Essential Blog Subscription Options You Need To Add Right Now

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Essential Blog Subscription Options You Need To Add Right Now

If you are into Blogging, I’m sure you must be aware of advantage of having a Blog subscription box and some time it’s hard to select from hundred of subscription options available. One of the biggest mistake which most of blogger do is, giving ample amount of options and that confuses your readers to out for even one.

Subscription Options For Blog

Today, I will be talking about some of the must have subscription options that your blog should have from day one and there is no reason to avoid them. Though, before you add anything new, depending upon your blogging goal and target, try to find if it’s going to be beneficial for your blog or not.

A prominent follow button for various Social networking sites, helps in growing your blog community and helps in getting quick followers. And the way Google is changing SEO every day, I believe it’s very important for Bloggers and internet marketers to use the power of Facebook, Twitter and Email list for Google free traffic and use Google plus network to boost search engine ranking.

Blog subscription options

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Most useful Subscription options for any Website:


Let me start with the very first and most important that is Feed reading options. Feedburner (Google product), which is one of the widely used subscription service offered by blogs. Being a free product it has it’s own limitations which I have covered here. But, none the less Feedburner does the most important job by offering Feed subscription and Email subscription option.

Some time back, they also offered auto tweeting of your post but now they have removed that feature. Anyhow, this is one service that I hardly recommend for every blogger to have from day one. Alternatively for serious internet marketer who is looking forward to build an Email list, should consider Aweber. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I’m using combination of Feedburner and Aweber.

Twitter Follow button:

Twitter Subscription button

Every blog should have a official Twitter profile which helps in increasing the social media presence. Along with that, this twitter profile should tweet all new post links. Twitter used to be one of the most traffic driving social networking site some time back, but even now it’s one of the top social site for driving traffic. Also, if your twitter profile is influential (Check Klout score), this will help in passing on considerable link juice. You can create Twitter Follow buttons from here.

Google+ Follow:

When Google launched Search plus your world (SPYW), Google intention was clear with their own social networking site. It failed to become next Facebook and might never be one, but from a Blogger and internet marketer perspective, more followers you have on Google+, better it is. You can start by creating a Google+ brand page for your Blog/Website and integrate a Follow button. Google+ offers a easy way to create a Follow badge and add it into your blog. This is one social networking site, which is highly recommend. Additionally, you should also consider implementing Google plus 1 button into your blog pages, so that your readers can quickly vote and +1 the content they like.

Facebook Fan Page:

With over 900+ million user, Facebook is Google in it’s own way. According to research, Facebook likes doesn’t influence search engine ranking but as a strong brand presence, having a Facebook fan page is must. More over, when you have an influential page on Facebook, it will help in driving considerable amount of traffic to your posts. You can use app like RSS graffiti to auto publish your new posts on Facebook, though my suggestion is to prefer sharing posts manually with a note. Also, you can consider opting for Fan page advertising to get more targeted fans. If you are running a service oriented website, design your page in a way which not only talk about your service/product but also help in engaging the users.

Roost Subscription plugin:

Roost Web push subscription

Roost plugin (Works for WordPress, BlogSpot & any other platform) let you add push based subscription option for your blog. Right now this plugin works only with Safari browser on Mac system, but considering the number of Mac users growing every day, this should be one of the must have subscription option for 2015. In the above screenshot you can see how many subscriber I got for my blog using Roost. This is a free plugin and will not take more than 5 minutes to configure.

YouTube subscribe button:

YouTube is holy grail of traffic for internet marketers. Ranking your main page via YouTube videos is latest trend and if you have noticed, at least 1 YouTube video usually pops up in 1st or 2nd page on search for your target query. According to rumors, YouTube is replacing like button with Google+1 button, which again makes it clear how YouTube videos will be an influential factor in coming days.

Above are some of the must have subscription options, that you should offer. Apart from them, here are some optional one which you can consider adding which is solely depend upon your niche.

Pinterest Follow button:

Pinterest have become one of the quickest growing social networking site and brands are using Boards and pin in strategically way to drive traffic from Pinterest. We have already shared some of Pinterest marketing tips for Bloggers.

Pinterest works great for Facebook, twitter, Fashion, humor related stuff. The key is using an attractive images which also justify my earlier post on why you should images in every post. You can easily create a Pinterest follow badge from this page.

If you are active on any other social bookmarking or networking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and others, you should consider placing a follow button for those sites too. The idea is, your readers should keep getting best of your updates on social sites. But, make sure you don’t over crowd your site with lots of buttons, as it might confuse readers more.

If you wish to join ShoutMeLoud on various social networking sites, you can get details on our subscription page.

These are some of those Blog Subscription buttons, that every blogger should add into his site for growing the community on Social sites. If you believe, I missed out any important buttons then do let me know. If you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it on Google plus and Facebook.

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  1. says

    Hey harsh !
    I need help in setting up my email newsletter for my blog . kindly write an article for full tutorial through various newsletter services and their features

  2. rahul says

    thanks Harsh for this article
    I implement all these subscription options in my various blogs and i get good response with these box. I think other two subscription options are Linkdin and email subscription box.

  3. Adeel Qamar says

    All these subscription options are important but i think you forget one, that is Linked in. If someone is a professional designer or provide other services then he can surely display a link to his linked profile.

  4. Abhishek Abh-i says

    Ya its very confusing in choosing a combinations for subscription box. Some people just ignore Twitter follow and many of them reduce facebook button as Like box is already embedded. However it is essential to keep up all as they attract attraction of visitor somewhat.
    Thanks for this useful and informative post.

  5. Rajeesh Nair says

    Yeah Harsh, totally agree with you. Now a days relying on Google or other search engine traffic is not enough. The success of a blog entirely depends on the readership the blog has either via feedburner, facebook fans, twitter followers or other social network followers. So if a blog can’t convert their traffic to readers (i.e. Subscribers) then its the waste of traffic.

    Having easy subscription options will always help to increase the readership of your blog.

  6. says

    Hey Harsh, The social subscription box image which you shared in this post. Can you tell me how to add that type of subscription widget on my blog?

    Do you have any post? Point me here please.

  7. Barzrul says

    Hi Harsh, thanks for the great post.

    I use WPmashsocial plugin. The must have subscription are Google Circle, Facebook, Twitter and RSS.

  8. Quicknol says

    Bringing subscription button makes user to remember our site, there are n number of sites are there in this world, how can a user particularly remembers our site. If he subscribe to a blog network. He will get frequent updates which makes him to remeber a blog better and he can suggest other also. Really subscribe buttons or providing option to subscribe really matters. Thanks for great post, and it really helps for those who are new to blogging world.

  9. Amit Shaw says

    Thanks Harsh for this article. Except Pinterest i am using everything. For me Feed Subscription is best. Currently i am focusing on Email List Building so its more important for me.

  10. rakesh kumar says

    Right Now i am not sure how much pinterst will bring traffic to our site. As this is basically based on the images and we most of the time does not put such images on our blog.
    ~rakesh kumar

  11. Imran says

    Very informative post
    I also use good subscription box for my blog that too I am using the clone of shoutmeloud subscription box for blogger.
    Its awesome :)

  12. david says

    Thanks Harsh, You reminded me to get a Pinterest button set up. I noticed you put the RSS feed as the most important.

    Do you find it to be above the others methods?

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