Why You Need To Edit Old Posts on Your Blog : Practical Tips

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Why You Need To Edit Old Posts on Your Blog : Practical Tips

edit old blog posts

Blogging is like wine, the older it gets, better it becomes!

Above blogging quote might not fit right about your blog if you don’t update your old blog posts.

One of the less known thing about popular blogs that you know of is; they spend a great amount of time on editing old post as they spend on writing new posts. Specially after Panda update, when Google search engine award quality blogs with high-ranking, it’s essential for you to keep all posts of your blog relevant and up-to date. Every month I update at least 20+ old posts o make it meaningful and to add updated information.

In this post I will list down benefits and reasons for you to understand why it’s so important to edit old blog posts. I will also list down best resources at the end which will help you to drive more traffic to your old content. So let’s go ahead and first understand why you need to start working on your old posts now.

Top 5 reasons for Editing old blog posts

Your blog could be a news blog, tech blog, fashion blog or a blog in any niche. Your visitors can land on any of your post from search engine or from referring sites. If your post which might be a year old or more, have an information of no relevancy for today’s date, the visitor will hit the close button and will move back to other options. Not only you just lost one valuable visitors who could be your readers, you also missed an opportunity to earn money. More over your blog bounce rate will increase and avg. time on site will be low. By keeping your old posts like new, you not only turn one visitor into readers but you also improve one decaying part of your blog. After all your blog is your personality.

Now, lets look at the thing which you should definitely edit on old posts and why you need to.

Typos :

Proof-reading an article is equally important to make sure your article is error free. Most of the time we proof-read after writing a post and publish it. When ever I look at a post which was written a year back and I realised they are full of silly mistakes. Be it grammar or spelling. Typos are big turn off for anyone reading your article and when you re-visit your old posts and read it; you are more likely to find those silly typos.

Images :

An Image is worth 1000 words and I followed this mantra from the day one of blogging. Back in 2009-2010 when I used to add images, I simply get any image from sites like Flickr or other sites and used to add it. Now it’s important to have an image which align with the topic of your post. A relevant image will encourage readers to read and share the post on their favourite social media platform.

More over, my old images are usually of big size ex: 1024*768 and my post content width is only 650 Px. Having an oversized image also affects the loading time of the post and search engine ranking. What I suggest and do now is download the image and resize it to actual size I need on my post and use ImageOptim (You can use any other image compressor) to reduce the overall size of the post. The idea is to make the image web-ready. More over, make sure you rename the image to make it relevant and search engine friendly. This will help you a lot in improving the overall SEO score of your post.  You can refer to this guide to learn about how images improve SEO of your post.

More over if you have taken a screenshot of a website or anything in your post, they might be outdated. Adding the new and updated image will give a new life to your dying old posts. So here is the takeaway:

  • Add relevant images
  • Make sure images are resized and compressed before uploading.
  • Take new screenshot and use it.
  • Rename the image to make it relevant

Just to let you know, I use Snag it! for taking screenshots and editing it. You can watch this free video to learn how to use Snagit!

Update with new information :

One of the reason Google may penalise your site with algo updates like Google panda is due to thin content. Now Thin content could be in any form and I have already covered it in detail over here. If you have a post which requires an update of information, it’s time for you to do it right away. Treat your blog like a store where only relevant things are stored and outdated stuffs are thrown away.

What you can do is, check if an article requires an update and add new information. If an article is completely outdated and of no use, you should no index it or remove it completely. I prefer to remove such content and in last 3 months I have deleted over 300 posts from ShoutMeLoud. That’s a huge number and I have noticed a significant increase in search engine ranking. More over when you edit your old posts, you link out to new posts and this increases the internal linking of your blog and helps in better ranking.

Search engine ranking :

Sometime your one of post, falls into the first result of search engine. Make sure you add more values to such posts and lower down your bounce rate and increase ranking of other pages. You can use service like SEMRUSh or GA JS bookmarklet to find what keyword your post is ranking for, and you can use plugin like EasyWPSEO to further optimize and target your post for certain keyword. I do it very often and this helped me to drive traffic to those posts which was not getting any and was sitting idle. Recently I discovered this useful WordPress plugin which shows me Google analytics data as post edit section and I could determine if this post is getting  any traffic or not.

