3 Ways to Promote Online Business Offline

As an internet marketer and a Blogger, we can’t ignore the importance of Offline blog promotion. When we talk about promoting online Business offline, this includes many conventional marketing and advertising strategies.  Here I’m creating a list of some of the cheapest but most effective way to promote online business offline. As a Blogger, you would love to follow these cheap tactics which will cost you just a dime but help you to create a long lasting impression.

Promote Online Business Offline

Your lovely blog is now online so why should you care about offline promotion? How can they even help? Trust me, I know that most successful blog promotion are done offline like getting more readers from press, media and newspapers. Well, top bloggers always take advantage of every chance they can get their hands on to promote their blog and that’s why there are so much successful than us.

Why you need to promote online business offline?

So as a blogger you might be wondering, why I need to get offline promotion when I’m doing good with social media strategy and many people are talking about my online business and website everywhere. It’s true and you might end up making great money but how about some exposure? Exposure about your work in your local and let other people around know about you. How many people actually understand what Blogging is? How many of them know you can actually make money online.

More over, with local media covering or featuring you, you might get more business opportunities from local business and you will find more like minded-people to talk to and interact to.

3 Cheap and Effective Offline Blog promotion tips:

Business Cards

Business Card Abhishek Bhatnagar

Business Card

Your blog is your business, ever heard about this before? It’s true and you should really give it the respect that it deserves. So if you blog is a business like any other, it’s definitely a great idea to get yourself some business cards for it. They really are great promotional tools and when I give 100 of them out, I normally get 100 new visitors and loyal one too. Business cards are not expensive and I can get 100 done for about $5. Furthermore, forget about doing them yourself as it will reflect how POOR you are and what they can expect from your blog is just a pile of shitty content.

Press: Newspapers, Magazine, and TV Channels

Frankly, one of my friends who is a journalist told me that they always lack news. It’s not easy to fill a newspaper or magazines with news and sometimes they even need to get some online. So the point is if you can get them some news which is shockingly awesome for FREE, they will publish it.

Getting newspapers to feature you eespecially local’s one is definitely easy and writing about some teen making $10k in three months is surely much enticing compared to some old grandpa who lost his cat. Since I was featured in my country, Malaysia’s TV and newspaper, my blogs and list became larger thus more money came in.

If you not sure, check out Go-daddy and Bigrock TV commercial and see how much buzz they have created by advertising on TV and magazine. It’s all about getting your words out and making people familiar with your brand. In long run, this adds into your brand reputation and people tend to recognize it.


Gifts are people’s favorites and giving them some free gifts like your blog’s t-shirt is definitely going to rock their day up. T-Shirts featuring your blog address with a great design equals to free publicity. If they wear them around, you will get free eyeballs looking at your blog url when you don’t even need to pay a penny. Personally, that really sounds superb and they won’t really cost you anything. Printing T-shirts with your blog url and logo will get you free walking billboards whether they’re going to the cinema, shopping for daily utensils or food. If you really do print one out, be sure to send one to Shoemoney as he has a weekly feature on his blog called Free Shirt Friday where he will wear your T-Shirt for FREE!

What other tips do you follow to promote your online business offline? Do you know other cheap and effective way to get words about you in local market? What are the other effective ways of blog promotion according to you?

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Article By
iYingHang, online entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and co-founder of Shastera Technologies Blog . He is also very popular in Malaysia as the youngest speaker and internet marketer.


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  1. says

    hii harsh..

    Actually i have a website that basically i created for a community (www.digikashmir.com) where every individual holds an equal right to speak and present his views.Yes i do have a few hundred views per day but i am not able to gather a good amount of audience .
    If you can help me with some idea about promoting it offline to get a good response. I need an idea that can bring consistent traffic to my site.


  2. Ikenna Odinaka says

    I haven’t really done any form of offline promotion for my blog. It’s something I’m planning to implement now, which is why I found this post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Paul Tech says

    I love the tips eespecially the part about the press. Knowing how to use the mainstream media can really boost one’s profile but you must have some newsworthy stories too. After all, people are not interested if you earn only $20 per month.

  4. Typhoon says

    Where did you print that shirt from? An online custom T-shit design store or from a local shop?

  5. Anita says

    Never thought of a business card just for my blog. I even forgot to put the address on my regular business cards, I just put my website…which, since I’ve started my blog last December, hardly ever gets updated anymore…I just put all the farms news on the blog. So much easier.
    Thanks for the tips.

  6. Selvaprabhu says

    I started the work to print my web name in a tshirt. Let me see the results..

    Thanks for the great tip.

  7. Murlu says

    Online promotion is great but I think a lot of people overlook how powerful offline can still sometimes be – the article gives some great examples but I’d also like to add in simple things like sending out post cards, bumper stickers, sponsoring local events; there’s a ton of unique ways you can promote your blog.

  8. Amandeep Singh says

    awesome ideas mate… :)

    I liked the t-shirt idea the most.. The blog name can spread like fire further when you distribute these in any of the events in some college..

  9. jaganmangat says

    the trick of article or column on newspaper or magazine is nice,its really a different way of promoting ur blog or website….i will try to promote my blog via this trick….thankx….

  10. iYingHang says

    Thanks for the comments. I really like the T-Shirt style because Shoemoney will definitely get you an avalanche of visitors.

  11. Shocky says

    okay, seriously man… the t-shirt is a great idea…
    i saw this video of gary vaynerchuk… it was something like this only…

    I quote “You can’t start giving tshirts to people and they will overnight become fans…. (notices his site wrist bands)… wrist bands are the key to success”…

    Just another feather in your cap Harsh… keep it up.

  12. Arijit Das says

    Nice idea!! i thought of it earlier but something changed my mind…
    I really appreciate your idea of sending a T-Shirt to Shoemoney!! This blog have huge number of readers and will really work to gain pure new readers. :)

  13. Shiva | Web Magazine says

    Those are some pretty awesome ideas mate. The Google Visiting Card was looking way too cool. I may want to add something here, If you want to print a T-Shirt for you blog then make sure that you have a good enough logo otherwise it wont look good. The Above t-shirt is looking way fantastic because the logo of Shoutmeloud is too cool

  14. Mukundan Srinivasan says

    Wow the Shoutmeloud T-shirt looks cool. Shoutmeloud is turning into a big brand. Really good info to for improving blogging business.

  15. Rishi says

    Nice tips, brother. And loved the business card of Abhishek, freakin’ awesome.
    Currently I’m planning reno of my blog, when its done, will surely use the tips to promote it among offline pals.

  16. Dev | Technshare says

    Hey Yang,

    Nice Post man. I never did any offline promotions, but i really like the idea of T-shirt.
    Btw. i never saw the shoutmeloud T-Shirt :D.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.

  17. Digital Imagination says


    I didn’t know these tips as well to promote website offline….

    Thanks for sharing……..