Which Are The Best Hosting for High Traffic WordPress Sites in 2022?

Best High Traffic WordPress Hosting
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So you started blogging on WordPress our of passion & like million others you started your journey with entry-level shared hosting. Now your blog is getting great traffic & it’s becoming a source of your bread butter, just like mine.

One fine day, your existing hosting company emails you to “Buzz off” as they can’t handle your website load. In most of cases, a non-technical blogger would feel disheartened, dissatisfied & helpless. I had been that situation when ShoutMeLoud traffic grew from hundreds of page views a day to 34k+ page views a day.

Have you ever felt a similar situation?

If your answer is “No”, then you are probably already on a hosting company that can handle high traffic site or you are yet to experience the sweet taste of millions of page views.  This guide or call it your resource for hosting selection will help you to pick the hosting for your growing or overgrown site.

Another aspect that limits the growth of a WordPress blog is the use of plugins.

WordPress can be great when you are utilizing the plugins. You will often see many WordPress users recommending you to limit the number of WordPress plugins as it would affect the loading time of your site.

This is partially correct & happens when you are using a badly coded plugin.

The reason you can’t make most out of plugins is the technical limitations of your hosting. If you are on shared hosting, you might have experienced it at least once. Haven’t you?

The right question that you should be asking right now is:

What is limiting your blog growth at this point?

Is it the technology or your fear of growing big?

If it’s the technology, then you have little to worry about. As in today’s date hosting companies have understood the need for time & we have a few great options for hosting high traffic WordPress site. If your answer is later one (Fear of growing big), it’s time for you to read motivational & self-growth articles.

Today I will be sharing a list of those awesome WordPress hosting companies that are built to handle high-traffic sites. They are not going to be as cheap as shared hosting companies which typically come in the range of $3-$10/month. But these awesome companies would ensure your blog can handle the growth that you are anticipating.

High Traffic WordPress Hosting:

Let’s have a look at those hosting companies that you can trust for your growing WordPress blog.

1. Kinsta Managed Hosting

Kinsta hosting is top in the managed WordPress hosting as they build specially for hosting heavy WordPress sites. If you like technical details, they use Nginx,  PHP7-FPM, Redis, and Object cache to make your site blazing fast. I have experienced a loading time of less than 1 second for ShoutMeLoud.

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My experience with them is great so far, and their tech support is par excellent. Their entry-level hosting plan starts with $30/month which lets you host 1 WordPress sites.

High traffic websites should look at their Enterprise plans which start at $600/month. You can learn more about their pricing & offer over here.

What you would like the most is their excellent customer support. When my site shifted to PHP7.X on the Kinsta Google cloud platform, I faced a lot of issues because of using a few outdated WordPress plugins.

Their team including CEO ‘Mark Gavalda‘ helped me at every point to fix all the issues. I have never had such a royal experience with any other WordPress hosting.

If you are looking for the best solution for your growing WordPress blog, you should host it on Kinsta Hosting. Once you have made the decision, their friendly support team will migrate your site for free.


  • Pricing is competitive & service quality is excellent.
  • 20 server location
  • Free website migration on all plans
  • SSD storage
  • Free Website backup
  • Staging & Free SSL


  • The entry-level package is $30/month, which offers limited resources.

After running ShoutMeLoud on Kinsta hosting for the last two years, I could say it’s a top-notch solution for heavy traffic WordPress blog. You can read a detailed review of Kinsta hosting here.

2. Cloudways

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Before moving to Kinsta hosting, I was with Cloudways for 4 months & they were pretty good with their offering.

You can host your site on DigitalOcean server (DO), Linode, Google cloud platform, VULTR or Amazon AWS. They provide a custom dashboard which makes it easier for you to install a new WordPress site, or you can migrate all your existing WordPress Blogs. One of the best things about them is that you can host any Website using Cloudways & they are not only limited to WordPress. This also creates an issue with the support, as they are fine-tuned for all the platforms.

If you have basic knowledge of troubleshooting WordPress, I would suggest going for Cloudways. The major benefit which you would be getting here is the pricing which comes down to a cheaper price. You can also consider hosting your entry-level WordPress site with them, as their most reasonable plan comes for $10/month.

