoud traffic grew from hundreds of page views a day to 34k+ page views a day.

Have you ever felt a similar situation?

If your answer is “No”, then you are probably already on a hosting company that can handle high traffic sites or you are yet to experience the sweet taste of millions of page views.  This guide or call it your resource for hosting selection will help you to pick the hosting for your growing or overgrown site.

Another aspect that limits the growth of WordPress is the use of plugins.

WordPress can be great when you are utilizing the plugins. You will often see many WordPress users recommending you to limit the number of WordPress plugins as it would affect the loading time of your site.

This is partially correct & happens when you are using a badly coded plugin.

The reason you can’t make most out of plugins is the technical limitations of your hosting. If you are on shared hosting, you might have experienced it at least once. Haven’t you?

The right question that you should be asking right now is:

What is limiting your business growth at this point?

Is it the technology or your fear of growing big?

If it’s the technology, then you have little to worry about. As in today’s date hosting companies have understood the need for time & we have a few great options for hosting high traffic WordPress sites.

Today I will be sharing a list of those awesome WordPress hosting companies that are built to handle high-traffic sites. They are not going to be as cheap as shared hosting companies which typically come in the range of $3-$10/month. But these awesome companies would ensure your website can handle the growth that you are anticipating.

What to look for in high-traffic WordPress hosting

Pricing –

If you are a business which is in growth stage, pricing may not be your biggest pain point. However, in the category of hosting you are shopping in, you need to be mindful of hosting pricing. Because this cost will keep increasing your business will grow, and you need to find the hosting company that will give you value for money. Here I have hand-picked those hosting companies that offers great resources at a reasonable price.

Customer support –

One thing that could be a real time-waster for you or your marketing head, and that could impact your business a lot. Running a WordPress-based website requires you to install multiple plugins, and it is common to have plugin conflicts, or technical issues. You would want to work with a hosting that offers customer support who understands WordPress so that you don’t have to waste your or your team’s countless hours on petty issues.

When I moved from my previous hosting to Kinsta (as I was searching for scalable WordPress hosting), I started paying 6-7X of what I was paying earlier, but I ended up saving. a significant amount of money by getting world-class support.

WordPress Hosting high availability

Downtime of a Website is bad for any business, as it is like your office is shut. But there are second degree impact of such downtime, such as:

  • SEO – Google does not like website which goes down every now and then. You are often de-ranked because of this, so it is must have to be with a hosting that offers 100% uptime.
  • PPC – If you are running paid ads to drive traffic to your store or to your content, your traffic would not convert, and it would be a total loss for you.

In short, you need a high available hosting that promise and deliver 100% uptime.

Caching –

Most of the hosting in the scalable category offers in-built caching. Now, you need to understand that caching for a content based site vs. caching for a woo-commerce store will be different. The hosting company should have enough experience and support for different types of WordPress site made on WordPress. I have carefully selected only those hosting that offers custom caching solution which are upn to date as per today’s standard, and helps you to get green color in the Google page speed insights.


A content delivery network is a must-have for any kind of website. It helps you serve your pages faster to users in different countries. If you are curious about this technology, read my earlier guide on What is CDN. Most of the hosting companies listed below offers CDN which is included in their package, and help you to save money on 3rd party WordPress CDN services.

There are more features that you should consider when looking for a new host for your high traffic website, and one of them is :

Free migration – If you have a tech team or web development person, you would not have an issue here. But, if you are a small business and doing everything of your own, you should look for a hosting that helps you migrate your WordPress site from old hosting to new one.

Below listed hosting companies are time-tested and have a proven record to handle high traffic volume sites like yours. Not only the will become a reliable house for your WordPress site, they will be the growth partner in your success.

High Traffic WordPress Hosting Providers:

Let’s have a look at those hosting companies that you can trust for your growing WordPress website and business:

1. Kinsta Managed Hosting

Kinsta WordPress Managed Hosting
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Kinsta hosting is top in the managed WordPress hosting as they build specially for hosting heavy WordPress sites. If you like technical details, they use Nginx,  PHP7-FPM, Redis, and Object cache to make your site blazing fast. I have experienced a loading time of less than 1 second for ShoutMeLoud.

My experience with them is great so far, and their tech support is par excellent. Their entry-level hosting plan starts with $35/month which lets you host 1 WordPress site.

High traffic websites should look at their Enterprise plans which start at $675/month. You can learn more about their pricing & offers over here.

What you would like the most is their excellent customer support. When my site shifted to PHP7.X on the Kinsta Google cloud platform, I faced a lot of issues because of using a few outdated WordPress plugins.

Their team including CEO ‘Mark Gavalda‘ helped me at every point to fix all the issues. I have never had such a royal experience with any other WordPress hosting.

If you are looking for the best solution for your growing WordPress blog, you should host it on Kinsta Hosting. Once you have made the decision, their friendly support team will migrate your site for free.


  • Pricing is competitive & service quality is excellent.
  • 35 server location
  • Free website migration on all plans
  • SSD storage
  • Free Website backup
  • Staging & Free SSL


  • The entry-level package is $35/month, which offers limited resources.

