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Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense ?

Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense ?

Blogging without AdSense1 I have talked a lot about Google AdSense in the past, and I also recommended AdSense as one of the best contextual Ad network for your blog. With the quality of Ads, and a safe recurring income, AdSense is one of the safest blog monetisation network.

But, what happens to people whose AdSense accounts are banned or one who is finding it hard to get an approved AdSense account?

Is that the end of  making money via blogging for them? In this article, I will be sharing how banned AdSense account or not getting AdSense approval is not as bad as you think.

First, let me explain why AdSense is considered as the best money making program for bloggers:

  • It is easier to use
  • You don’t have to worry about Quality of Ads.
  • You don’t have to manually change Ads after a certain time.
  • You don’t have to worry about Payment, as AdSense payments are reliable.

But do you realize the issues which you face when you are using AdSense:

Well all this doesn’t make AdSense evil, but my point here is; AdSense is not as great as you think it is. Now, let me point out the benefits which you will get when you are not using AdSense, and I will give some examples, which might make you believe in my opinion.

Why and how your life is better without AdSense account?

Let me start with my journey with AdSense: When I started blogging, I had no idea about making money from the blog, and I’m one of the accidental solopreneurs like John chow, Neil Patel, and others who started something, without knowing where they were heading to. I started blogging because of my passion for sharing knowledge. I heard about AdSense after a few months of blogging and on a contrary my first ad income was $47 from a Dreamhost Affiliate sale. It was not from AdSense or other similar ad networks.

You must be wondering, I’m saying this because I make lots of money via blogging ( $8800/month at the time of writing), but have you ever seen too AdSense ads here at ShoutMeLoud.

If you happened to stumble upon my earlier article on my AdSense earning for 4 years, you would realize I had made almost nothing with AdSense, compared to other monetization techniques I used. The only good thing about AdSense is, recurring income, which kind of put me in my comfort shoes. So, this was my AdSense story, and now I will be sharing my experience of successfully monetizing a few blogs without using AdSense.

Your blogging life becomes more experimental:

The best of blogging knowledge comes when  you experiment with things. When you experiment with latest monetization methods, you find a solution which works perfectly for your niche. On the other hand you can learn things from experiences of other bloggers. So, instead of spending time on trying out a completely new thing, you could start with stuff which worked for someone like me or for other bloggers in your niche.

For example, I talked about Viglink long time back, which is a great advertising network, but not perfect for a niche like ShoutMeLoud, at the same time it works great for fashion niche. You can check out the case study of running Viglink on a fashion blog over here.

I don’t have a blog on fashion, and luckily one of my client with a fashion blog trusted me with my judgement. She let me experiment, it worked, and Viola! it become a case study.  Similarly if you ask me, hey Harsh how great is Bidvertiser, I will be speechless, because I used it 3 years ago, and I have no idea how they have changed in last 3 years. They might be serving the same low paying ads, or they might have made it big with premium advertisements.

Takeaway: When you read about a new Ad Network, try it out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with things. Instead of simply looking for review, look out for income reports and case-studies.

You try stuff in a different way:

Here I’m talking about another ad network call which is unique in its own way, and offers monetization via social sharing on your blog. These ads are triggered, when somebody shares your articles on Social networking sites, and being high-paying CPM ads, you earn a good amount of money with

It may not work for a new blog with less number of shares, but think about a blog with viral-content (Ex: Funny images blog, Viral video blog), driving tons of traffic from Social media sharing. Don’t you think with such high CPM based ads, will not be the best alternative for AdSense for them. Infact, on such image based blogs, AdSense performs really bad, and with an ad network like, you can earn way more than you ever thought of. So, do you really need AdSense ads in every niche?

You will be inclined to earn via your strong skill set:

I have this blog called WpFreeSetup which is now in its orphan stage, but the good thing is that I have a blog business plan ready, and I believe it will work, but to what extent that I’m not sure. This blog is running for a while now, and I don’t use AdSense, but this blog is still making me enough money to cover my hosting and maintenance bill for that blog. And all that without any AdSense, and you must  be thinking “Yah Harsh, you are a WordPress user from last 4 years, and you know how things work around WordPress”, and yes you are right. But that’s my skill set, have you ever realised what’s your skill set?