If your post is missing Meta description you should also write it to improve the SEO score further. You should read these two guides to learn about making your article SEO friendly:


When you have started your blog for the first time, I’m sure you must have made a mistake like me by accepting comments which doesn’t add value to your blog. Or may be you have accepted those spam comments which was submitted by automated commenting system. Once you re-visit comments on your old posts, you would find it easier to see those comments and you should delete it. Also, if there is any comment which requires a reply you should add it to honor the commentator. Adding a meaningful comment will help you to improve the value of the article and it may rank higher due to more keyword relevancy. Here is one article which you should read right now to learn about moderating blog comments:

Apart from all above points, your blog will become more credible with updated and evergreen content. Here are two resources which you should read now to learn about how to implement above idea:

Suggested read:

How often do you edit your old posts and on what basis you pick them? Do you also delete your old posts or you just no index them? Share your working style with us & don’t forget to share this article with other bloggers in your social-network.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1047 articles.

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  1. Karan Bhagat says

    Hey Harsh
    In the starting days of my blogging, I did some mistakes like writing article with 100-200 words and one image that too with wrong SEO techniques, so should I delete those article and set a request on webmaster tools to remove their links from the search engine?

  2. says

    Harsh, I always liked the way you stress that editing old blog posts for visibility and quality is important.
    Hunting blog posts that have little or no traffic in WMT and updating them for better visibility helps a lot.

    Coming to comments, the easiest way to filter out comments that don’t return valuevtopi the future visitors, is to delete generic comments that are applicable to all sorts of blog posts. Like, even a long blog comment like,

    I’ve been reading your blog…. Blah blah…
    Your blog design is awesome … I especially liked this post.

    Wow what a cute way of deceiving the webmaster and anti spam Plugins!

    Editing older blog posts, and deleting these sort of comments helps a lot.

    By editing older blog posts to better, you will not regret later for the mistake done when you were a newbie.

    Thank you,
    Akshay Hallur.

    • says

      Wow I liked your meaningful comment here and you are absolutely right with your views. Editing old posts have more advantage than one can think of, but the only limitation is it takes time and one get in that though loop of: Should I work on new stuff or edit old stuff. What I do is; give a ratio of 70:30 for new: old posts.
      Thanks for dropping by and adding value here.

  3. Amit says

    This is blog that i am following from last one month and believe me Harsh you have inspired me very much. Every time i come here i get some valuable knowledge about blogging and your writing style always brings a smile on my face. I want to call it a clever style of writing, i am calling it clever because you force us to read your article by providing various valuable links. If a reader doesn’t clicks your link then you force him by generating curiosity inside him like in this post you have given a link “This useful wordPress plugin”, which means a wordpress user will definitely going to click this link to see which plugin is this. Overall great post .
    Happy Blogging !

    • says

      Thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you find my articles and writing style worth mentioning. I will also share one tip here which might give you an idea of why I interlink so much.

      One of the advantage is SEO value
      But the biggest advantage is reader gets to dig down more and learn more. I always imagine I’m writing for someone who is new and what are the questions one will have while reading the content. Wherever possible I add links so that the reader would be able to have a complete knowledge about the topic they reading.
      Happy blogging! :)

  4. sudha says

    I never use to add images to my posts, until you mentioned it to me. Now I try my best to add images to make it more appealing and it also looks better.

  5. Ajay singh bisht says

    ohh..m mising the images in my previous post…will be adding few asap…thnx for the article..

  6. Jitendra Singh says

    Yups true… old posts are like old wine the more it is old the more it is famous.

    @Himanshu you are right, we always need to have a quick look at the most trending keywords and then we need to add them to our old post to make them more efficient and better in search engines.

  7. Curious Little Person says

    I have images to my posts as a thumbnail, may be i need to add a few within the post to bring more life into them…

  8. Michael Aulia says

    I only have a few posts being updated to make it more search engine friendly, after looking at the keyword stats. I should’ve doine it more often!

  9. Veera says

    As blog related to Java, often my old blogs go out-dated. In such cases, I usually go and update my posts. But, I’ve never tried adding images to my post, since it’s pain to search for the opt images.

  10. George Serradinho says

    I never use to add images to my posts, until you mentioned it to me. Now I try my best to add images to make it more appealing and it also looks better.

    I agree with all your points and might have to start going back to previous posts to update them.

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