After running ShoutMeLoud on Kinsta hosting for the last two years, I could say it’s a top-notch solution for heavy traffic WordPress blogs. You can read a detailed review of Kinsta hosting here.

2. Nestify (Scalable WordPress hosting)

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Nestify is an underdog in the managed WordPress hosting space, that offers value for money in the high traffic hosting space. Unlike other hosting, they don’t charge based on traffic and offer unlimited visits and bandwidth.

Think of Nestify as an interface between a cloud service provider and your website. Be it a content based WordPress website or resource hungry Woocommerce website, the custom architect of Nestify and Cloud server powered by Amazon will ensure that your audience will never have a bad experience.

And for those who often get traffic spike due to media mentions, paid ads or other digital marketing techniques, they don’t have to worry about sever downtime or huge bills. With Nestify you can anytime upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan.

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Features of Nestify hosting:

  • Multiple hosting plans makes it easier to pick the right package for your website
  • Unlimited traffic and page views
  • CDN powered by Cloudflare business and Amazon (Free for you)
  • Free SSL using Letsencrypt or Cloudflare
  • Free Website migration service (No limitations)
  • If your website is hacked on old hosting – They will migrate and fix it for free
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Free Staging environments
  • Multiple server locations

3. Cloudways

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Before moving to Kinsta hosting, I was with Cloudways for 4 months & they were pretty good with their offering.

You can host your site on DigitalOcean server (DO), Linode, Google cloud platform, VULTR or Amazon AWS. They provide a custom dashboard that makes it easier for you to install a new WordPress site, or you can migrate all your existing WordPress Blogs. One of the best things about them is that you can host any Website using Cloudways & they are not only limited to WordPress. This also creates an issue with the support, as they are fine-tuned for all the platforms.

If you have basic knowledge of troubleshooting WordPress, I would suggest going for Cloudways. The major benefit which you would be getting here is the pricing which comes down to a cheaper price. You can also consider hosting your entry-level WordPress site with them, as their most reasonable plan comes for $10/month.

In short, you will be hosting your WordPress site on a Cloud server with no requirement for technical knowledge.

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  • Host on the DigitalOcean server or Google cloud.
  • Their dashboard is user-friendly.
  • Perfect for entry-level as well as enterprise-level websites
  • Scale up or down a server in real-time.
  • Pricing is cheap & you can customize your hardware requirement.
  • Offers 14 days of free trial & free site migration.


  • Support is average.
  • Too many options could be overwhelming.

4. Pagely

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Another top hosting option for high-traffic WordPress blogs. They also allow unlimited visits & their service quality & hardware offering is top-notch.

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You can pick the right plan for you from their seven different plans. Do notice the bandwidth column when picking up Pagely plans or you can always add additional bandwidth any day of the month.


  • WordPress multi-site support
  • Free-site migration of 2 sites

5. WordPress VIP

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If you are running an enterprise grade WordPress website, you can consider WordPress VIP. This is the hosting solution by the parent company behind WordPress, which is Automattic.

The price starts from $25000/year, and it might be more based on your HTTP requests. WordPress VIP also offers service level agreement, that would ensure that your mission critical business gets the attention it deserves.

More quality WP hosting options but with limited visits:

After all, the reason you are buying premium hosting is to handle the high traffic. Is int it?

This holds true when we think from a blogger’s perspective.

Now, WordPress is not limited to blogging & many businesses have their blog, job portal & many other use cases for WordPress. In many cases, the traffic requirement is less and the requirement of rock-solid infrastructure is more.

If you need enterprise-grade architecture for your WordPress site, here are some of the best options. Do pick their plan according to your monthly traffic requirement.

In the end, always remember, that there can never be a single recommendation as once your site is matured for having premium hosting, you need to consider factors like Pricing, features, scalability, support to pick the right hosting.

For a long I stopped myself from moving away from shared hosting to a WordPress managed hosting, but once I did; I never had to look back. Right now ShoutMeLoud is hosted on Kinsta hosting & you can see the performance yourself.

One major benefit which I have noticed after moving to Kinsta managed WordPress hosting is the scalability of WordPress.

I have already added custom post types ( Deals) and using EDD for ShoutMeLoud store. Even after adding so many features, I haven’t experienced any performance issues so far.

Here are a few more categories that you should check out:

Your turn to help the community:

How are you managing your high-traffic WordPress site? Comment with your monthly page views & hosting you are using for your WordPress website.

For further reading:

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

54 thoughts on “5 Best Hosting for High Traffic WordPress Sites in 2024?”

  1. William

    Hi Harsh,
    This is a really interesting post, so thanks for that.
    I’ve done some extensive testing, as I have a website that gains 30k a day visits and increasing at a rapid rate.

    WPX Hosting seems to be the quickest option. However, they do not dedicate much CPU per website. So, if you use plugins with ajax requests, such as this Thrive Comments plugin, they are not going to be happy and ask you to remove it or completely remove the hosting. It’s a shame as WPX use Litespeed servers, which are FAR quicker than NGINX which all competitors use.