If you are running a technology blog, you could find various ways to monetize your skills. You can create an eBook like Amit Agarwal did (150 most useful websites). Being a tech savvy guy I know that any one with good knowledge of technology can do it, and at the same time I know there are millions of people, who never knew such useful sites existed. What it takes is: Experience, A good taste and A plan.

  • Similarly If you are running a finance blog, you could offer making a finance plan for your readers at an affordable price.
  • If you are running a relationship blog, you could offer premium one on one consultancy to talk about your relationship issues.
  • If you are running a health blog, you could offer creating a diet plan for your readers at competitive price.
  • If you are running a fashion blog, you could help people in shopping and get paid for that.

Do remember : “There is a market out for everything, all you need to know is how and where to sell it“.

Affiliate marketing

Here at ShoutMeLoud, Affiliate marketing is the main source of income. You will find thousands or may be millions of marketers, talking about Affiliate marketing, and recommending thousands of products to you, but they will never tell you which one works and which one doesn’t. Many of them will claim to make you a multi-millionaire in a night, but do you really believe money comes so easy?

If you are planning to earn via affiliate marketing, and use it as an alternate to AdSense, you need to work hard, and with a plan to reach a sustainable income via affiliate marketing. If someone says, Affiliate marketing doesn’t offer recurring income, he is lying on your face. I know every month, no matter what I will earn atleast $2000 from affiliate marketing. That’s the minimum amount I could think of, reason I created a sales funnel like that. The key here is to recommend something that you use, and also guide users on how they can use it. Yes Google doesn’t like affiliate links, but they don’t hate when you are adding values.

Take away: There are many types of affiliate marketing, and you can pick what works for you. You can either create a blog and try to recommend every new product in your niche, or you can be picky, and recommend products that you are most likely to use, or better which you are using, and teach them how to use it. If you are thinking of long term, and earn money without selling your soul, take the right way, it might be slow, but it will surely pay you off nicely. Do you know at warrior forum, most of the internet marketers earn huge by telling how they made it huge, without actually giving them something meaningful in return. Not everyone is like that, but how would you find the working one from hundreds of useless one?? Here are few hand-picked articles to help you learn about affiliate marketing:

My intention with this article is to make you meet the true reality of a life without AdSense. Many bloggers give up just because they don’t have AdSense, and they don’t even want to try something else. Half of them, spend their months of time trying to get their AdSense account approved, and repeating the same mistake which made their account banned or disapproved at the first place. If AdSense is not working for you, let it be.. Try something else.. Try something which no one ever dared to try. If there is an ad network out there, chances are it should work for someone. Why it can’t be you?

Though one last question which you should ask: Are you that brave to take that risk? If yes, this post is just for you. I would love to know your success stories without AdSense, and if you have one, drop me an Email at harsh[at], and I would love to hear and share your stories with all the Shouters.

If you find this article useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Google plus.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1069 articles.

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  • Ashraf Kamal

    Good points Harsh, I also believe the sky is only limit. So, there are lots of other opportunities of making money online. Affiliate is far more better than general advertising system. I would like to add membership sites in this list.

    By the way thanks for sharing a nice idea, specially for bloggers who left tons of opportunities other than Adsense.

  • Mukesh Panchal

    Hello Harsh,

    I just start a new blog and its all about video. I take video from youtube and put that in my blog so I want to know which type of add I need to put in my blog. I am waiting for your reply. Thanks


    Adsense+Admob is an epic option for blogger and dev guy

  • Haroon Ashraf Awan

    Adsense is really a big issue for newbie bloggers.They think that Google AdSense is only the source of income.Yes I agree that it pays the most as compared to other ad networks but you shouldnt use it for long.You should test affiliate marketing too.Never depend on a single income source because If unfortunately you get your adsense account banned you will be very sad and will quit blogging as most of bloggers I saw do.One of my friend was earning 400$ using Adsense from a technology related blog He was getting lot of traffic.When I asked about his blogs and earning I got shocked for a while.Then I suggested him affiliate marketing and now he is earning huge by selling products,services etc.Thanks Harsh it was a really nice post.

