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Before you subscribe to my newsletter or join any of our social media channels, I would like you to spend 2 minutes and read something which will help you to decide if Shouter tribe is for you to join or not.

Back in December 2008 when I started ShoutMeLoud, I had no idea what I was doing. I started this blog out of my passion for learning new things and sharing that information on my blog.

I had no idea about making money online or SEO or social media; it was just something I learned in my ten-year blogging journey.

You can read the first eight-year journey here (Opens in new tab).

At this moment, I make close to earning $40000/month with my blogs and I share all the learning and information here at ShoutMeLoud. ( Check this post and this post) Starting from starting a blog to learn everything about “make money blogging“.

I’m not an expert or some blogging mastermind, I just keep learning and implementing new things and share about that thing which works. Be it creating a micro-niche site or creating your own online web-hosting company.

Now, since you are here to subscribe to my newsletter, I will tell you what all I will be sharing.

  • Most of the times I will be sending you links to hand-picked articles, which you shouldn’t miss.
  • I have also set an auto-responder which will keep sending you various tips to grow your blog.
  • I will be sending latest offers for various blogging tools and products, which I use and recommend.

I believe me and you understand the value of time, and that’s what I expect from you too. I pay Convertkit more than $2000 every year for sending emails to our community, and when you subscribe to my newsletter, I have to pay for that too.

So, I ensure I send only high-quality stuff and majority of our readers engage with our emails proactively. So, kindly ensure that you take those tips seriously and make most out of it.

Just reading will not do good, so take actions. If you have any questions or want to get a deeper understanding of any topic, feel free to request by replying to my email newsletter.

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