    I think this is the case with all shared hostings.
    Kinsta, in my speed records, wasn’t all that fast. For me, I found the likes of Cloudways Digital Ocean and Cloudways Linode to be the quickest. However, it’s not truly managed and takes some understanding of how websites work. But, it might be worth using an expert to help you set up a site with Cloudways – I mean, if you only use an expert for a few hours a month, it’ll still be cheaper than Kinsta.

    1. @William
      That’s so many insights in a single comment.

      I think what WPXHosting is doing, has become a standard in the hosting industry. A lot of hosting have their own list of disallowed plugins. The only think I feel is they should revisit the “Disallowed plugin list” and update it with changing time & infrastructure.

      I have also noticed some slow down with Kinsta lately, and I will put a new website and do the speed test, to verify this hunch. Cloudways do provide great servers, but again for a busy website, support matters. I really like your idea of working with an expert, but the problem with this approach is, you are dependent on an individual.

      In the past, I have used a freelance admin to manage my private VPS, and it worked great for few months, but there was the time when the site was experiencing the issue, and it was hard to reach the guy due to a lot of issues. The cost of such downside is high (SEO impact), this is where I started moving to manage to host. I’m currently using Kinsta, but I’m always open to trying new, cutting edge hosting and technologies.

      I will update this article to write a new one, as I discover something more powerful.
      Thanks again for adding value.

  2. Rossi

    Hi, I have a reselling Webhosting account but one of my domains is using WordPress WooCommerce with WCFM and the domain is very slow even scoring PageSpeed Score (97%) YSlow Score (86%) Page Details Fully Loaded Time 6.0s Total Page Size 1.39MB Requests 36 and with Cloudflare installed. I want to switch to Cloudways, which of the plan or selection could be helpful? The Digitalone or Vultr? Thank you for the good jobs.

  3. Mom

    Hi. Which plan is better to use for a beginner who wants to earn a stable income, shared go pro or worpress hosting? Thank you.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Shared hosting is best to get started.

  4. Sudarshan

    I am currently on bluehost (shared server), and i have very low traffic… now renwal has arrieved. shall I go to wordpress.con hosting service??? would that increase my traffic?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      You should stick to self hosted WordPress on Bluehost. Work on SEO optimization & your traffic will improve.

  5. Manu

    Hi Harsh,

    I have one wordpress website with daily 10,000 page views, monthly more than 300000 page views and it’s hosted in Hostagator VPS, I was switched from shared hosting due to site traffic. for VPS i m paying 89$/m, Could you please suggest one good hosting package for me, i need to run my site without any issue also need morethan 100 GM space,

    How about Dreampress from dream host, https://www.dreamhost.com/hosting/wordpress/

    Do you have any recommendation?

  6. Kris

    I have been with BlueHost for over 6 months now and I must say, I’m really impressed with the service. I was with GoDaddy for a couple of years and it sucked I don’t even know why people consider it as one of the best website hosts–it’s clearly not. If there are any beginners reading this, I suggest you choose BlueHost as it truly is one of the best website hosts. I know that there are some bad comments about them on the internet but based on my experience they’re truly exceptional.

    1. Jaison

      Godaddy service is not good but their price is so cheap. i am hosting with Godaddy with Deluxe Plan(monthly unique visitors up to 1 lakh) for just 30 dollar for a year.

      1. Pooja

        My website traffic is increasing day by day. How can i migrate my hosting from godaddy to bluehost?

    2. nitin joshi

      i registered a domain with godaddy, is it possible to host my domain with bluehost or any other provider with a wordpress website?? if so ..how is it possible?let me know please

    3. Anil

      I am with Godaddy. Their support is very very awesome. I don’t think it’s bad. I too have experience.

  7. Thomas Zickell

    You forgot pantheon
    I use pagely, kinsta, pantheon, PressLabs & LW

    Pantheon is enterprise hosting you should add or check it out.

  8. Meghshyam

    I suggest every blogger to go for cloud hosting, don’t go for shared hosting who has high traffic.
    Shared hosting is cheap in price that why I choose to take it. But after few days as my web traffic increase shared hosting start giving error as it’s can’t handle more uptime user.

  9. Techam

    Thanks Harsh,

    This is an awesome writeup. Like you specified that this is for high traffic website in terms of wordpress hosting. I would therefore like to know when i may determine that my site is now ranking in the high traffic sites. Basing on the fact that hosting packages listed here are abit too expensive for startup bloggers.

  10. Soniya Sharma

    Thanks for this Harsh. Analysing metrics is one of my weak points as a marketer, but given how important it is, it’s something I’m working hard to improve, so quality stuff like this help a lot. Thanks for giving your valuable time and educating us.

  11. Jaswinder Kaur

    As usual the article is explained very well and in detail, which helps to understand the Hosting plan you need.

    Right now, my blog is only nine months old and just growing, so for that my existing hosting plan is good.


  12. Kualitatem

    i have to say its a perfectly explained and elaborated article. it really helps me to find out best managed word press hosting websites for high traffic sites. Thanks for sharing this interesting info.

  13. Pankaj Thakur

    Hello Sir, I am old in blogging world but i am not expert and i don’t know why i cant properly work on blogger..you please tell me some things about success in blog & tell me which hosting is better for WP please sir am big fab of u 🙂

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