HootSuite on Desktop: Using Google Chrome

I’m one of the early adopted of Hootsuite and I’m seeing it growing every day. If you are new to Hootsuite, you should check out my  review on Hootsuite. Hootsuite has become one of my favorite twiter client, though there is no official desktop client for hootsuite like tweetdeck has.

Though, there are some ways by which we can get hootsuite on our desktop. If you are mac user, you can hootsuite desktop fluid app, which can be downloaded from here. Windows users can use Chrome application shortcut feature to get this web app on desktop. Earlier they offered the desktop version using Prism, but now that project has been taken down by Mozilla.

Get Hootsuite desktop using Chrome Application shortcut feature:

Here is a quick workaround using Google chrome inbuilt feature, you can quickly create a one click launcher for hootsuite. Hootsuite icon can be placed on desktop, start menu and quick launch. To get Hootsuite on desktop, open hootsuite.com on Google chrome and click on control on the current page icon and click on “Create application shortcut”.

Hootsuite desktop

Once you click on Create application shortcut, you will be asked where to place the icons. You can select anything or all between desktop, Start menu and quick launch.

This application shortcut feature by Google can be used for other web apps too. You can also use this chrome web app to quickly add hoot suite to your browser. Likewise you can create shortcut for any website including Shoutmeloud. :)

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COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. wiredcubes says

    I am very fond of twitter and feel it loads faster than seismic and other clients.
    Should look into this tool now.

  2. hpm says

    I’m using the “developer” version of chrome for Mac and the “create application shortcut” is greyed out. Any way to activate it?

  3. Extreme John says

    I really might have to give this a shot, I have been using Seesmic for a long time and it’s starting to get pretty laggy for me. Not sure why but it’s getting to be annoying.

  4. Vladan says

    Yes, Hootsuite is great, but since I’m using BackType Connect wp-plugin on my website, I can’t really do the programmed re-tweets… -:(. Why? Because my name is appearing in the comments sections several times, and I don’t really like that.

    So I should make a decision. Do a scheduled re-tweets OR keep my wp BackType Connect plug-in …. -:).

  5. Krish says

    Its the one of the best features of chrome allowing the shortcuts to be created for any site instead of typing the URL everytime.