In short, you will be hosting your WordPress site on a Cloud server with no requirement for technical knowledge.


  • Host on the DigitalOcean server or Google cloud.
  • Their dashboard is user-friendly.
  • Perfect for entry-level as well as enterprise-level websites
  • Scale up or down a server in real-time.
  • Pricing is cheap & you can customize your hardware requirement.
  • Offers 14 days of free trial & free site migration.


  • Support is average.
  • Too many options could be overwhelming.

3. Pagely

Another top hosting option for high-traffic WordPress blogs. They also allow unlimited visits & their service quality & hardware offering is top-notch. The good thing about them is, they are affordable for entry-level bloggers to who have a limited budget.

pagely technology
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You can pick the right plan for you from their seven different plans. Do notice the bandwidth column when picking up Pagely plans or you can always add additional bandwidth any day of the month.


  • WordPress multi-site support
  • Free-site migration of 2 sites

More quality WP hosting options but with limited visits:

[Tweet “A hosting company should bill you for hardware or the service, but not for visits.”]

After all, the reason you are buying a premium hosting to handle the high-traffic. Is int it?

This holds true when we think from a blogger’s perspective.

Now, WordPress is not limited to blogging & many businesses have their blog, job portal & many other use cases for WordPress. In many cases, the traffic requirement is less and the requirement of rock-solid infrastructure is more.

If you need an enterprise-grade architecture for your WordPress site, here are some of the best options. Do pick their plan according to your monthly traffic requirement.

By the end always remember, there can never be a single recommendation as once your site is matured for having premium hosting, you need to consider factors like Pricing, features, scalability, support to pick the right hosting.

For long I stopped myself moving away from shared hosting to a WordPress managed hosting, but once I did; I never had to look back. Right now ShoutMeLoud is hosted on Kinsta hosting & you can see the performance yourself.

One major benefit which I have noticed after moving to Kinsta managed WordPress hosting is the scalability of WordPress.

I have already added custom post types ( Deals) and using EDD for ShoutMeLoud store. Even after adding so many features, I haven’t experienced any performance issues so far.

Tip for shared hosting user:

If your shared hosting is not giving any issue, stick to them as long as you could. Once you start getting hiccups, you should move to one of these above-mentioned quality high traffic website hosting for WordPress sites.

Here are a few more categories that you should check out:

Your turn to help the community:

How are you managing your high-traffic WordPress site? Comment with your monthly page-views & hosting you are using for your WordPress website?

For further reading:

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Best High Traffic WordPress Hosting
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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

54 thoughts on “Which Are The Best Hosting for High Traffic WordPress Sites in 2022?”

  1. Kinsta seems expensive for those who have average traffic.BlueHost India is useless and very slow.I tried personally and later I switch to Hostgator.
    However Harsh do you have any special coupon for Kinsta hosting.

  2. Thanks harsh for Posting this amazing article.
    But one thing I want to ask is
    what is the the perfect time to move our blog to these hosting websites?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      When your blog is growing fast (Traffic) or at times when you can’t add new features like Digital download store, more sub-domains or anything else due to limitations of current hosting, that’s the right time to make the switch.

  3. Aditya Singh

    Hello Harsh,
    i have purchased WordPress managed hosting from Godaddy, But the results are not satisfactory and there are so much restrictions. They are not even providing cPanel and can not have a subdomain. I want to shift from it to Hostgator, but don’t know how to do that. Can you help me?

  4. Surender kalyan

    Hello, Harsh sir!! I had started with Godaddy and there was some very serious problem as I was not able to post anything- showing 408 requested timeout error.within 3 days I have shifted to Bluehost plus plan after reading your reviews for Bluehost and everything is working great. Thanks

  5. Hi Harsh,
    As the traffic gets increased, it is obvious to shift to better hosting plan or altogether to either VPS or Dedicated server which is too costly if you are a new blogger. I heard of Digital Ocean as one of the cheapest in Cloud Hosting but need to check out cloudways was too as it looks less complicated than DO as DO requires a lot of Tech skills and bit complicated.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable post with details 🙂

  6. Well, i’m using Godaddy managed hosting for WordPress and getting around 1.5k visitors a day. It’s so far good as i’m concerned but it doesn’t allow the installation of W3 Total Cache and similar plugins.
    Harsh, How could i migrate from Godaddy to other hosting providers?