  • Jimmie Luthra

    This was a great article, I’m using AdSense on my blog since 3 years now but I have earned more income doing other things as compared to my AdSense income.

  • Dharmesh

    Hey Harsh,

    Are you Inceptionist?! U totally changed my opinion about blogging with no Adsense. Really helpful for me.
    Thanks bro..

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Wow! I loved that word “Inceptionist”! Thanks for dropping by and for welcome to ShoutMeLoud.

  • Anil Agarwal

    Surely bloggers can make decent amount of money without Adsense. And I even know some bloggers who have an Adsense account but still prefer to monetize their blogs with other monetization methods.

    Bloggers who are writing around bloging and seo related stuff don’t get much success with Google Adsense. They seem to me more happy making money while promoting their own products/services and reffering good affiliate products to their readers.

    For me affiliate amrketing is the best way to earn money from my blog and then from time to time, I use to get some quick money from reviews.

    Three to four years back, I used to make most of my earnings from selling advertising sopts on my blog.

  • SHAIFUR Rahaman

    I am still with Adsense. Actually I don’t know much about affiliate marketing or product marketing. I earn only 30-40 cent from Adsense with 500+ visitors. Also, I am not an expert at niche blogging.

    Any suggestion for me?

  • Mohd Adnan

    Newbie bloggers need such motivational posts. Newbies not having approved adsense gets demoralised and frustrated at times.


  • kerry

    For a newbie, it seems like there’s no way of making any real money online without AdSense. It’s good to know other options exist for those who don’t use or can’t use AdSense. I’ve visited numerous forums/posts where many people are frustrated with the lack of support and/or explanations from Google regarding their AdSense accounts when they run into problems. I can see how losing AdSense can be devastating for companies who have come to depend heavily on AdSense payments for income.
    As a newbie who’s still working their way through the sludge of online marketing, I found this article refreshing and informative, it gives me hope.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Reginald

    Hi mate,

    Well said! I think Adsense is a great way to make money with the right niche but you can still make money without it. There are many ways to monetize a blog just like what you said and well done!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Ashwani Gaat

    This is the problem with a lot of new bloggers including me. What people think is
    ” if you don’t have adsense,you will not able to earn with this”
    I have also a one question if the blog is not technical then there are limited options for Affiliate Marketing. Yahoo bing contextual is also a great alternative but if visitors are not from U.S.A ,U.K ,Canada then what should we do ?

  • Raghul

    Been following your blog for sometime now… and this post gave me the courage to start blogging again :).. no i did not get my adsense banned it is still safe and un-used.. going to change the UNUSED part that soon.

  • Kapil

    Sir, it is really a great post that you have written.
    I am also a victim of disapproved Adsense account and I have been searching for the stuff alternate of it. Thanks a lot I could not manage to skip a single word that you have posted and is really helpful to me.

  • Sumit Kumar Gogawat

    When i applied for adsense before 4 years, i had fully approved account within 2 months. I successfully run adsense till 5 months but after that adsense banned me and i also not interested to update my blog, but before one & half year ago, I applied infolinks for advertise on my blog and now Infolinks pay much better than any other ad network. In my opinion, Infolinks is the second option to earn by Blogging.

  • pavan kumar

    I have started a blog recentely and this post gave me a lot of confidence and to think in a way instead of Adsense.Really thanks for your post and eagerly waiting for your posts.

  • john

    Dear Harsh
    How can i check my earnings with ?

  • puneet

    adsense these days is becoming very difficult to understand , i have seen so many cases in which bloggers working hard with quality but still are unable to get there adsense approved ,,, your this article will boost up those bloggers who are suffering through all this shit

  • rakesh kumar

    The essence of this whole article was affiliate marketing, but if a blogger is not able to judge the type of traffic he/she is receiving on his/her blog. How could he monetize his contents. A good guide for all those bloggers who think blogging is useless without adsense. ~rakesh

  • Tech Shroff

    I think Viglink and Luminate are very good options beside Adsense to make money from any website.

