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    Why you should Edit Old blog posts?

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    blog post edited thumb Why you should Edit Old blog posts? One thing is very common about Blogging is It is similar to wine, the older it gets, it becomes better.

    Though we learn with every phase of blogging passes away and when I turn the pages to old chapter of our blog, I always feel that I have something to change, edit and update on that blog post.


    Top 5 reasons for Editing old blog posts

    Typos :

    Typos are most common reasons for editing your blog post. When we revisit, and start editing old article, we make it pixel perfect by removing typos and errors.

    Images :

    An Image is worth 1000 words,I have   been adding images from my post number one. Though many people miss adding images. No matter how long it’s been you can always add images into your blog. If you still have major portion of posts without images,make sure you update the post with images. But before you update your images, I will highly recommend reading   How to find images for blog using Flickr

    Update :

    As I explained in the above example, with times it’s become a requisite to update the post. You can add new information, or link to new updated blog posts. Anyways, this will give a better user-experience.

    Search engine ranking :

    Sometime your one of post, falls into the first result of search engine. Make sure you add more values to such posts and lower down your bounce rate and increase ranking of other pages. More over, you can use service like SEMRUSh or GA JS bookmarklet to find what keyword your post is ranking for, and you can use plugin like EasyWPSEO to further optimize and target your post for certain keyword.

    Values from comments :

    Comments are an option into blogging to create a discussion, sometime comments add lots of values to the blog posts. The best advice would be add the comment into your blog post, so that everyone gets the benefit of valuable comment.

    Apart from all above points, your blog will become more credible with updated content, and evergreen content. This idea may not fit perfectly for a news based blog, but for other niches, this idea will be beneficial.

    Suggested read:

    One such post you can see here : Double your website income with one simple trick

    Do let us know, do you believe in editing or you find it better to leave your old blog posts as it is?

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    Also we can add keywords in our previous blog post to make our post search engine friendly.


    George Serradinho

    I never use to add images to my posts, until you mentioned it to me. Now I try my best to add images to make it more appealing and it also looks better.

    I agree with all your points and might have to start going back to previous posts to update them.



    As blog related to Java, often my old blogs go out-dated. In such cases, I usually go and update my posts. But, I’ve never tried adding images to my post, since it’s pain to search for the opt images.


    Michael Aulia

    I only have a few posts being updated to make it more search engine friendly, after looking at the keyword stats. I should’ve doine it more often!


    Curious Little Person

    I have images to my posts as a thumbnail, may be i need to add a few within the post to bring more life into them…



    very true Old post might get better place in search engines.



    Do you really think that updating older post improves ranking of that page!!


    Jitendra Singh

    Yups true… old posts are like old wine the more it is old the more it is famous.

    @Himanshu you are right, we always need to have a quick look at the most trending keywords and then we need to add them to our old post to make them more efficient and better in search engines.


    Ajay singh bisht

    ohh..m mising the images in my previous post…will be adding few asap…thnx for the article..



    I never use to add images to my posts, until you mentioned it to me. Now I try my best to add images to make it more appealing and it also looks better.


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