How to Promote Blog Posts For Maximum Exposure

So you’ve finished what seems like the hard part and you have got all the words punched into the computer. Now all you have to do is press publish and everyone is going to come and read it to see how wonderful it is right? I’m afraid that this isn’t usually the case and if you want people to read your content you have to put in a little bit of extra work to get it noticed.

How to Promote Blog Posts

Writing a blog post is interesting but the hard part is getting targeted people to come and read your article. Most of people make mistakes by  just publishing blog posts and never bothered about if other people are reading old posts or not. Though, in this article we are not dealing with retargeting old blog posts, but how you can promote new Blog posts to get more exposure and traffic.

I’m  not talking about the basic building block of a quality blog post which will help you to drive traffic through out from search engines. That is : Keyword research, Keyword optimization and making sure your blog posts have all the quality signals. This is one way to make sure you rank #1 in Google search but there are many other free and paid ways to promote new blog posts and we will look into some of them here:

How to Promote your New Blog posts?

Publish To all of Your Social Networks

You would be surprised how many bloggers neglect to tell people who have followed them on twitter or Facebook about their latest post. They have signed up because they want to be kept up to date with your site so you have to make sure that they can see that you have new content out and they should come over and have a read.

Now one thing which you have to keep in mind here is: Manual sharing is more effective on Social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus. You can always use tools like RSS graffiti for Facebook and hootsuite for Google plus to automate the process, but when ever possible use manual sharing and add your own comments. This will increase the CTR of your sharing and will help to start a conversation.

Publish on other Peoples Social Networks

There are bound to be loads of pages about the topic you have just written about on Facebook so why not publish a link to your post on their Facebook page. This shows more people who you know are interested that you are writing about their subject. At the very least you should get a few likes but you never know they might pop over to have a look.

Though do keep in mind, many pages or groups consider self promotion as spam, so it’s better you make a list of such pages and groups which allow link sharing from users and use them to promote your new blog posts. Facebook is full of such groups which will help you to get your words out for new blog posts.

Interlink Some Old Posts To Your New One

Once you are done putting links into your new post for some of your previous posts you need to do the reverse and go through some of your older posts looking for keywords to link to your new post. These older posts have had much more time to get a little traffic as well as a little link juice so this could bring visitors through to your new content.

You can always automate the process by using plugin like SEO smart link or you can manually edit old posts and do the internal linking. Also, having a related post plugin will also help in automating the process. You can use plugin like YARPP for adding related posts in WordPress.

Create a Few External Backlinks to Your Post

Although it might seem like a lot of work you should create a few links from other sites to link back to your post. Not only will this bring in extra visitors directly from the other site but it will also give that post the much needed search engine boost that it needs to get started. If you target the title and the anchor text in the backlink to a nice longtailed keyword then you could help that post to get to the top of the search engines faster than you think. The best way that you can do this is by getting a couple of guest posts on other blogs and direct the link in the author bio section back to your post.

If this seems like to much work then you could always do the quick option of visiting a few similar blogs and leaving some comments with your articles link as your site. For this you should try and make sure that the comments you leave are “dofollow” links. Or another option is to go onto a few forums and offer some helpful advice while leaving a link to the post in the signature.

Ask Your Fellow Bloggers for a Helping Hand

There are a couple of circumstances when you shouldn’t be afraid to ask other bloggers openly to support you by advertising your post on their social networks. For example if you have placed a link back to something useful on their blog then I’m sure if you told them about it and showed them the post they wouldn’t mind just giving you a tweet.

The only other time that I think you could get away with this is if you have written an exceptionally good post and you feel it is deserving of being shared. Contact them with the link to your post and ask them politely to read it and if they like it then maybe they could share it. Also you could offer to do the same thing for them the next time they have a great post. A word of warning though, I wouldn’t do this to much as it could start to seem like you are just trying to use them so keep it to your absolutely top notch posts.

Email to Your Mailing List

If you have kept up good practise since the start of your blog and have developed a mailing list then you can email them with your latest post and keep them up to date with your new content. This is another method that you should use sparingly though as many of the people who signed up for your mailing list in the first place may have done it to see what products you recommended and not what your latest post is. I have had about 5 people say this to me over email when I’ve used this tactic but out of the thousands it’s not many and it can be worth the risk.

Do remember, success of your blog is not only judged by number of blog posts you have on your blog, but it will be judged by number of people reading it and getting benefited from it. Which will happen, only when targeted and interested readers will be able to find your Blog post. So along with SEO, and above techniques, also integrate Social bookmarking icons like Stumble Upon, Delicious which will help users to quickly save your blog post in their bookmarking list. If you are writing tutorials and guides, adding an Email and Print button will be very useful too.

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If you employ all of these techniques after each and every post then you have the recipe not just for successful posts but also for a successful blog as a whole. Do let me know what other techniques you are using to promote your newly published blog posts?

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  1. says

    Blog commenting has many-fold benefits.
    It helps in making your blog a brand, increase referral traffic and sure contributes in making quality backlinks to boost SERP.

  2. Anchit Shethia says

    These are one the most popular methods to promote yourself.
    I have been doing all these things still i have no enough traffic. All my articles are unique and my blog has also benefited from Google panda update.

  3. Derek says

    FYI, If you submit to quality web directories then it might help a little. There are to many FREE and even some PAID web directoreis that are on dropped domains, faked PR, parked domains and poor titles and descriptions in the directories.

    To get a solid quality long term backlink from a web directory, look into that directories stat’s, PR, check random listings for quality listings and not keyword stuffed 1 small sentence listings. I stay away from web directories not unless you willing to fork out the money on the quality paid ones that been around since the days when Google put a hurting on the web directory industry.

  4. Jatin Singhroha says

    I think posting on facebook groups, submitting on directories is the best way to get maximum exposure for a new post and permote it.

  5. Debasis says

    Hey Burnsij,
    I was reading your Posts Line by line because its very useful to me. See Actually I belongs to Programming field but simultaneously love to do blogging on Tech or Programming Niches but the problem is that I hardly find time to promote my Posts. Out of 24 hrs I spent 17 to 18 hrs on my Programming work when I find little time i update my blog but never get chance to share it in all social medias because sometimes different Social media profiles interlinked with each others so few people report abuse posts, so I don’t do this.

    Due to lack of sharing posts in different sites I have facing traffic issue….In this weekend I am going to change my strategy and follow your Posts and do a Mix strategy and test whether its working out or not.

    Thanks Again for such Lovely and useful Posts…. This is the Specialty of Harsh’s blog… All Blog Posts are Unique and Very Useful.
    ~Debasis :)

  6. says

    Blog commenting is one of the best method, personally I prefer commenting over sending emails or via fb. Social media post tend to be buried deep inside a black hole after a week or two, not for comments dropped on blogs.

  7. david says

    Nice post. I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say, “It would be nice if there was an easy way to promote my blog and get a lot of traffic.”

    Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an ‘easy’ way.

    Great ideas in this article. thanks for sharing them

  8. hrmehrotra says

    nice post dude…..i am using all of above except email marketing one…….can you plz help me on this

  9. Asif Billah says

    I am totally agreed with you and i think all bloggers know very well how much importance of social media sites in blog post.

    Social media sites play great role to get traffic on your site/blog post.

  10. Shorya Bist says

    Hi Burnsiji,

    Nice post friends,All your points which you mentioned are really very good to give a post more exposure.

    Nice post .Cheers!

    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  11. says

    Hey Burnsij,
    Nice post! I think sharing post on blogging community site blokube, blogengage can be a good idea. It can generate more traffic.
    Thanks for the post.