  • Anshul

    Sir it is really a great post that you have written. I am also a victim of disapproved Adsense account and i have been searching for the stuff alternate of it. Thanks alot i could not manage to skip a single word that you have posted and is really helpful to me.

  • sandeep

    Hi harsh
    I am newbie just started blogging 1 month back, i want to know how can i get more traffic to my blogs? my adsense is approved and i have also submitted my blog in google search but there is no traffic to my blog.
    and plz explain more about affiliate marketing.

  • shma

    can i use affiliate program of amazon or click bank with adsense on same page? If not on same page then on separate page?

  • Azy

    nice post, but i think most people can easily make there first $ in adsense easily than through affiliate marketting and the fact that it pays a good value for click makes us stick to adsense.

    do you think you need a lot of content even if you are doing affiliate marketing|?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      That’s true.. AdSense doesn’t require much skills as Affiliate marketing..
      Also for Affiliate sales..You need more targeted content than quantitive content..

  • Asmita

    Great article by a super blogger.Harsh the way you constructed the article is just awesome.Affiliate is a better option than adsense.As affliate don’t have terms and conditions like adsense,so affiliate helps adsense banned users.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment and just a little clarification: There are few T&C for Affiliate too, specially avoiding iFrame and other method which stuff cookies…Usually all of them are against using spam methods…And not as strict as AdSense.

  • Destiny

    Good article Harsh. It’s helpful to read content like this, especially when your a new blogger like I am. I’ve done a few different types of blog experiments in different niches. Some have done OK, and others, like my current niche,..just aren’t doing well.

    For this current niche, I am really targeting affiliate programs as a source of income over Google ads or anything else. It’s just so s-l-o-w going, I can’t help but wonder if I am in the wrong niche all together. It helps to be able to get helpful info from successful bloggers like yourself. Thanks

  • Avinash

    Affiliate marketing is better than ad sense in fact.As affiliate can be on anyone’s site because the terms and conditions we have on adsense is not in affiliate.So I prefer affiliate.And lastly want to thank the owner of the site for such an awesome article expressed in-front of us.Thanks

  • Avinash Saikia

    Affiliate marketing is the better option for bloggers because it gives high class money along with no headache of terms and conditions we have in adsense.Lastly I just want to say one word.This was an awesome article.

  • Vipin

    i had done many experiments with different niche but still not getting my adsense approved :( even it not getting approved for one of my best site which is getting 99% organic traffic from google. Thanks for helping me by this post

  • Arbaz Khan

    Hey Harsh,
    That was one of the best article written over Google Adsense.
    Google Adsense has always remained and will remain the main thing when it comes to monetizing your blog. But the fact is that you earn very little from it, unless you have a blog that generates huge organic traffic.
    Getting banned from Adsense means nothing to me as I haven’t even made a single dollar from it. I am quite happy with the methods that are making me money.
    I am trying to learn about everything in affiliate marketing as I love that thing and I have to get successful in it. Hope everything works out fine.
    Thanks for a great piece of writing :)

  • harshit

    nice article harsh, what i think blogging without adsense is possible and profitable tooo, i know many bloggers that making good money by affiliate marketing, reviewing products and etc.

  • Abhijeet

    Hi Harsh ,
    That was a awesome post and i really loved the information provided by you was too helpful , i have my blog and i am using chitika and infolinks ads should i keep the ads or try something else ?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Experiment is the key… You can always try new ad network for 5-7 days, and compare the performance with existing once.. Also don’t use such words like “Support us by clicking thid Ads”, these are against policies of many ad network. Specially with AdSense..

  • Nicks

    Earning without adsense is quite impossible to me. Well I will follow the guidelines mentioned above.

  • devrawat

    Nice post.. most people start their blogging journey with adsense as its quick and easy to implement. They can see money coming.
    But for an established blog webmaster should move from adsense to affiliate market and enjoy freedom.

  • Madhav Tripathi

    Thanks for publishing a great article. Your post is inspiration for fellow bloggers. So they can look beyond it. Most of the bloggers stopped blogging because of not getting back their adsense account. It is true blogging life becomes tough after adsense is disabled.