  7. I have tried Godaddy and Bluehost and have found them both good so far. But it’s always important to have information on what are the best hosting companies and their pros and cons. Thanks for the informative post.

  8. Alquileres Montevideo

    Hey Harsh, thanks for letting us know about the best hosting for WordPress. Right now I have a very low traffic website (around 1k visits a month) but I’ll keep this company’s names in mind when my traffic grows. Regards.

  9. Hi Harsh,
    Currently,I’m using 1&1 hosting on my another site. This hosting is not sluggish.
    Thanks for your good information.

  10. My WordPress Blog having 10000 visitor a day 30000 pageviews.. it increase day by day. so suggest me the best hosting at cheap price who manage 15000 to 20000 visitors a day.

  11. ashish pandey

    Hello Harsh,

    I am using Godaddy Hosting for my two websites & right now I want to shift my website to Digital Ocean cloud server.
    So my question is Digital Ocean is good or not And I have 2 GB ram and 40 GB hard disk. I can use this or I move with new server please give your valuable suggestions.

  12. yago martinez

    Thank you for the information. While checking Digital Ocean vs Page.ly, we found that, for begginers, Page.ly is fast and scalable, but extremelly expensive for 1TB – 3TB of range. Even on CDN. With Digital Ocean or some `budgetvm` vps, you may have this range (up to 4TB) of traffic, on a fast machine, that will do a fine job for less than the advertised 999-2249. Page.ly is scalable and simple for the naive, but `doing it better` with the inner self-tought techie may prove advantegeous also.

  13. Hi Harsh,
    I own a website and that is powered by Wix. I am not familiar with html coding. So i used to create website with Wix. I wanted to create a blog in WordPress. But Wix doesn’t support WordPress blog. I want to transfer domain to WordPress, so that i can publish articles easily. Can i transfer my domain to WordPress???? Pls Pls Pls help me in this regard.

    Thanks in Advance.


    1. Ravi, You should definitely check out the start a blog guide from Harsh, you will find a way to do that.

  14. Hello Harsh
    Page load time is a factor for me, does this hosting package would make my page load in much lesser time?

  15. Based on recommendations on Bluehost, USA by many bloggers, I am currently using their hosting services inspite of knowing that it is shared one. My blog is at a nascent stage and is getting very thin traffic now. Therefore as of now, it matters little. But in the long run if my inbound traffic increases, should I continue with the current hosting service provider.

  16. Pagely and Kinsta are for the big league. Namecheap shared hosting so far offers me better service. I may consider pagely and Kinsta in the future once traffic picks up to a 10K daily page views.

  17. Hi Harsh,
    According to my opinion, it depends on website traffic. For smaller and newer blog, shared hosting is best option. And, for popular blogs like ShoutMeLoud, Labnol etc. where page views is more than 10,000+ daily, dedicate hosting is best option.
    But, thanks for letting us know more option about WordPress hosting companies for high traffic sites.

  18. hello Harsh, Lil-Bit Confuse over Hostgator.in & .Com. by which i Get the Hosting !! Is there any Difference on it ??

  19. Hi Harsh,

    I heard that once your blog starts picking up the traffic, shared web hosting services will ask to migrate to dedicated web hosting because shared web hosts can not handle the high traffic, as of now I am in a comfortable position with shared web hosting.

    I hope this article will help me in near future to consider, thanks a lot for sharing about these best services, see you soon.

  20. Siddhant Saharan

    hey harsh,
    This article is simply awesome. I’m new in the world of blogging and started with GoDaddy. Is this wp hosting fine for me or not ??

    1. @Siddhant
      If you are using their WordPress hosting, that’s pretty sleek for hosting your WordPress blogs.

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