How to Enable Adsense Ads on Uploaded YouTube Videos

Enable AdSense on Uploaded YouTube Videos

So far we have discussed about the YouTube partnership program and how to link YouTube with your adsense account. In this quick tutorial, I would be sharing how you can activate ads on videos which you have already uploaded. Do remember by enabling Adsense for YouTube, it doesn’t mean your ads will start showing automatically. You need to manually enable ads for every videos.

Note: You can also set monetise uploaded video by default from uploads default page. Here is the direct link to the page. If not, when you are uploading a new video, you can click on monetise and activate the Adsense monetisation for videos. Though, the fastest way to monetise all your previously non-monetize videos is form my videos page.

All you need to do is, go to your  my videos page (Video manager) and select the videos which are not monetised or the one you want to monetise. Now from the drop down menu you can select monetise and this will monetise all selected videos. Here is a screenshot for better reference:

Monetise uploaded Youtube videos

If your account is in good standing, your videos will be monetise instantly. This is what happens to my Youtube channel, but if it’s taking time in your case, do let me know. You can check out my Youtube channel over here. At this moment, I’m making close to $60/month from Youtube videos, which is good as a side passive income. If you are also a Youtuber, here are few articles that you should not miss:

It may take some time for YouTube team to approve your YouTube videos for revenue sharing. Though it’s a lengthy process but still by the end if you create a viral video, you will end up making huge money.

Do join me on YouTube @denharsh and also let us know if you are working on getting your hands on Adsense for YouTube?

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. Sridhar says

    Hi Harsh,

    A quick question. I uploaded a video in my YouTube account an monitized it. After few hours I see an ad has been placed in my video. Is that possible? Ad is present even now. So it means Google has already started placing ads in my videos? Please let me know this.

  2. Baligyana says

    sir, can I copy other videos and upload it to my youtube account? I want to choose movie trailers as my niche. But I am not sure if it’s okay to do that.

    • says

      You can’t do that with the permission from the original video producer. For movie trailers, you can get in touch with PR agencies which are responsible for distribution of these movie trailers and get the permission from them to share it on your Youtube channel.

  3. Swati says

    Brilliant job !! Please take note that Ad sense is very sensitive in most of the case, if you violate Google policy, it may block you for future advertisement also. Therefore, be careful while uploading video. It is always important to get some traffic for your channel before applying for Ad sense.

  4. majdman says

    hi i want to use adsense i enabled it and they approved me(sent an email) but when i got to My Videos, i dont see the [enable revenue sharing] button. HELP

  5. Karan Mehta says

    This is a good service started a little late. I think metacafe has it for sometime now… But I am sure google will get it right and it will grow faster!!!

    Karan Mehta

  6. Anubhab says

    I am planning to embed a video in most of my posts. So I can use it for the dual purpose of generating revenue and help for users. But struck over a question, are videos considered unfriendly for search engine bots? As I know its for flash and other similar things.

  7. aatif says

    i was wondering how ppl make money on youtube . I leared a something from this article thanks for the same.

  8. saqib says

    nice article now i think i have to make account on youtube and enable adsense on videos to make more money..

  9. Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging says

    Yes nowadays I’ve started seeing lots of videos having Adsense. It’s irritating sometimes when you see videos Continuously one after the other & you have to close the ad on every video. There should be a certain global option to block it.

    • majdman says

      if they did, they Advertisers would be pissed at google as no one wants to watch those ads, right? Which means the advertisers will stop creating the ads, which will stop funding youtube, which will stop giving you a share. Am i wrong?

  10. Niall Harbison says

    The only thing about adding Adsense to Youtube videos is that the click rate is just so poor and they really disturb the user experience! Having said that if you are getting a ton of views you can make a few dollars from them

  11. drvikram008 says

    One important thing while uploading new videos is that you can not upload any stage shows, live events, even recorded by your own camera, If your video is not enabled for adsense revenue sharing, it will be rejected as inappropriate content and you need to delete that video for ever. If you upload any such video kindly do not enable revenue sharing, by doing so you will get traffic to your channel. If you like my youtube channel please care to subscribe me, or add as friend.

  12. Suraj kv says

    Hi, Harsh.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. I always had wondered from beginning of my blogging career, how can I go viral with videos. But yet still I’m in prelims, I’ll be starting to promote my blogging articles through videos, eespecially through Youtube. And this Adsense revenue sharing program, just encourages me a lot!