  • Shorya Bist

    Hi Harsh ,

    That was an awesome post.Yes exactly there alot many programs from which can earn decent amount of money and some cases earning with program is much effective than Adsense.

    Thank you
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  • Ferb

    Hi Harsh, very interesting post. Google Adsense is easy to set up and easy to earn money from it but what I believed is that Google Adsense is sending my readers away from my blog. So Instead of using Adsense to make some quick bucks I’d love to spend all my time to build the relationship between me and my readers.

    Thanks – Ferb

  • Aditya Nath Jha

    But will affiliate marketing work for non technology blogs too ? It’s just my genuine doubt!

    • Harsh Agrawal

      It will work for any niche..The key is- You need to pick a product based on your niche. You can use market place like,, to find product related to your niche, and promote them…

  • Nizam Khan

    Awesome and valuable post Harsh! Indeed, blogging is about experimenting, some experiments works and some doesn’t , but one should not stop experimenting with things. Well yes, if one is heading towards affiliate marketing, then hard work and plan is important to reach a sustainable income. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  • Istiak Rayhan

    When I got approved by Adsense, I was really excited and started dreaming about heavy revenue. But the reality was hard. It was tough for me to make $1 within 2 or 3 days. Adsense requires huge organic traffic to increase revenue.
    So i think it is better to start affiliate marketing. If anyone able to sell a product within a week, it will generate more earning from Adsense. Thanks Harsh to discuss on the topic.

  • pushkaar

    Even till now for me good alexa ranking and Google pagerank were two most fascinating things. Read lots of articles on SML…..thats clear my understanding. Very well said “targeted traffic = more money”
    I think Experience and experiment matters.
    Hats of to you Harsh!!!!!!

  • Arup Ghosh

    Most of the newbies think without Adsense they can’t earn a single penny with blogging and waste lots of time behind Adsense even after getting disable. . But HellhoundBlogges inspired me a lot and they have proved that one can earn life hood from blogging without having Adsense.

  • Tarun Kumar

    I am also thinking the same, because popular blogs like shoutmeloud also can’t survive with chitika or infolinks. Anyhow affiliate income can easily overtake adsense for trusted blogs and websites.

  • raman bathina

    As many other bloggers i also think adsense is the only source to earn money in blogging and try to get adsense approval as fast as possible.But latter i realize that adsense approval is not so easy after two times of rejection.At that time i’m searching for other alternatives like chitika and infolinks but not go for that.Because my friend already get adsense approval and he said that first concentrate on getting traffic to blog and don’t apply for next 3 or 4 months.I follow his instructions and apply after 3 months then my adsense application was approved in both 2 steps.

  • kaxil

    Can u tell more on how you got that 2000 $ recurring income ??

  • nimish kumar

    Great post sir,

    I am a new blogger with no adsense ads on my blog but have earned my 1st income through affiliate marketing only and i Know it works better than per click ads if you develop trust.


  • manindra

    thank you harsh
    If I got this article just before 2 days I wouldn’t have resetted my website
    but this is really good

  • Kingsley

    Wooooooooow……. this is what i need, am on health niche and adsense has refuse to approve me because of related post, not to talk about several bans

  • Ravi kumar

    When I had started my blogging career, i got understand about Adsense, that time Adsense has shared their new rules and policies. It was to have new adsense account.

    I am not dependent on Adsense or any specific affiliate, just focusing on Internet Marketing and earn from different affiliates.

    Article is awesome, informative and really motivational for that people who has lost their Adsense account recently.

    Thanks for sharing Harsh sir:) cool

  • siddhartha

    Running a technology based website for 4 months now, they first approved my website, and then banned it for invalid clicks. I know there is not a single sign of carelessness form my side, yet they did it without explaining the reason. This is why I hate Adsense, they are not at all transparent regarding there activities under the hood.

  • Shalu Sharma

    Its true that Adsense can not always be a big money maker but there are many bloggers who are earning at least 30,000 USD every month from Adsense alone some of them such as Pat F and Lisa E. Affiliate marketing is a lot harder and requires micro targeting. While Adsense pay low but if you have traffic, it does convert and add up over a period of time. I am not batting for Adsense but my 2 sense of views.

