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    HootSuite Review : Ultimate Twitter Web Client

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    Review of: Hootsuite

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    On January 15, 2010
    Last modified:June 19, 2012


    Hootsuite is one of the best Social media dashboard for managing multiple Social media profile. It comes with some great features, which we need for our day to day social media presence.

    Over the time HootSuite turned out to be one of the top Twitter web client. Here I’m going to my Hootsuite review. I’m a professional blogger from last 3 years and over the time, now I have almost 10+ Twitter profile, 10+ Facebook pages (Seperate brand profile on Social media) and managing all of them individually is quite a task. I was searching for some of the best solution to manage multiple social media profile, and I came across Hoot suite.

    Hootsuite review HootSuite Review : Ultimate Twitter Web Client

    A look at Dashboard

    I recently ( 2 months back) started using hootsuite which is a web client for twitter and it’s free. I have lots of Twitter profile . One for my personal Twitter profile and others are domain specific twitter profile. Hootsuite comes out as a complete social media dashboard for users like you and me, who have multiple profiles.  Here are some of the notable features of Hootsuite which will make you to use it right away :

    Hootsuite review: Features And Why to use them:

    Hootsuite is one of the first few multi social-networking client which also integrated Google+ social networking site. You can also login using OpenID.  With time Hootsuite added many features like Hootsuite analytics, hootsuite report and so on.

    Hootsuite offers free and pro version and if you have not more than 5 profile, you can stick to free version else you can opt for pro version, which offers some advance features like Google analytics, Facebook insights which is very useful for companies and small business, for for a budget conscious blogger like me, free account is good to start with.

    Getting started with it is very easy, and all you need to do is start linking your Twitter and Facebook profile. It will pull up all the pages, and you can add them on hootsuite dashboard. One of the best part about their dashboard is it’s smooth running. You can quickly browse from one tab to another and like Google plus, you can compose messages for your social media profile from any page.

    Here we will see some of the basic features of this useful app in our Hootsuite review post.

    Manage multiple twitter profile

    multiple twitter profile thumb HootSuite Review : Ultimate Twitter Web Client

    Hootsuite will let you manage multiple twitter profile. It has tabbed system which can be used to quickly switch between multiple twitter profile with one click. You can monitor @replies @Dm with one click. You can also reply from specific mentioned twitter profile and the best part is nothing is confusing.

    Auto tweet your Latest blog post

    Autotweeting is one of the best features of Hootsuite. It will automatically tweet your blog post with latest updated post via your feeds. All you need to do is add your feed address and select the profile from which you want to autotweet.

    Hootsuite Publisher:

    Hootsuite have a publisher tab which is useful to schedule your Tweets and keep your social media profiles active. You can also configure auto tweet of your blog post under publisher tab. Here is a nice video by Chris borgan talking about this publisher feature:

    Tweet scheduling is very important feature which every one should use. If you read my previous post on why you should tweet your post multiple times, you will understand how it helps in driving lots of traffic. I usually schedule my blog post tweets for after every 8 days.

    Single tweet from Multiple Profile

    Hootsuite also let you tweet the same link from multiple twitter profile at one go. This is very helpful in case if you planning to make a link viral. Provided people follow your tweeted links on all the profile.

    Team Colaboration:

    Now, this is one feature which doesn’t comes with their free plan (Sigh!), but this feature is useful when you are Blogging in group or for small businesses, media agency who have multiple people managing profiles. Infact, Social media agency can use their team collaborating feature to assign pages, profile to their team.

    Vanity URL:

    Another useful feature is using custom URL for your tweet. You can get a short domain name, which is related to your brand and use it to shorten your link. Basically, this feature will let you use your own domain name for shortening URL’s. Though, this feature is only available in pro version, which also comes with statistics.

    Here are some of the pros of Hootsuite:

    • Neat and easy to use interface
    • Support multiple Twitter account
    • Support Facebook profile, Pages, Groups
    • Support LinkedIn profile, groups and companies
    • Support WordPress.com Blog (Useful way to create a database blog for your updates via Hootsuite)
    • Social sharing statistics
    • Tweet Schedule
    • One dashboard monitoring for multiple profile
    • Autotweet your blog post
    • Collaboration feature for team and groups.

    The only thing which I don’t like about hootsuite is, free plan is limited to 5 social profile which is good for a blogger, but for people with more than 5 profiles need to opt for pro plan which is $9.99/month. Though, you can take advantage of their risk-free 30 days trial account, which will give you hitch of their pro features.
    There are some more features which you will love about Hootsuite, and I will suggest go and try this twitter application to make most out of it.

    Sign up for Hootsuite

    Are you using Hootsuite?  How’s your hootsuite review and feedback? Which feature you like the most about Hootsuite and which is your favorite Twitter Application?

    Hootsuite is one of the best Social media dashboard for managing multiple Social media profile. It comes with some great features, which we need for our day to day social media presence.

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    Hi, I prefer to use Seesmic Web, just for personal usage. I use Hootsuite to make an automatic post to Facebook Page. :) Nice tool.



    So far I haven’t found better Twitter client than Hootsuite. I also like their link stats tool; the overall functionality and user experience is perfect.


    Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    till now i am using sesamic web.. it seems that hootsuite is much better.. will definitely consider this when i twitter for the next time..



    Nice review. HootSuite is no doubt one of the best client but Seesmic is doing really great till now. Thanks for sharing these info buddy.



    From 1st May 2009 I am using HootSuite, today used TweetDeck too. Both are good



    Thanks…I am going right now to sign up. Hootsuite it is!



    Hootsuite is great. I just signed up.



    hey harsh,
    i was just looking for an android app for this purpose…can you suggest a good one….cz hootsuite’s app does not offer the same services as on a pc….


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