  • Piyush K

    Adsense is the best, nothing pays like it in volume and recurring,

    but if you are banned, try Yahoo-Bing ads:

    they may be also good for you, but nothing like Adsense in the world : )

  • Robinsh

    I also removed Google Adsense from my various blogs at once and moved towards direct advertisement and affiliate marketing, and believe it is a beneficial step for me and my blog networks to attract more quality advertisers and their upcoming projects month after month.

    It’s really a good idea to side corner the Adsense until you are not getting a few million visitors at your blog and earning in 4 figure or more from it.

  • Shariq Siddqui

    AdSense is the easiest and strong way to make money online passively. But full time bloggers should not be dependent on it. Anyone may be banned even they are legit.
    Affiliate marketing / Selling your services or your own digital stuff are permanent ways to earn money online.

    Thanks for this useful post.

  • Neeraj

    Even if the adsense account is approved, one cannot expect a decent income from adsense when you traffic is mostly from India.

  • Shaan Haider

    Monetization totally depends on the niche and market of the blog. As you have said, Viglink works perfectly with fashion, gadget and lifestyle niche but may disappoint other niches. The most important thing is to experiment and explore new things.

    Adsense is no doubt one of the best way to monetize a blog but it is not the only way. And people need to realise this… Never put all eggs in one basket

  • Vishnnu Vermaa

    Great article Harsh bro. I have a question to ask from you, for affiliate marketing ads does Page Rank,Traffic or anything matters ?? If one is newbie should he go for affiliate marketing or he should wait ??

    • Harsh Agrawal

      1) Page rank has nothing to do with traffic. A Website with PR 9 can have almost no traffic, where as a website with Page rank 1 or even N/a can have millions of visits a month.
      2)For Affiliate marketing following thing matters:
      Trust: Which takes time to build, and you need to work constantly on it. I have talked about this recently here.
      Traffic: There is one big misconception about traffic and that is more traffic = more money. Truth is, more targeted traffic = more money. Same is with affiliate marketing. When you are recommending product online, and your traffic are mostly school kids or people with less purchasing power, you will not make that huge. Where as, if your target audience and traffic are people who trust your words, and at the same time they can buy things, it will work for you.
      Niche: Sticking to one niche is very crucial for success in affiliate marketing. Though there are exceptions in this, for ex: Coupons website.
      If you want to learn more about it, you can start from here:

  • Vivek R

    It seems this article is perfectly written for me.Recently I got my Adsense banned but I didn’t give up and infact my traffic got doubled after getting banned by Adsense.Now my primary aim is Affiliate marketing.

  • Pawan

    That is a very good article Harsh. Blogging is all about experiments. In some we succeeded and in some we fail.

  • kunal wanvari

    hey harsh ,
    been blogging and managing a tech site for the past 3 months ! Kinda new, adsense aint applicable for sites less than 6 months old in India ? Regarding affiliate marketing, how strong should your userbase be in order to even think of reaping the rewards ?

    • Harsh Pandey

      Its Just a non-sense having the domain SIX month old.
      I have applied on the domain aged only 57 Days, any my adsense account was approved fully.
      If you are new bee in blogging don’t make any one your idol just concentrate on what u do.
      Stop surfing the websites, they will be benefited Just put ur own effort.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Officially they ask for 6 month as minimum requirement, but it’s not applicable all the time. They usually put 6 month cap, as many newbie get time to work on it, and improve their blog. But, if you can create a good site in one month, you can always apply for AdSense and get an approval. I
      For Affiliate marketing: More user base you have, better it is.. It’s not the quantity of traffic, but quality of traffic which matters..

      • Dhruv Bhagat

        It took me 8 months to get accepted with Google AdSense! But one of my friend did it in just 3 months!

        But, real passive income is “Affiliate Marketing”..

        For newbies, ClickBank is the best place to start with..

        Anyways, Harsh its been so long you haven’t posted your monthly income ??

        Waiting for that post :)

        • Harsh Agrawal

          Thanks for your comment and yes Clickbank is best place to start, as one can find product for any niche..!
          Regarding my monthly income report…I have no planz for posting it now…but If I change my mind, you will get to know about it :)


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